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Motu Proprio, Mousetrap, Emotions, Etc.

Progressivist Mousetrap
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Dear Mrs. Fitzgerald,

Congratulations for your striking article! I agree entirely with you! I have been seeking the Truth for many decades, and our leaders - both religious and political - are leading us towards a universal democratic movement with a one world government.

Unfortunately, every time that our leaders give an inch to traditionalists and conservatives, there are liberals who disclaim the Truth and fall into the trap. And so, year after year the true disciples of Christ decrease.

Fortunately, we have the promises of Our Lady and Her Divine Son. So, let us keep hope and pray for the reign of Our Lord and Our Lady.

Best regards and continue your so encouraging leading work,

     F.H., Canada
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Dear TIA,

Just now, when I clicked "file" to copy the article "The Cheese in the Mousetrap" to the folder, "Conciliar Catholicism", the folder labeled "Terrorism" opened.

Hmmm... could there be a message in that?

     Pax Christi vobiscum,

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1962 Missal Prepares for the New Mass
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Dear TIA,

It is canonically impossible for Quo primum to apply to the 1962 rite. It applies to the Roman Rite which has a fixed Canon. The 1962 rite contains an unfixed canon. Because it is unfixed, it is prototype for the Vatican's subsequent concoctions.

The fixed Canon is the vehicle for Tradition and the Roman Rite which has a Roman Pontiff who is the Patriarch of the West and has the mission of teaching and baptizing all nations. Additionally, the Roman Rite is the public worship of the Roman Catholic Church which God has given the basic mission of teaching and baptizing all nations, even to the end of time, as Our Blessed Lord made clear.

The new rites with their unfixed canons are vehicles for Modernism and the progressivist religion that readily admits it does not have the mission of teaching and baptizing all nations. The new rites are the expression of those who live in horror of Our Lord's stated mission and who have developed a religion that allows them to project their thoughts and feelings and preferences into the progressivist invention of unfixed liturgies. Latin Rite Catholics who try out these rites, thinking they are the Roman Rite to which all Latin Rite Catholics are canonically bound, find themselves in the middle of endless arguments for or against more liturgical change. Trophies for Progressivism, many of these unfortunate Catholics end up explaining away the divine mission of Our Blessed Lord.

Technically, the newer rite and the 1962 rite are the same thing because both have unfixed canons. It's illogical to think of them as being the Roman Rite because the Roman Rite has a Canon (Canon means Rule) which has been permanently fixed. When one imports the element of change into the fixed Canon, one disturbs the internal structure of the Faith. This is why Pope St. Pius V codified the Canon, for all time, by stripping the Canon of subjective additions, one of which was the addition of the names of favorite saints to the "Communicantes" portion of the Roman Canon.

After the codification of the Canon, Roman pontiffs were petitioned to add the names of saints to the Canon and they refused because they said that the pope does not have authority over the Canon. John XXIII had no problem with disobedience to faith and he broke the Canon, he is the one who paved the way for additional breaks.

If you owned a dog who could somehow refuse to follow the natural law, would you keep it? The new rite is like an animal that can't follow the natural law. It should be soundly rejected and the Roman Rite should be re-installed.

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It Confirmed My Conclusions
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Dear TIA,

I have read Atila's, "The Motu Proprio, after the Emotions," and found it very interesting and informative. I had already drawn some conclusions that everything is not as it seems and Atila's comments have confirmed it. Nothing has really changed and hopefully the SSPX will not succumb.

     God bless,

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Catholic Diocese Builds Protestant Church
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The Pitttsburgh Catholic Diocese recently sanctioned the construction of a Protestant worship site which was paid for by Sts. John and Paul parish of Franklin Park, in exchange for the unused land adjacent to their church that was not being used by the Protestants who owned it.

