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Fellay, Buddhism, Text and Context

A Soft Fellay
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On August 11, 2007, I attended the talk given by Bishop Bernard Fellay in Cordoba, Argentina.

I was surprised to hear him stating that Vatican II can be accepted if interpreted according to tradition, as the Vatican and Benedict XVI want us to believe. I positively don't think so. I believe Vatican II was a revolution in the Church, as Cardinal Suenens qualified it. Actually it opened the doors for all the destruction of the Catholic Church we witnessed in the last four decades.

He also tried to justify Paul VI and presented him under a good light, saying that everything he did was the responsibility of the counsel of secretaries, who really decided what to do in his pontificate. Bishop Fellay went so far as to exonerate Paul VI for the Novus Ordo Mass he approved. According to him, Paul VI signed it whithout reading it, since he entirely trusted those secretaries.

It gave me the impression that this talk was meant to create an atmosphere of distension among traditionalists toward Vatican II and the 'reform of the reform' of Pope Benedict XVI, in order to soften reactions.

I share these data with TIA and your readers in order to keep you updated on who is who in today's traditionalism.

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A Chinese Reader on the Papal Letter
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Dear Editors of TIA,

Thank you for your recent articles on the Papal letter to China. I wish to comment on the recent international event that involves faithful Chinese Catholics.

AsiaNews reports that just last week "Chinese authorities have arrested another underground church Bishop who organized meetings to distribute and discuss Pope Benedict's Letter to Chinese Catholics." The 73-year-old Bishop Julius Jia Zhiguo was preparing a pastoral letter as well as meetings to explain the Pope's letter. The Pope's June 30th letter singled out the Patriotic Catholic Association, (which is highly Communist) for promoting violations of religious freedom. Its purpose is to maintain a national Church separate from the Holy See.

This Bishop previously spent about 20 years in prison for maintaining his loyalty to the Pope rather than China's state-controlled Catholic Church.

China only allows "above-ground" churches approved by the ruling Communist Party, and has deemed illegal the "underground" churches that reject government ties and commit their loyalty to the Pope in Rome.

These faithful underground Catholics are hearing the Pope say they must unify with the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. They are also hearing the Pope say that there are abuses that must be stopped. Why has the Pope betrayed these long-suffering people in order to be politically correct?

How can these true Catholics join this National Chinese church when there continues to be radical abuses?

I believe this injustice will go on unless we have courageous men who will continue to oppose the Communist rule.

It is very confusing.

     In Our Mother,

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Pope's Message to Buddhist Meeting
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The following news was released:

Benedict XVI sends message to interreligious meeting in Japan

On August, 4, the Press Office of the Holy See published the message that Benedict XVI addressed to the Venerable Kahjun Handa, Supreme Head of the Tendai Buddhist Denomination, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the religious summit meeting on Mount Hiei (Japan).

"I am glad to greet you and all the religious leaders gathered on the occasion of the Twentieth Anniversary of the Religious Summit Meeting on Mount Hiei. I wish also to convey my best wishes to Venerable Eshin Watanabe, and to recall your distinguished predecessor as Supreme Head of the Tendai Buddhist Denomination, Venerable Etai Yamada. It was he who, having participated in the Day of Prayer for Peace in Assisi on that memorable day of 27 October 1986, initiated the Religious Summit Meeting on Mount Hiei in Kyoto in order to keep the flame of the spirit of Assisi burning. I am also happy that Cardinal Paul Poupard, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, is able to take part in this meeting.

"From the supernatural perspective we come to understand that peace is both a gift from God and an obligation for every individual. Indeed the world's cry for peace, echoed by families and communities throughout the globe, is at once both a prayer to God and an appeal to every brother and sister of our human family. As you assemble on the sacred Mount Hiei, representing different religions, I assure you of my spiritual closeness. May your prayers and cooperation fill you with God's peace and strengthen your resolve to witness to the reason of peace which overcomes the irrationality of violence!

"Upon you all I invoke an abundance of divine blessings of inspiration, harmony and joy."

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Comment by our Reader

What is "Catholic" in the Pope's message to this "interreligious" meeting in Japan? Nothing that I can see! Moreover, we are talking worse than syncretism and indifferentism here. We are talking about breaking the First Commandment of God Almighty in the legitimization of false religions and their false gods.

"Interreligious" basically in the Vatican II world reduces to no religion at all, in the sense of the complete denial of witnessing to the eternal truths of the one true faith per Jesus Christ's admonition to His disciples at the end of Matthew's Gospel!

