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Masonic Press Agency headlines Francis
The Masonic Press Agency – MPA – is a blog from the United Kingdom that publishes news of this anti-Catholic organization around the world. On a page that covers the dates between March 8 and May 18, 2013, it headlines the election of Francis and the first supports he received from the Argentinian and Italian Masonries.

In the first news report on May 13, 2013 – first frame below – it cheers the election of Bergoglio as if he were one of its members, although it does not expressly say this. Bergoglio's belonging to Freemasonry is strongly implied when MPA expresses its joy that, 187 years after the condemnation of Leo XIII against Freemasonry, Bergoglio has been elected Pope. It was as if MPA were saying: “After 187 years under an anti-masonic policy, finally one of us is there.”

In the second news report, March 16, 2013 – second frame below – MPA reports with satisfaction that the Argentinian Lodge and several others welcomed and praised the election of Francis.

In the thrid frame below on March 21, 2013, (date not shown) MPA again highlights the election of Francis and emphasizes the words of the Italian Grand Master: “It will never be the same again.”

The ensemble of these reports projects the very strong probability that Jorge Bergoglio is a Freemason.

Reinforcing this probability is the fact that he was, as we know, an affiliate of the Rotary Club, which is a sort of anti-chamber of Freemasonry, very closely associated although not officially a part of it.

Nonetheless, even without definite proof, the least we can affirm is that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope that Masonry always desired, even more than the other Conciliar Popes it also admired. This can be proved by the strong support and high praise Francis is receiving from multiple Lodges of this secret society.

The original page from the Masonic Press Agency website that makes these report is here.

Francis praised by Freemasonry -1

Francis praised by Freemasonry -2

Francis praised by Freemasonry -3


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