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Bomba Dancing & the Conversion of the Jews

Bomba Dancing in St. Patrick's Cathedral
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Dear TIA,

I am a regular reader of your outstanding website. Daily I visit it to seek for orientation in these stormy times we live in. Thank you for your priceless work.

Today I want to share with you this video I came across on the Internet, in which a band is performing a Hawaiian rhythm called bomba in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. I suppose it had Cardinal Egan's approval.

It corroborates many of your (our) theses on where the Catholic Church is heading to.

This video is mute, at least on my computer.

     Keep up defending the Faith.

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Sinister Links
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Dear TIA,

In her excellent article, The "Reconciliation" of the Two Benedicts, Dr. Horvat mentions that Cardinal Rampolla was Grand Master of the notorious Ordo Templi Orientalis (or Orientis). At that same time (late 19th-early 20th century), the infamous Satanic occultist, Aleister Crowley, held the equivalent position in Britain's branch of that sect. This raises the hair-raising question of how much Crowley influenced Rampolla.

Crowley traveled extensively and Italy was one of his haunts. As confréres of equal rank, Crowley and Rampolla most surely have met. As Crowley heavily influenced Alice Bailley, Gerald Gardiner, Sybil Leek, Anton LaVey, L. Ron Hubbard, and (indirectly and posthumously) Charles Manson, viewing "Catholic" modernists in the light of a possible Crowley influence via Cardinal Rampolla places their intentions as benign, though deluded, in question. In fact, if a connection can be proven, the motives of their leadership become downright sinister.

Thank you for your excellent work.

     Pax Christi,


PS: Could the homosexual molestation of boys by presbyters with the support of their "bishops" be a sign of the ongoing work of Crowley's empowering demon? I know this is bizarre in the extreme, but then so is Conciliar "Catholicism."
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Jews Don't Need to Convert
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Hello TIA,

I am forwarding to you and your readers the following news report on the change Pope Benedict XVI is making in the traditional Liturgy of the Holy Week.

To please the Jews, we should not imply that they need to convert!

It is hard to believe that he is a true conservative Pope.


Pope to Change Controversial Prayer on Jews

In a significant "extended hand" for the future of Catholic-Jewish dialogue, B16 has reportedly decided to change the 1962 Missal's controversial Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews.

Reported today [January 18] by the well-connected Andrea Tornielli of Il Giornale, a formal announcement of the move is expected "within days" - the Triduum is, after all, but nine weeks away.

After its July "liberalization," the intercession of the pre-Conciliar liturgy imploring God to remove the Jewish people "from the darkness" and "lift the veil from their hearts" came under fire from numerous Jewish leaders around the world, including, Tornielli writes, both the Sephardic and Ashkenazic chief rabbis of Jerusalem, who wrote the Pope to request the "modification" of the text.

According to the daily, Benedict himself prepared the draft of the decision, which will be released through the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. While the passages deemed viscerally offensive will be struck, the prayer's original emphasis on conversion is to be retained.

The Pope would hope to visit the Holy Land in 2009, provided the current wrinkles in Vatican-Israeli relations are smoothed out.

(For details click here)
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Dogma of the Faith in Portugal
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Dear Sirs,

My congratulations for your fine internet site that I am following from Italy. And I add my best wishes to you and all of your friends for this new year A.D. 2008.

A problem which looks as an obstacle also for many traditional Catholics in order to be able to continue hoping in Our Lady of Fatima is the well known prophetic statement "in Portugal the dogma of faith will always be preserved..."

What does that mean?

Such a problem can be divided in two aspects:

a) What is the dogma of faith?

b) How can we say that it will remain in Portugal, since also this country has been 'new-churched' as all the other once Catholic nations (see the recent abortion law)?

To avoid a common mistake, please, consider that Our Lady of Fatima never did say that Portugal would always remain Catholic. She said that in Portugal "the Dogma of Faith" will always be kept. And this is quite different.

a) Now, first you should identify which one is THE Dogma of Faith, that is, the pillar which sustains everything of our faith's building, as established by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

One could say that it is the Most Holy Trinity, from which everything descends to us. But if you go down to a perspective that is in some way much closer to us, mankind, you shall see that everything depends on the Incarnation of Our Lord. I think this is the correct answer, as it is well explained by Mgr. Gaume in his Traité du Saint-Esprit (1865, T1, Ch. 3 through 5 etc.). Perhaps you can find other sound and good theologians of the English-speaking world which is closer to you to further strenghten this point. Anyway, we can think that this is the dogma Our Lady was pointing out to, while speaking to Sr. Lucy.

b) Then comes the second part of the question: What does this mean in relation to Portugal?

Of course, I cannot pretend that this is a full explanation, but, please, consider the following hypothesis, terrible in its simplicity.

Let us suppose that, with a general worldwide apostasy, thanks to the Modernist sect (to which also Benedict-Ratzinger belongs), occupying all the Church command & control places for many years, a point is reached in which, almost everywhere, every 'Novus Ordo Catholic' believes that Our Lord Jesus Christ is a kind of myth, a mythical person who never really existed, or, what is practically the same, that he was an existing man with very high moral standards and maybe some special healing powers, subsequently mythified as a God by his first disciples. (Are we very far from this point?)

In such case, i.e. when almost everywhere in the ex-Catholic nations no one shall believe that the Incarnation of God has REALLY taken place, it may happen that in Portugal this basic belief, and this belief ONLY, shall still be left in this people, even if they also, as we know, have submitted to all the New Church lies and their destructive action. This belief could be demonstrated, for instance, by a public position taken about such issue by one of its clergy or laymen, enjoying a very wide agreement in that country, so to be noticeable in comparison with the rest of the world. To offer an example that shows us that this is still possible, let us remember the recent case of the Polish political representatives who tried to have their parliament declare Our Lord as honorary King of Poland. This failed, and mostly because of the opposition of the New Church pseudo-bishops (!!!). But it showed that in Poland the Kingship of Our Lord still has followers despite all of the New Church demolition team and its overall spreading.

     A.F. from Italy

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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. A.F.,

Thank you for your consideration and time in writing to us. We appreciate your kind words regarding our work as well.

We respect your erudite hypotheses to explain the real meaning of the words of Our Lady at Fatima, although we don't agree with all your presuppositions.

We still think that when the Virgin Mary spoke those words: "The dogma of Faith will remain in Portugal," she was speaking to children, to be understood by them. So, we consider that what she meant was that the simple people of Portugal would remain faithful to the Catholic Faith. It is an affirmation to be understood simply, without subtle theological precisions.

When one goes to Marian sanctuaries like Fatima, Guadalupe, or Aparecida, he notices that the very simple and uneducated people, who make up the majority of the pilgrims, go there to pray to Our Lady and Our Lord independent of the progressivist tendencies of their pastors, bishops, and cardinals.

The dilemma - Whoever goes to the Novus Ordo Mass is unfaithful; whoever rejects it is faithful - does not seem to apply directly to this case. Regardless of the liturgical controversy, those simple Catholic people are still faithful to the Faith of their parents and grandparents.

This is our opinion, with which of course you don't need to agree. We believe that we will only understand the real meaning of the words of Our Lady in Heaven, if we have the great happiness to get there.

You can read our response to another reader on this question here.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 22, 2008

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