NEWS:  January 31, 2018
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Bird’s Eye View of the News

Atila Sinke Guimarães
HOW TRIBALISM BECOMES SATANISM  –   Considering that Pope Francis seems to be embarking on a full-steam campaign to promote tribalism – we saw him in Chile and Peru this past week declaring that “Amazonia is the heart of the Church,” – I thought it timely to warn my readers about the dangers of this move. Toward this end, I first recommend that they read the article by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on this topic. But I also want to translate into simple terms what tribalism is.

forbidden to forbid

The motto ‘It is forbidden to forbid’ painted on Paris; below, a 1968 student & workers march against authority announcing ‘We will win’– and they did

march 1968
We are all suffering the deleterious influence of the 1968 Sorbonne Revolution, which in the United States is almost unknown by this name because here the fruits of that Revolution are generally referred to as the “Cultural Revolution of the ‘60s,” which found its most expressive landmark in the hippie Woodstock festival in 1969.

Independent of the name used here or abroad, what counts is that the Revolution in customs can be summarized by three of its slogans: “It is forbidden to forbid,” “Death to reason” and “Imagination rules.”

We have seen many consequences of the application of these moral-philosophical mottos. Among many: the disappearance of morality in society, logic in thinking, respect for superiors, good behavior in families, decorum in dressing and propriety in language.

These liberal-anarchical manifestations had immediate reflections in the political-administrative spheres, such as the increase of feminist laws pretending that women are equal to men, as well as the concession of legal rights to abortionists and homosexuals.

In the family we have seen a virtual destruction of the parents’ authority via legislation prohibiting them from disciplining their children under the allegation of defending the rights of children. In schools and colleges, students were considered equal to professors in the decision making process of what they should be taught. In business, workers were provided a voice in the management and sharing of the profits.

These were fruits of the 1968 Sorbonne Revolution. For 60 years those seeds grew into strong trees and, in turn, generated a new set of consequences that are marking a new phase of the Revolution.

A second milestone - public Satanism

I establish milestones for these two phases: 1968: the Sorbonne Revolution described above; 2015: the inauguration of the first public Satanic Temple in Detroit (July 27, 2015).

statue unveiled

Above, the statue of Satan unveiled in Detroit; below, an aspect of the orgy that took place there

Orgy at the temple of Satan
From 1968 until 2015 we can appropriately say that we were living the 4th Revolution (the 1st being Protestantism, the 2nd the French Revolution, and the 3rd Communism). After 2015, we can say that we reached a new stage, which can be defined as the 5th Revolution - or the explicit cult of Satan.

Thus, from the public worship of Our Lord Jesus Christ as King of Christendom in the Middle Ages, we have come to the point today of publicly recognizing Satan as the master of the world. It is the total inversion, the final goal of this centuries-old revolt. The process of the Revolution is completed.

In the passage from the 4th to the 5th Revolution, we have seen many transformations. I point out some phases of this process in society:

  • The easy freedom allowed for the practice of free-love, its correlated promiscuity and its many excesses caused people to no longer be satisfied with sexual pleasures in their natural and anti-natural versions;

  • Masochism and sadism appeared as a new fashionable way to be “in” and “enjoy” sexuality;

  • As a parallel fruit of masochism and expression of its prestige, we have seen youth adopt tattoos and piercings everywhere as a sign of being modern;

  • The punk “culture” with its anti-natural hair cuts and bizarre colors as well as its exorbitantly extravagant way of dressing is also an anarchical manifestation of rebellion against civilized society;

  • Bestiality is becoming increasingly common and promoted in movies like Max mon Amour and Disney's Beauty and the Beast;

  • Necromancy is sneaking into the public domain through radio and music videos like Lady Gaga’s hit Bad Romance and Katty Perry’s Bon Apetit;

  • “Gothic culture” in its entirety is an en masse macabre preparation for Satanism;

  • For the 4th Revolution to become the 5th Revolution, we have seen heavy metal rock bands – such as KISS and Black Sabbath – play important roles as advocates and promoters of the cult of Satan;

  • The final step of the cult of Satan is the ritual orgies with human sacrifices that take place far and wide – see a testimony of an ex-Satanist about what takes place in abortion clinics – and those specially made in public temples dedicated to the Father of Lies.
The role of the Catholic Church

While in the temporal sphere, Satanism speedily advances through customs and laws, in the Church it moves forward disguised in ecology and care for the marginalized.

The conciliar Popes have already taken gigantic steps in promoting ecology. As far as I recall, it was Benedict XVI who, in 2007, blew the whistle to start the ecological game by participating in Creation Day in the city of Loreto.

Months after that ecology became an obligatory agenda for the religious orders. There was even talk that Benedict would impose a new code of “ecological sins,” a concern that re-surfaced under Francis when he annouced that to commit a crime against nature is "a sin against ourselves and God."

Francis deforestation

Francis tells natives that deforestation is a sin

The “magna carta” of the Conciliar Church on ecology is, however, Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’ (here and here), in which he completely oversteps the temporal mission of the State and advocates destruction of Capitalism, exalts the Indian worship of the dead and promotes the cult of nature.

Now then, we know that the aborigine cult of the dead – necromancy – is a type of black magic that relies on the Devil. As far as the cult of nature is concerned, the pagan tribes wrongly believe that the wind, lighting, thunder, water and many animals are inhabited by gods and thus worship them in idols or totems.

When the Conciliar Church allows these practices to be introduced into the Mass and other liturgical ceremonies under the guise of "inculturation," it is actually “blessing” those ways of worshipping the Devil and giving them a deceitful appearance of legitimacy.

These are the maneuvers we are witnessing today that are causing Catholics not only to become tribalists in their thinking and habits, but also worshippers of the Devil.


Blason de Charlemagne
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