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Rainbows of Fall, Bishop's Agenda
& Biblical Feminism

Enjoy the Rainbows of Fall
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Just a reminder as to why fall is my favorite time of year! Enjoy!



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Bishop's Agenda in Britain
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Hello TIA,

The November issue of the UK Catholic magazine Christian Order (which I just received here in the USA), has an eye-opening editorial exposing the pro-homosexual agenda of many Catholic Bishops in Britain. If you think we have problems here, you should read this editorial!

I tried to find a copy on their web site, but the site is being re-tooled and does not have current articles. So I emailed the editor, Rod Pead, and he sent back a PDF of that editorial, plus another article from the same issue. He has given permission for it to be disseminated as widely as possible. In his email to me, Mr. Pead wrote:

"I've attached the editorial for you, as well as the associated article, because it is important that as wide a coverage as possible be given to this issue. Anything to put more pressure on the Vatican. It is without doubt the lowest point we have yet reached in the Church in England, and we've had some very low points and grave scandals!"

If you wish to link to the article on your website, here is the link.

To reproduce the article in a print publication, just check with Mr. Pead, at editor@christianorder.com


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Position on Animals
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Dear Sir,

In all due respect, animals were put in our care by their Creator.

Check this website.

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Woman Equal to Man...
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Hello TIA,

I am glad that you are protecting Catholic teaching and history and rebuking heresy. I would like to remind you, however, that basic dogmas and apostolic traditions are different from cultural/societal/dated limits and bias. We should not compromise the truth, but Jesus stopped his disciples cold when they wanted to stop a group that was preaching the good news on their own (much like good faith Protestants). Jesus sad to be glad the message was being preached. However, Jesus did not have his disciples merge with them nor did Jesus change his own doctrines. But, neither did he condemn their good faith.

Also, the Bible starts out showing that man was made first and shown/emphasized that he needed the help of a woman. The woman was made from his side (not his foot), and God turned to Adam first to rebuke him and make him responsible for the whole human race. He told Eve what the consequences would be for women, saying that because of what she had done that women would be oppressed by domination in a disordered world. Nurturing, exemplified in the taking care of the home and family, is the responsiblity of the woman, and protecting (Sarah called Abraham "Lord" meaning she put herself under his protection.) and providing for the home is the responsibility of the man. However, the two become one and even that alone implies equality. The perfect wife in Psalms is a wonderful businesswoman. It is a matter of orientation (e.g. men focus on analytical details first, women focus on the whole picture - including emotional nature - first.), like inductive versus deductive reasoning. Both ways of reasoning have their advantages, they just emphasize different aspects.

In protecting the doctrines of the Catholic Church, zealous defending of the truth of Catholic dogma and foundational tradition should not expound even centuries of bias, oppressive attitudes, or worldly ideas. The basics of the Catholic faith are what we need to convert the world. It is above the cultural, gender, financial, or racial differences. The rest can be flavors. God loves variety.

     Thank you,

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Wojtyla in Fishnet Shirt
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I see your pictures and I can't understand!

The Pope wearing shorts and a tee shirt and playing with a boy? My God what a crime!

You think its wrong for the Bishop of Rome to be human? He is not God only a man! Get a life! Please.

I am sure the world could use your talents in another way stop wasting your time with this non-issue!

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Motu Proprio
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Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your analysis. You're right on!

One must very suspectful and attentive about this situation because it can have great consequences from the traditionalist practical worshipping. From the progressivist one, there is no concern since they have all destroyed since forty years.

We know that God will not permit the destruction of His Church. So let us continue to pray and hope that He will play His own Cards.

Please continue your wonderful work.

     God Bless and union of prayers,

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Marie Antoinette
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Dr. Horvat,

Thanks for this great book review on Marie Antoinette.

Every class I have taught I've tried to stress the errors regarding this period (and others) of history. That alone is a full time job. I got so frustrated with having the "cake line" thrown at me even by very conservative parents.

I enjoyed reading your review and hope to order the book. I get so leery of trying yet another history book having to do with the topics, which typically send such incorrect points of view.

I hope all is well.

     God bless your work.

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Testimony and Prayer
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Our Lord and Blessed Mother and the saints have granted a HUGE favor for my client Armando, namely the clearing of some serious old charges. I thank the saints Therese and Jude also.

However, I am asking Our Lady, who always gives spectacular miracles, that he obtains the rest, namely his green card and gets his benefits back soon so we can end all this mess and get some closure. I have much faith in Blessed Mother and am excited to invoke her under this title.

Our Lady of Good Success obtain please that my client may get his green card soon.

     Thank you so much for all you do for me.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 18, 2007

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