"Keeping the flame of Assisi burning," ala congratulating the non-Catholic world on the feast days of its false gods, is in direct opposition to the message of Christ, which is conversion to the Church that He founded upon Peter the Rock for salvation's sake!

There is no needed supernatural message to lost souls here. Rather, we only see the emphasis on a natural utopia which is a lie of the father-of-lies! Peace, in a Natural Law context, must have as its ultimate goal a Kingdom NOT of this world, which is glaringly missing in the Pope's statement. How can there be peace without Catholicism?

What is "sacred" in a Catholic sense about Mount Hiei, per the 2000 year tradition of the Church rooted in Sacred Scripture? To somehow imply that we are dealing with the "sacred" here is pure and simply New Age psycho-babble, as evinced by the emphasis on "divine blessings for inspiration, harmony and joy" which are bereft of the Last Things, death, judgment, Heaven, and hell - the ONLY reason for the Catholic Church's existence!

How can "divine" blessings be invoked when there is nothing remotely divine about confirming the non-Catholic world in its error?

But of course, all of this is the consequence of the planned confusion of Vatican II where ambiguity reigns supreme as a function of those whose plan all along was to destroy the Church from within, a Council that cannot be consigned to the ecclesial trashbin of history soon enough if the Church is going to survive worldwide!

     Gary L. Morella
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Jewish Knight
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Just read this news. Benedict XVI bestowed the Papal Knighthood on the Anti-Defamation League Rabbi Klenicki back in May 2007.

The ADL has always been a fierce anti-Catholic force. The Jews have never recognized Our Lord as the Savior, nor do they regard him as the Messiah. In fact they hate Him. The Talmud shows it clearly.

After the Last Supper Christ established the New Covenant, the Jews rejected it. There is only One Messiah! 'No one comes to the Father but by Me,' He said.

Wake up folks! What else can I say?

Vatican II is a fraud! The sooner you recognize this the better you will be.

     Eternity is a long time.

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De Lubac Was Good!
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Regarding the statements from your website at the bottom of this message:

Wouldn't it at least be fair to include something from the last section of de Lubac's Catholicism, where the focus becomes the individual? And wouldn't it also be fair to acknowledge the multitude of quotes from the Church Fathers that de Lubac includes to support his thesis? Certainly, he does not just get this from the Jews. Nor does he intend to "eliminate the Church's notion of individual salvation."


Cardinal Henri de Lubac, one the leaders of the Nouvelle Theologie [New Theology], presents Judaism as a model to eliminate the Church's notion of individual salvation and replace it with the "collective salvation" that the Cardinal always defended. This is an important Jewish concept included in the new theology of the Conciliar Church.

In his well-known book Catholicisme, he clearly affirmed this thesis.

Top right is a facsimile of the book cover; at right, a photocopy of the French. Below, we present our translation.

"Just as the Jews for so long have placed all their hope not in individual rewards after death, but in the collective destiny of their race and the glory of their earthly Jerusalem, likewise, all the hopes of the Christian should tend toward the coming of the kingdom and the glory of the one Jerusalem .... Spiritualized and universalized, according to the words of the prophecies themselves, Judaism transmits to Christianity its conception of an essential social salvation."

(Henri de Lubac, Catholicisme - Les aspects sociaux du dogme, Paris: Cerf, 1947, p. 36)

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TIA responds:

Mr. B.H.,

Perhaps you remember that law of Physics that says a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same applies to de Lubac's thesis of collective salvation among the many other theses of his book. Even though he quoted a multitude of authors, one of the main goals of his work was to prove that particular thesis, which is wrong.

Incidentally, this precise thesis in this precise book, Catholicisme, was also suspected by the Holy Office in 1938, which caused de Lubac to lose his chair at the University of Lyon-Fourviere. The Holy Office also separated out this thesis to analyze it:

Isn't it a normal procedure in medicine to separate the virus to examine it and attack it? Someone could say that is unfair to analyze only the virus, when there are so many healthy parts in the body. Saying this, he reveals a complete ignorance about what reality is. There is one procedure to deal with good, and another with evil. In your objection you ignore this essential distinction.

It seems, therefore, that your "fairness" is not as objective as you pretend.

Curiously enough, TIA is receiving more and more objections like yours, saying or insinuating that when we denounce progressivists, we are quoting the authors out of context.

These objections seem to be nothing but a progressivist effort to raise a smoke screen around our work, which with the help of Our Lady is growing and producing a considerable deal of harm to Progressivism.

We can assure you that it is a futile attempt. We know how to defend ourselves against it.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 28, 2007

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