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A Reader Praises
Guimarães' Book on Homosexuality

People Commmenting
Mr. Guimarães,

Well this time you have surely wrapped up your analysis of the root causes of the near collapse of the Catholic Church.

From your tome In the Murky Waters of Vatican II and now your conclusion Vatican II, Homosexuality & Pedophilia, you have shown like no others how this near destruction of the Church could have happened. Probably like many others over the recent years, I suspected only vaguely that it all started with Paul VI, but I couldn't fill in the pieces. No writers in the Western world have even approached an explanation to match yours. I cannot imagine how you accomplished this feat. Honest Christians of a good heart will pour over your work for years to come.

Michael Davies helped us mightily early on with his trilogy when he predicted the 'time bombs' that were placed by the Vatican II documents, but your recent works, well one searches for an adjective to describe your monumental feat.


     E. M.

Blason de Charlemagne
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