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Francis Helps Return Socialism to Argentina

Patricio Padilla, Ecuador
The primary elections have just taken place in Argentina on August 11, 2019. This preliminary test, called PASO, was set up in 2009, after the approval of Law n. 26571. In this system, all parties run primary elections in each general election.

According to results of the past 10 years, these elections are considered an “avant première,” a quite accurate preview showing of what will happen in the presidential elections scheduled for October 27 this year.


'Just One Heart' - The Kircheners have always aligned themselves with the Peronists

Today these primaries are showing a resurgence of 21th century Socialism, or Kirchnerism, in Argentina.

Strangely, after experiencing 12 years of robbery, persecution, suspected murders, electoral manipulation and corruption never seen before the successive rules of both Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) and his wife Christina Kirchner (2007-2011; 2011-2015), a good part of the Argentine electorate has opted to return once again to the left.

Contributing to this choice is a figure whose omnipresence is decisive, although very subtle and practically invisible in the political game. At strategic moments, he has skillfully manipulated his power and influence through gestures more than through words. Those public gestures are well registered in photos. As the saying goes: "A pictures is worth a thousand words."

That personage manipulating for the left is His Holiness, Pope Bergoglio, Jesuit and Argentine… He has been affirming his preferences in Argentine politics by the way he receives politicians of that country at the Vatican.

francis cristina kirchner

Francis receives Cristina Kirchner with all possible amability - Photo by

In the photo above, the joy of Francis is clearly evident in a pleasant “tête à tête” with former socialist Argentine president, Cristina Kirchner, during a meeting at the Vatican.


Francis receives Maurizio Macri with all possible antipathy - Photo by

However, Pope Francis takes a different attitude with the more conservative President Maurizio Macri. He certainly did not give Macri the same treatment he accorded Kirchner. Francis’ expression is without a spark of sympathy, rather, it is hard and hostile.

milagro sala pope francis

He effusively greets Milagro Sala - Photo by

His Holiness Pope Francis effusively greets Milagro Sala, an Argentine Marxist leader, who is pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-gender ideology and pro-communist terrorism.


He unkindly poses with the Macri couple - Photo by

Pope Bergoglio poses with the same sad face alongside an official picture with President Macri and his wife Juliana Awada, her head covered with a veil, following the proper time-honored Vatican protocol of respect in formal diplomatic circumstances. She also chose to show her respect for his office by wearing the prescribed formal black clothing, with the knees, upper arms, back, and décolleté covered, as well as black closed-toe shoes and hosiery.

However none of this seems to please His Holiness, who does not manifest the same empathy he showed the activist in tribal dress, Milagro Sala, when he received her.

These are just a few of the many photos I could have shown. But there is more. Now, let me show how the Pope's actions also are lending support to Socialism.

Francis' support for Socialism in the facts

Already on February 6, 2018, a year and a half before the primary elections, an Argentine website announced this in a headline:  “The Pope helps to unite Peronism in order to face Macri in 2019.”

The article continued with the following statements that vividly illustrate the tactical approach "suggested" by the Pope to the Argentine Socialist winning candidate of the August 11 primaries in that country:

political pope francis argentine

Playing an active role in uniting the Peronist factions, Kirchner and Fernández

“The Pope, who has little concern for what the neoliberal thinks, decided to lend his hand to unite Peronism on his trip to Latin America. On January 26 (2018), he is reported to have secretly received Alberto Fernández, who has met several times with Cristina Kirchner since last elections, in order to smooth over the disagreements that led to their rupture in 2008”.

Assuming the not-so-papal function of a political marketing strategist, the Pope asked Fernández "to work for the unity of all the [leftist] sectors," presenting this union as "the only possibility of winning the elections next year."

"Miraculum fecit" [The miracle occurred!]... The differences evaporated, and Kirchner and Fernandez decided to join together as if it the Pope's words were an order coming from Heaven. These are the "revolutionary miracles" that Pope Bergoglio works, all for the triumph of Socialism.

"It is said that both the former President and the former Chief of Staff took the Pope’s advice and that from then on no one referred to the past, but only of the present and future, as if they had never had a disagreement."

The two leftists followed his advice to the letter. And so, the article ends, "So, for now, under Francis' umbrella, they are working together to defeat Macri next year."

support for fernandez

Pope Francis receiving leftist South American politicians; Alberto Fernández is the first at right

What was the result of these efforts incompatible with the separation of Church and State?

To answer this question, one must know that, days before the abortion debate in Argentina, Francisco received Alberto Fernández in a meeting qualified as secret. Fernandez is well known for his position on abortion: “It is impossible for abortion to be a crime,” "I can make the political decision to legalize it," or "making abortion a crime has only served to forsake poor women without access to public assistance to terminate their pregnancies in more dangerous ways."

We see that the principal political adversary of Maurizio Macri is Pope Francis, who behind the scenes is facilitating his defeat by promoting alliances among Macri’s enemies, a unity that could never be achieved without him.

I wonder whether or not Macri himself is not serving this end game through his political and economical mistakes, which increase as his term reaches the end.

His Holiness Pope Francis is saving Peronism from another sure defeat. Once again he pays homage to the idol he has adored from his early youth: the leftist demagogue Juan Domingo Peron.

francis peron

The Peronist Pope Jorge Bergoglio


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 26, 2019

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