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Recent Study on Pius IX by a Mason
Today we continue our series investigating whether the great and holy Pius IX was a member of Freemasonry in his earlier years. This analysis is similar to one that could be undertaken asking whether St. Paul, before his conversion, was a member of the sect of the Pharisees – responsible for the crime of Deicide. It is a historical question seeking objective data that does not tarnish the glory of the Apostle.

These precedents offer hope to those who have entered on the progressivist or masonic paths that they can change with correspondence to grace and devotion to Our Lady, which Pius IX had. In fact, they can even become great combatants against those evils, as Pius IX did.

Before presenting studies from Catholic sources, we offer another document of a Mason, James A. Marples, who studied the topic extensively and reached the conclusion that Giovanni Mastai-Ferreti was a Mason. Some of his affirmations confirm while others contradict the previous document we posted from other Masons.

We neither endorse nor deny these affirmations. As we stated before, we are still in the phase of collecting data from different sources so that we might know the objective reality.
Pius IX Masons? a

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