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Distributism Is Fundamentally Wrong

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Dear Friends,

The Holy Name Society hosted a 'Day of Recollection' exclusively for it own members on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006. I received this information from a member who was present. Three conferences were given by Fr. Stehlin on the Immaculata and the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the latter days that we are living in. Two conferences were given by Fr. Cyprian on the rule of St. Benedict and its application for fathers and their sons.

At the beginning of his first conference, Fr Cyprian explained that he had two things he wanted to cover before starting his conference, one of which was on Distributism. He said he has many, many people write to him and ask for his opinion on issues. One of the most frequent questions has been on this subject.

He said Distributism is fundamentally wrong and those pushing it are misled. He said that in some places land has already been purchased and people are financially committing to projects of creating communities with each family on their small plot of land. He explained that it is like a circus show mirror that is all distorted. When you look into it, you see your big head and small body, but when you move, your head shrinks and your body balloons, and it makes us laugh. It is a distortion and not what it really seems to be. He said that if you are asked for money to help support it, you should decline and then keep your eye on the project and "watch it fail." Father said that it has some elements that are good, but a Catholic movement should not be undertaken for economic or political reasons only.

Father went into a lengthy explanation of where the back to the land idea in England really came from. He explained that England was converted to Catholicism by Benedictine missionaries sent from Rome, and how they started with the conversion of the King and the leaders. After the head was converted, the rest of the nation followed and also converted. After a while, the Benedictines built many monasteries all over the countryside, and farms and small settlements grew up around each of them. This is how the small farm villages came to be. Father said that the advocates of Distributism are trying to have villages and farms without first having the monasteries and churches present. They are pushing their plans for the wrong reasons.

Fr. Cyprian then said he had much more he could say and that we were welcome to talk to him later.

Please keep up the work on exposing the introduction of this socialist thinking into traditionalist circles. It is appreciated.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 7, 2006

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