The Catholic parish wanted the land so that they could build a bigger church, but the Protestants would not sell it, so they made a deal whereby the Catholics built them a new church, and the Protestants agreed to deed their property to Sts. John and Paul. The Parish and the Diocese sold out over 100 poor souls who belong to the Protestant church, abandoning them to their false religion for twelve acres of land! The pastor of the Catholic parish even took pride in the accomplishment of building a Protestant church.

I can't understand how he, or the presiding hierarch in the Diocese of Pittsburgh can sleep at night considering that they betrayed their Faith and 100 poor souls for twelve acres of land! This story made the front page of the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, Friday June 8, 2007 edition.

The title of the article is Ecumenism at It's Best. This can be found online, you may want to post a link to it on your site.

     Slava Ieusu Christu!

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"Apostate, Heretic and Usurper"
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Tradition in Action,

I would like to compliment your website on the good work that it is doing exposing the Vatican II heretics and apostates that are posing as the Catholic hierarchy. However, do you honestly believe that Ratzinger is a true Pope? You point out in your own articles that he has written and preached heretical doctrines. How in the world can the man claim to be Christ's Vicar?

By recognizing Ratzinger, instead of rejecting him as an apostate heretic and usurper of the papal throne, you are putting souls in danger, and encouraging schismatic attitudes similar to the SSPX.

The Church is in no communion with heretics and apostates.

In Satis Cognitum on the unity of the Church, Pope Leo XIII on June 29, 1896, says:

"The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium."

Ratzinger is most certainly outside of the communion of the Catholic Church. I have read some of the articles on your site which try to refute sede-vacantism, and the arguments you make in favor of Ratzinger's "papacy" are not logical.

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Refute the Talmud
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If there is truth to what Bible Believers quotes as the facts of what is in the Talmud with regard to Gentiles/Christians, why would a Catholic not take the responsibility of refuting these heinous remarks rather than sitting amongst those "Learned Jews," who are very much aware of what the Talmud says about us, and teach them the Truth!

Maybe then they won't be so quick to shout, "Your an anti-Semite!"

No one is worth more than what he is worth in the eyes of God.


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TIA responds:

Mrs. B.A.

The lies regarding Our Lord, Christians are actually in the Talmud. Also it recommends the Jews to treat Gentiles as animals.

TIA has made some - although not an exhaustive - refutation of those abominations, either in an article exposing the errors of Judaism, or in the booklet, Cordial Invitation to 170 Rabbis and Jewish Scholars. You may like to read them to see if they answer your question.

Notwithstanding, we post your appeal to encourage other Catholics to make a more detailed refutation of that specific topic.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Padre Pio Forbidden
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Hi everyone,

Here is some spicy news.

There is a Franciscan priest from New Mexico, Fr. Richard Rohr, who apparently does not approve of devotion to Padre Pio because it keeps us away from God! A letter to a website from someone who heard one of his talks recently, reports that Fr. Richard Rohr "...spoke about 'Jesus had only one Mass, why so many Masses?' Then he laughed. He said that we [the pre-Vatican Church] worship Saints and all of the Rituals keep us away from our God. He said that now there is another Devotion, Padre Pio. I couldn't believe my ears."

In confirmation of this attitude against Padre Pio is this incident. I have been sending out the link to the Padre Pio letter on comportment at Holy Mass to the Diocese Newspapers around the country. The Diocese paper in Gallup, New Mexico (Fr. Rohr's ministry is based in New Mexico) wrote back and asked me to remove their name from my mailing list! This is a Catholic Diocese not wanting to hear about comportment at Mass!

     Frank Rega
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Marco de Canavezes
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To Tradition in Action,

Reading Lyle J. Arnold, Jr.'s "Clash of Gothic and Cartesian Mentalities," it's striking the contrast with the other traditional churches in the same city of Marco de Canavezes.

These people lost all their sense of sanity.

As says an eastern-rite deacon, we need "more incense and less nonsense".

The churches of Penhalonga and Tabuaco

At left, the Church of Penhalonga, at right, the Church of Tabuaco, both in the city of Marco de Canavezes
For more pictures on the city of Marco de Canavezes click here.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 27, 2007

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