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Liturgical Abuses & Red China

Protest against Liturgical Abuses
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Hello TIA,

This is to request an assistance by forwarding this to as many traditional contacts/links as you may have or possibly posting it on your website.

Thanks & God bless you & yours.


Calling All Catholic Traditionalists to Protest

If you're a Traditional Catholic out there, and are weary to the soul about all the liturgical abuses and nutty nonsense in the Catholic Church, today... consider taking action.

This is a call for you to network, organize and synchronize protest-demonstrations outside your Archdiocese to demand reform of any & all liturgical abuses of the Novus Ordo in your district churches and any liberties taken with the Tridentine Mass.

Let us call ourselves R.O.A.R! ...which stands for Reform the Outrageous Abuses, Rome!

Well, you're on your own, kids, but dare to dream ... a World R.O.A.R.

Day? March 4th, as in march forth, seems as good a day as any to hold a campaign to besiege Rome with petitions.

Is there someone willing to set up a main base camp on the web?

There are now only two choices left. We can whimper behind our computer screens or we can take it to the streets and roar.

C'mon, let's roll.

     God bless,

     M.K. from Los Angeles
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Irrational Objector
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Dear Editor of Tradition in Action,

The Bloody Passover that Dr. Marian T. Horvat wrote about in her recent article drew several responses. One in particular is out of place.

I suggest that the 'reason used and emotion mercilessly subdued' that G.E.R. requires, be turned toward a sincere study of this topic.

The torture and murder of Catholic children for their blood is an outrageously cruel act of hatred. I too find it very hard to subdue my emotion in this regard, but believe we must be willing to engage in an honest and open study of the data.

All G.E.R. seems to have accomplished in his or her letter is to appear ridiculous and callous and lacking emotion and reason.

I ask this individual to look past the politically correct position of supporting the Jews of this world regardless of facts or history, and look to be a genuine Catholic.

I do appreciate the writers on the staff of Tradition in Action and enjoy its substantial efforts in bringing the truth forward.

I continue to pray daily for all of you.

     Sincerely in Our Lady,

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Orientation in Music
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Tradition in Action,

I have been searching your site for a while looking for some articles on the evil tendencies of music, the process of music and its steady decline, and how the different styles of music are evil.

If you could give me some links or articles I would really appreciate it.

     God bless you and your work,


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TIA responds:


We are sorry to disappoint you, but we still don't have a section of commentary on music.

Your request is a stimulus for us to consider opening such a page in the near future.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Social Credit
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I'd like to recommend a book to Patrick Odou that is about one part of the Distributist movement. Social Credit - Salvation Through Inflation by Gary North is the name of the book. Amazon.com has some copies available.

Mr. Odou should get this book because it has a lot of historical information about the people who influence Distributism.


Note from the Editor: Your suggestion has been forwarded to Mr. Odou.

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Tradition in Development
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Dear TIA,

Doctrine develops like mathematics or any science. 1 + 1 = 2 is simple, early math, but we still teach it because it is true with reference to its axioms and immutable. So the Church should be a tradition in the sense that it must transmit truths previously discovered. Suffice to say, they must be truths and not every sentence of every document from 265 Popes or 22 Councils qualifies - to put it mildly.

However, lots of new mathematics has also been discovered and develpment is exponentially speeding up in all the sciences as well as in technology. So ecclesial development in doctrine and practice is reasonable because science and technology 'induce' ecclesial development.

What is development? Discovery and growth coming from, and consitent with, tradition. What is tradition? The transmission of developments discovered previously.

So why not rename your site Tradition and Development in Action and have a different background?

     Thank you.

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Diocesan Schools Linked with Red China
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Dear Folks,

This was a proposed "Letter to the Editor" for the Catholic Times (which, due to its length, etc. may have been seen as too long to print).

For what it's worth - here it is:

As Catholics, desirous of seeing children absorb solid Catholic values, I was especially concerned with the 8/19/07 Catholic Times article describing an initiative being introduced into certain diocesan schools.

The cultural exchange communications link being established between local diocesan schools and corresponding ones in Red China should be disturbing to anyone with even basic knowledge of the moral climate of that communist nation. In a word, the government of that country can best be described as savage, most notably as manifested in the present body count of 280 million dead children, arising from that nation's "One-Child" Policy.

Granted, the U.S. has its abortion holocaust, but it is far smaller, and at least at present, it is not brutally forced upon completely-unwilling mothers, as is so often the case in China. This policy has horrific ripple effects, involving further evils. The Population Research Institute recently reported that, since the majority of babies aborted are girls, presently 25,000,000 Chinese men can't find brides due to the shortage of women. This gender imbalance is fuelling a commercial sex trade, with over 600,000 women and girls being trafficked across borders annually, to be sexually exploited by sex-starved Chinese men.

Understandably, homosexuality has seen a sharp increase in that country, as another result. This pagan disregard permeates the entire Chinese government, and only one other major example is the cruel callousness that the government shows towards the authentic "underground" Catholic Church, with its widespread mistreatment and imprisonment of many Bishops and priests, and in its arrogant appointment of their own bishops to the illicit Chinese Patriotic Church, in total disregard to the Vatican's indispensable role in their selection.

In the end, at the very least, children attending such local diocesan schools should be thoroughly catechized relative to the grave moral bankruptcy of China, rather than to merely give implicit carte blanche affirmation of this tyrannical empire.

Had the technology existed a little more than a half-century ago, does one think that American Hebrew Schools would have been interested in establishing communication links with Nazi-controlled German Schools of that era (the legendary genocide of that nation having been far smaller)? Would martyrs such as St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher have advocated amicable relations with a despot king over supporting God's laws? I don't think so, or the Church would never have definitively vindicated their decisions by making them saints.

Why can't local diocesan schools make it an objective rather to place emphasis on extolling such examples of heroic sanctity, as opposed to fearfully knuckling-under to the steamroller of globalization?

     God bless,

      Fr. Joseph Klee

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 19, 2007

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