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I was just wondering if your organization is Sedevacantist or SSPX or FSSP or what? I love your website. I got a small catalog from you in the mail today, I don't know how you got my name, but I am a Traditionalist and I am delighted to be on your mailing list.

     God bless,


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TIA responds:

Hello M.D.S.,

Thank you for your praise of our website.

TIA is not included in any of the appellations you mentioned. We will explain each case.

Regarding our differences with Sede-Vacantism, you may read the booklet Resistance versus Sede-Vacantism, which clarifies our position on the present day crisis in the Church. On this website you may also check our answers to similar questions or objections:

a. Resistance is Wrong, Sede-Vacantism Is Right;
b. Are You Sede-Vacantist?
c. How a Catholic Should Act in face of Bad Popes

Regarding the SSPX, our basic position is explained here. Recent developments of our differences with this organization may be of interest. They can be read here and here.

Finally, regarding FSSP or any of the institutions that made an agreement to not attack Vatican II and the New Mass, please find our position explained in the answers to questions 7 and 8, here.

Our position is defined as Resistance to the progressivist orientation of the Vatican II and the conciliar Popes in those matters where they teach or act contrary to what the previous Magisterium taught us to think and do. We present this position clearly in our Declaration of Resistance, included in the book We Resist You to the Face, which is offered in the catalogue you received. It may be purchased by mail or on this site. We recommend that you read it: it has been called the most concise and clear summary of the situation of Catholics in present times.

We believe that TIA should be known and judged by what it has done and does, rather than by a statement about what it pretends to do. If you agree with us on this point, you can go to our website and check what we think and do. We have already posted about 10,000 different files expressing our ideas.

Any questions or objections will be received with good will and answered in due measure of time.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Please Provide Guimarães' Bio
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I received your flyer re books you have to offer. Certain titles appear to be of interest to me. Would it be possible for your organization to supply me with more informative data re your mission and who are the officers of "Tradition in Action."

Further, a number of your titles are authored by Atila S Guimaraes. Could you supply a bio on him. Please bear in mind that I received the catalogue from you without solicitation on my part and before ordering I'd like to know something about you.

     Many thanks for your consideration.


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TIA responds:


A short biography of Mr. Atila Sinke Guimarães can be read here; a long one here. Both are a bit outdated (2002 and 2004), but they provide the general lines of his life that you are looking for.

We will be pleased to be of any further assistance.


     TIA correspondence desk

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May I Write a Book Review?
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Hello Tradition In Action Staff,

Do you accept book reviews from outside parties and if so, can I email them to the above email address?

Thank you,


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TIA responds:

Hello S.B.S.,

We will be pleased to receive any book or film review from you or any of our readers. It will be submitted to our Editor, and if it follows our general views, it will be either posted as is or sent back to the author for approval of his editing suggestions.

Any book or film review should be sent to traditioninaction@earthlink.net Please include the text of your review in your e-mail and not in an attached file. It is our policy not to open attached files unless they come from long time acquaintances.


     TIA correspondence desk

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A Performer in the Sydney Way of the Cross
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Dear Tradition in Action,

I came across this article on the changed Stations of the Cross written by Marian Horvat. I have some comments in relation to what was written. I could not find her personal e-mail address, so I have sent it to the e-mail address I could find. Maybe you can pass the comments on to her.

I was one of the actors in the Stations of the Cross (SOTC) for WYD2008. I can tell you that I and many other cast members who are totally loyal to the Catholic Church and the Gospels and who were ecstatic at being chosen to be a part of a re-enactment of the last days of Our Lord's life for such a big event as WYD (yes, I am aware of your criticisms of wyd but I am sure you would not have a problem with the SOTC if they were loyal to the gospels and tradition aka Mel Gibson's movie). We were livid when we found out that changes were being made to the SOTC to accommodate those outside the Church. Of course the director of the SOTC, who we suspected of being somewhat of a Modernist (he did accuse the Gospels of being "anti-Semitic"), waived our concerns away. I don't know if you (referring to Marian) watched the SOTC on 18 July, but I am pretty sure you would have noticed how the SOTC became watered down in line with what was written in the article.

For a start, at Station 3, when Jesus appeared before Caiaphas, there is no close up camera shots of any of the Sanhedrin. None. Also, there was no audience or no pilgrims allowed to view this station at the actual site of the Station (Art Gallery in Sydney). This was deliberately done. Also, there was no member of the Sanhedrin present at Station 4 when Jesus went before Pilate. At early rehearsals for the SOTC, Caiaphas and some other of the actors who played the role of the Sanhedrin were at this scene, but once the Jews kicked up a stink, they were taken out. Same story for the last Stations involving Calvary.

The piercing of Christ's side on the cross was also taken out at the last second, i.e. just before the day of the performance. When I was on stage and noticed this, I was fuming and I could not believe that they would remove such a significant theological event associated with the crucifixion of Jesus from the SOTC. Some members of the public who watched the SOTC noticed this also and were surprised that it did not occur during the performance.

There was so much other rubbish that went on that marred an otherwise beautiful and powerful performance on 18 July. For example, the "kiss of Judas", the interlude between stations 3 and 4. Most of the cast members thought this bit of "theatre" was a load of rubbish and were very angry when we saw it. The cast were never told that this was going to be included.

When the controversy first erupted and the Sanhedrin were taken out of all other Stations except Station 3 during rehearsals, we reported our concerns to Bishop Anthony Fisher who initially acted on our concerns. Then, everything went haywire after that and as I mentioned above, the Sanhedrin never appeared again in any other station (except for Nicodemus).

The one point that I don't agree with in your article is your assertion that the Holy Father would have approved of the watered-down SOTC for wyd2008. I am pretty sure he didn't as I have been reliably informed that he was not happy at all with certain aspects of the performance. When he thanked those volunteers for wyd and mentioned the highlights of wyd2008, he specifically did not mention the SOTC which I believe adds support for my view. I know you will take a contrary view and argue that he had no problem with the final version but that's your opinion I guess.


     P.B.S., Sydney, Australia

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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Mr. B.S.,

Thank you very much for your on-site testimony of what actually happened during the Sydney WYD Stations of the Cross. I am sure our readers will be interested to know about the concessions that were made in order not to offend the Jews.

Regarding the Holy Father's approval or non-approval, I do not have data to know whether he did or did not. However, by his other actions in Sydney, it is clear that he went out of his way to accomodate the false religions. I would suggest that you read this article on the disturbing statements he made during his meeting with leaders of false religions in the Crypt of St. Mary's Cathedral. He also met later with Jew, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu religious leaders at another "interfaith" event. The least we can say is that the changes in the Stations of the Cross made that meeting very easy for him.

Also, one cannot help but note that while Benedict XVI lectured the youth on "grave" ecological concerns, he forgot to mention the much more serious lax morals of today's youth - co-habitation before marriage, acceptance of contraception and immodesty in dress - to name just a few topics that are direct offenses against God, instead of those disputable faults against the planet.


     Marian T. Horvat

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 5, 2008

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do not necessarily express those of TIA

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