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Grand Orient of Italy Praises Abu Dhabi Document
In its quarterly magazine New Hiram, the Grand Orient of Italy – GOI – published an article that highly praised the Abu Dhabi document written by Francis and signed by him with Grand Iman Ahamed al-Tayeb. This announcement was made by the GOI itself in a Tweet on April 13, 2020.

The document of Abu Dhabi was titled Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together and was signed on February 4, 2019.

On the eve of a new encyclical by Pope Francis, whose main theme is expected to be human fraternity, it seems that these Masonic comments acquire a new relevance.

Below, we reproduce the GOI's Tweet, next, we post the cover of the New Hiram issue where the article was published, then, we photocopy the full article on the topic by Pierluigi Cascioli. The most important eulogies we highlighted in red and translated from Italian to English for the perusal of our readers.

The text that follows immediately below refers to the highlighted red parts of the article. For a larger copy of the entire magazine article, click here.

... The two leaders pointed out values, which not only are completely compatible with the specific faith of each, but which were born from their different faiths.

Moreover, such values can be fully shared also by others on the basis of a "minimum common denominator" formed by reason.

The call for a greater fraternity is directed to all mankind; also to the five billion people who do not share one of the two faiths. The call for a greater fraternity finds its foundation either on the faith of the authors of the Document or (with regard to the other human beings) on the "minimal common denominator" formed by reason. It is an appeal made to all: ergo omnes [therefore, all]. (pp. 44, 45) ...

Pope Francis and the Great Iman expressed avant-garde positions. How many of their people will follow them? How far ahead are the two leaders from their "grassroots"? Pope Francis is far from his grassroots; the Great Iman is very far from his.

To use a term borrowed from the world of medicine, the Abu Dhabi Document is a slow-release medication. It would be illusory to expect immediate great upheavals. However, it can open a new era. Pope Francis and the Great Iman constructed an airport runaway. To take off, an airplane needs a great impulse in order to conquer the force of gravity and lift off.

Human beings (be they Catholics or Sunni or the other five billion) must take on that "courage of fraternity" that is necessary to lift off to a better world. All are called to adopt the constructive behavior of the Abu Dhabi appeal. How many will the self-elect be?

The well known American movie 'Gone with the Wind' ends with the famous phrase: "Tomorrow is another day." Today is another day. Cesare Pavese wrote: "It is beautiful to live because to live is to always restart, at each instant." (This Business of Living)

Today seven billion human beings are called to lift off from those noble pages written by the Great Iman and Pope Francis. They are called to pass from potency to act; better, not to act, but to day-to-day concrete actions of fraternity. (p. 47) ...

The Ecumenical Vatican II Council (1962-1965): The Catholic Church renews her belief in the respect for the liberty of conscience of each human being. She had already done so in the first four centuries.

The Document [of Abu Dhabi] was not born overnight, like a mushroom on a dish. It has roots, an ancestry constituted by the mentioned "phases." None of them has been such an act by mankind and moment of awareness or has nourished a greater awareness of mankind than this one.

The Freemasons who gravitate around fraternity could not miss noting a Document that has such a significant title as "Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together."

On page 4 the Document reads: "This document testifies to ... dialogue, the comprehension and diffusion of the culture of tolerance, the acceptance of the other and the living together of human beings." It is an invitation to "adopt as a path the culture of dialogue." Do Catholics and Sunnis want to dialogue with Masons in the application of this principle? (p. 48)

Grande Oriente de Italia Tweet

Above, the Tweet of the Grand Orient of Italy;
below, the cover of Hiram Magazine followed by the text
of Pierluigi Cascioli's article praising the document of Abu Dhabi

Hiram, magazine of Grand Orient of Italy Grand Orient of Italy praises Francis 1 Grand Orient of Italy praises Francis 2 Grand Orient of Italy praises Francis 3 Grand Orient of Italy praises Francis 4 Grand Orient of Italy praises Francis 5

For a larger copy of the full article, click here


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