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Fr. Ratzinger Questions Christ as True God and True Man

Joseph Ratzinger, current Pope and ex-Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, calls into question the dogma of Christ as true God and true Man.

The book Faith and Future is made up of a series of five talks Fr. Ratzinger gave to Radio Bavaria in 1969 to explain the Constitution Gaudium et spes. The work is still widely sold and quoted today.

At right, the cover of Fé e Futuro. Below, we present our translation of the highlighted Portuguese excerpts.

To speak honestly, I see that the dispute going on today about the virgin birth [of Jesus Christ] is merely an evasion of the real question, for a God who is able to become man can also be born of the Virgin, thereby providing a sign of his uniqueness. But is it possible for God to be man? A man completely human and at the same time true God, and hence entitled to demand faith from all and in all ages?

Or is this not simply a case of overestimating a moment from the past? Once again, are we not encountering a mentality that we no longer share?

(Joseph Ratzinger, Fé e Futuro, Petrópolis: Vozes, 1971 1968, p. 15)

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted on June 2, 2007

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