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Francis Encourages Father of Liberation Theology
It is well-known that Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez is considered "the father" of Liberation Theology. This movement has brought many communist governments to power in the South and Central Americas. It is a spurious marriage of Catholic Social Doctrine with Communism that could not exist unless it were supported by the Conciliar Popes.

Indeed, Paul VI officially endorsed Liberation Theology in 1968 in the Colombian city of Medellin. Since then, it has been indirectly encouraged by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Now it has the open support of Pope Francis. Even with other evidences of this papal backing, the letter below – sent to Gutierrez for his 90th birthday – is a decisive proof.

Below in blue print we present a complete translation of his letter to English followed by a photocopy of the original the document in Spanish.

To the Reverend
Fr. Gustavo Gutérrez Merino, O.P.

Vatican, May 28, 2018

Esteemed brother:

For your 90th birthday, I write to greet you and to assure you of my prayers at this significant moment of your life.

I unite myself to your prayer of thanksgiving to God, and I also thank you for how much you have contributed to the Church and mankind through your theological service and your preferential love for the poor and the marginalized of society. Thank you for all your efforts and for your way of interpreting the consciousness of each one, so that no one remains indifferent before the drama of poverty and exclusion.

With these sentiments, I encourage you to continue with your prayer and service to many others, giving testimony of the joy of the Gospel.

And, please, I ask you to pray for me.

May Jesus bless you and the Virgin keep you.


Francis' letter of support to Gustavo Gutierrez


Blason de Charlemagne
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