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A 'Gay' Newman & Manual of Manners for Girls

Was Cardinal Newman 'Gay'?
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Hello TIA,

I have to confess that I was surprised when I first read on your website your position on Newman as a liberal. Second thoughts and a little research, however, showed me that in fact he had been in the vanguard of the opposition to the dogma of Papal Infallibility and closely acquainted with the left wing of Vatican Council I.

Also his concept of conscience is very much the same as that of the Modernists who followed him, that is, it supposes a kind of revelation of God within the soul of each person.

Now that Benedict XVI is going to beatify Newman, he ordered his body to be removed from his actual burial site to another place in order to favor the public cult. Today, breaking news was released: Newman was an alleged homosexual, and he supposedly is buried along with his male partner at his express request. To hide his homosexuality would be the real reason for moving him to another place.

I send you the news with source, name, dates and addresses. If this is proved to be true, it is a revelation that confirms your points, isn't it?


     In Christ Jesus,


Canterbury, England (ENI) - British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell has described the Vatican's instruction that the body of Cardinal John Henry Newman be moved from its grave at a cemetery in the English town of Rednal to a special new resting place at the nearby Birmingham Oratory as "an act of religious desecration and moral vandalism." In an interview with Ecumenical News International, Tatchell said, "Newman repeatedly made it clear that he wanted to be buried next to his life-long partner, Ambrose St. John. No one gave the Pope permission to defy Newman's wishes. The re-burial has only one aim in mind: to cover up Newman's homosexuality and to disavow his love for another man. It is an act of shameless dishonesty and personal betrayal by the gay-hating Catholic Church." (Ecumenical News International / News Highlights / 18 August 2008)

Ecumenical News International
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Tel: (41-22) 791 6088/6111 Fax: (41-22) 788 7244
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TIA responds:

Hello Mr. E.J.,

We thank you for sending us this news, and we are passing it on to our readers.

Certainly we are on the same page regarding your analysis of Cardinal John Henry Newman as a liberal and pre-Modernist. We also believe his thesis on conscience is similar to that of the Modernists.

However, regarding the affirmation that Cardinal Newman was a homosexual, it is our opinion that we should take the data into consideration but be cautious not to reach precipitate conclusions.

As far as we know, the mentioned Peter Tatchell is a recognized homosexual who was the chairman of the London group called Outrage. In 1995 Tatchell blackmailed Cardinal Basil Hume into publishing a statement favoring homosexuality. If he refused to do so, Tatchell said he would call a press conference (as he did) to disclose private information regarding Cardinal Hume's customs. Hume published the note (as Tatchell had asked at a time he chose) shortly before the threatened press conference.

Prior to this, the same Tatchell had obliged 10 bishops of the so-called Church of England to publicly confess their homosexuality, and 34 other Anglican bishops to issue a statement saying that "one can simultaneously be gay and a good Christian." The documents regarding these and other pressure tactics exercised by Tatchell on Cardinal Hume and Anglican prelates can be found in A.S. Guimar√£es' Vatican II, Homosexuality and Pedophilia (Los Angeles: TIA, 2004, pp.140-146).

This same scandalous man appears to be the only source of the news you sent us about Cardinal Newman. He is morally condemnable as a homosexual and a blackmailer, but, as far as we know, he has not been proved wrong in his accusations.

We are carefully watching the development of this case without making any premature judgment.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Manual of Manners for Girls
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Dear Friends of TIA,

We recently received a copy of the book, Catholic Manual of Civility, that we ordered from you. It is a wonderful book, and we are very grateful you are printing it!

My only question is this: do you publish a similar book aimed for young women, or could you direct me to one you would recommend?

Thank you for your consideration, and God bless you!

     In Christ,

     Sister M.F.

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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear Sister M.F.,

Thank you for your kind message.

I am sorry to say that, to date, I don't know of a similar book, based on traditional Catholic customs, aimed at young women.

I hope, however, that in the near future TIA will have an opportunity to publish such a work. I already have a large file on the topic and am gathering more material.

     In Maria,

     Marian T. Horvat

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Hard to Find Modest Clothes
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Dear Professor Horvat,

Thank you for this article, which I found online. There is one more thing that I wish you would add, however.

Not being raised Catholic, I was never taught not to wear pants. What made me stop was praying the rosary. Over time, I became convinced to give up dressing like a man, and I did this out of devotion to Our Lady.

While I did not think about its effect on men, I was both surprised and touched by their reaction to the change. Quite frankly, it never occurred to me that they would notice. They do.

Almost all of them like modesty; some were vocal in their approval of it. Modesty seems to bring out the best in them, inspiring respect, charity, protectiveness, and chivalry. The fact that so few women dress modestly seems to make women like me stand out more.

My only beef: it's getting harder and harder to find modest clothing. And I have to learn how to sew because I can't find it.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 20, 2008

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