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WDY-2008 Free love 01

Woodstock Style Still Present at the Sydney WYD
Some persons might be wondering whether the Aborigine inculturation displayed at the Sydney WYD eclipsed or even eradicated the Woodstock style of those meetings. It did not. The two styles merged comfortably, allowing urban tribalism to benefit from the contact with Aborigine tribalism.

The disregard for Catholic Morals by both the organizers and the youth remained as complete as it was in the preceding WYDs. Indeed, there were no restraints on the behavior of non-married young couples, who continued to sleep together in close quarters, below first row. Some of them went so far as to pose for reporters laying together and caressing one another, like the German 'pilgrims,' above.

No one bothered the extravagant American punk, second row below, who was completely at home with his red-macaw hair style, while a group of African youth frenetically moved to the rhythm of ecclesiastical rock performed by one of the many bands, such as the Franciscan duo, last row at right.
WDY-2008 Free love 02

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Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 27, 2008

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