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A Sister Lucy Favorable to Judaism?

Atila S. Guimarães

In a June 2 dispatch, Zenit Agency reported that a small book, supposedly written by Sister Lucy, will be released soon in Rome. According to the news report, it is meant to explain the messages of Our Lady at Fatima.

We are informed that the 64-page work was duly edited by “the Carmel of Coimbra” – no specific person is named – and issued by the Little Shepherd’s Secretariat. The imprimatur was given by Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva of Leiria. The work was requested of Sister Lucy in 1982 by the Carmelite Provincial, Fr. Geremia Vechina, who became Sister Lucy’s confessor. He also wrote its introduction. Cardinal Ballestrero, Archbishop of Turin, was the first one to ask Sister Lucy to edit her writings in 1955. This directive was made again in 1983 by Cardinal Pironio, Prefect of the Congregation for the Religious.

In Italy the book is being launched June 10 by St. Clement Publications and will be translated into various languages. In short, this book has all the rubber stamps of the religious authorities, and seems to be warmly welcomed by the ecclesiastical establishment.

Why should this book be so pleasing to Ratzinger’s Vatican? Because it carries up its sleeve a new card to put on the table: the supposed support of Our Lady for Judaism.

I will transcribe the sensational part of the report. Zenit reports:

Further on, Sister Lucia recounts unpublished details [about the Message of Fatima], as when, referring to World War I, Mary said: "The war is about to end but if mankind does not cease to offend God, a worse one will begin during Pius XI's pontificate."

The visionary explained that history witnessed "the outbreak of an atheist war against the faith, against God, and against the People of God. A war that sought to exterminate Judaism from which Jesus Christ, the Virgin and the Apostles came, who transmitted to us the Word of God and the gifts of faith, hope and charity, a people chosen by God, chosen from the beginning: "Salvation comes from the Jews."

Here we really have something new. In this simple paragraph it is stated that Our Lady would have approved Judaism as it was professed in Germany up until World War II. And she would have told Catholics that such Judaism would be a legitimate successor of Our Lord and the Apostles. Hence, it is strongly insinuated that we Catholics should all understand that “salvation comes from the Jews.”

In other words, the message of Fatima that was declared a thing from the past and buried with the text and interpretations of the “third secret” released by Cardinal Angelo Sodano and approved by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 2000, [click here] now resurrects to glorify Judaism.

Judaism is an ambiguous term that can refer either to the Jewish race or to the Jewish religion.

Sister Lucy at a Computer

Sister Lucy II, a contemplative adapted to the modern world
First, regarding the race, the attack of Nazism against the Jews certainly was an atrocious and condemnable thing. But I don’t understand how it is essentially different from the genocide the Turks made against the Armenians in 1915, or the Russians carried out against the Ukrainians in the early 1930s. Or for that matter, the mass-murder America released on the Japanese people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or the Germans in Dresden. Above all, if Our Lady was concerned about large numbers of people being unjustly killed, why didn’t she complain about the millions of innocent babies murdered by their own mothers in abortions? So, even if the alleged number of six million Jews killed by the Nazis were real, and I don’t believe it is, it would not explain why Our Lady would refer only to it if she were moved by humanitarian reasons.

Second, let me consider Judaism as religion. If the Zenit dispatch is objective, Our Lady would be saying that the “gift of faith, hope and charity” came to Catholics from Judaism, the same Judaism professed since the time of Our Lord and the Apostles until before World War II. Also she would have said that the Jews were “chosen from the beginning,” and that “salvation comes from the Jews.” It is a clear insinuation that the Jewish religion was always good and Catholics should follow its leadership.

These texts attributed to Our Lady are very strange.

One phrase that strikes me is the affirmation that the Jewish people were “chosen from the beginning.” I would ask: From the beginning of what?

Someone might respond, “From the beginning of History, of course.” It is the most probable answer, I agree. But the striking point is that the Jews were not chosen from the beginning of History.

First, there was Adam who was chosen and blessed by God; second, we had Abel, and then his brother Seth after Abel was killed by Cain; third, the descendents of Seth spread throughout the world as the elect of God; fourth a great decadence set in and Noah was chosen to survive the Deluge and maintain fidelity; fifth, Sem was chosen from the sons of Noah, but his descendents did not generate the Jewish people exclusively; they gave rise to the Assyrians, Babylonians and other Semitic peoples who spread all over the world.

Sixth, there was another great decadence under the influence of Sem’s descendents and only one man, Heber, was faithful and transmitted the true faith to his sons. Seventh, one of his descendents was Abraham who left Mesopotamia and went to Canaan. God’s choice of the Jewish people was made with Abraham, and not before.

Therefore, a very long time passed before the Jews became the chosen people. So, they were not “chosen from the beginning.”

While this historical omission is notable, the doctrinal error is scandalous. Judaism as a religion, as it exists today, is not the source of “faith, hope and charity” for Catholics, as Our Lady supposedly told Sister Lucy.

Cardinal Ratzinger releases the supposed third secret

Cardinal Ratzinger releasing the supposed third secret in June 2000
Judaism at the time of Our Lord and the Apostles was a hornet’s nest of errors against which Our Lord warned the Apostles many times: Beware of the leaven of bad doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Math. 16:12); they are like whited sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones and all filthiness (Math 23:27). Our Lord called them a generation of vipers (Math 23:33) and children of the Devil (John 8: 44). Yes, sons of the Devil, nothing less. Since this text of St. John has so insistently been put aside by Progressivism, let me transcribe it in its entirety.

Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself described how Judaism rejected the truth and affiliated itself with the Devil. When the Jews denied that He was the Son of God, He replied to them:

“I know that you are the children of Abraham: but you seek to kill me, because the word has no place in you. I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and you do the things that you have seen with your father.

“They answered and said to Him: Abraham is our father. Jesus said to them: If you be the children of Abraham, do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill me, a man who have spoken the truth to you, which I have heard from God. This Abraham did not.

“You do the works of your father. They sais therefore to Him: We are not born of fornication: we have one Father, even God.

“Jesus therefore said to them: If God were your Father, your would indeed love me. For I proceeded and came from God: for I came not of myself, but He sent Me.

“Why do you not know My speech? Because you cannot hear My word. You are of your father, the Devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth: because truth is not in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.

“But if I say the truth, you believe me not. Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me?

“He that is of God hears the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God (John 8: 37-47).

Judaism as a religion is the legitimate heir of the Jews described by Our Lord in this passage. That is why Judaism persecuted the Church from her very beginning, was the ferment of all heresies, and directed the conspiracy to destroy Christendom and the Catholic Church from the Middle Age to our days.

How can it be that salvation would come for Catholics from Judaism? It is a blatant contradiction. How could Our Lady say such a thing? It is impossible to believe.

So, if the actual content of this new book confirms the news report, we most probably will be facing another fraud coming from the progressivist Vatican. Apparently it considers those who believe in Fatima naive enough to blindly accept whatever Pope Ratzinger wants them to swallow so that he can continue his agenda of promoting Judaism.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 6, 2006

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