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Bishops in Jail, Belloc & Prisoners

Priests and Bishops Should Go to Jail
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Dear TIA,

It has been my observation for a very long time, especially in the past 10 years, that the sins against the Holy Spirit which are despair and presumption are what is destroying our country and world for that matter. With the breakdown of the family, which includes the loss of any practice of faith within the family, children are led to despair and complete disregard for the lives of themselves or others. We see this with weapons being taken to high schools by students and used to kill others at their school; then they turn the weapon on themselves. When this type of extreme behavior occurs in a white middle or upper middle class neighborhood, it gets immediate media attention for weeks or months afterwards.

Then we have individuals in authority who become extremely presumptuous and feel they can do whatever they please, and it's OK because I'm 'so and so.' Such as the Clinton mentality, "I can have illicit sex in the oval office, because I'm President of the United States..." It's easy to see why these sins against the Holy Spirit are considered unforgiveable, because these individuals are not going to acknowledge their wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness.

Then we have the sex scandal that has occurred in the Church. Sad, but amazing how these religious could take on the mentality that it's OK for them to do this type of thing to an innocent child. But this type of thing has been going on since the beginning of time, and I recall as a kid in the 1960's, you were to be seen and not heard. Aside from any association with the Church, children were victimized in this sick way all the time, and when informing parents of it, the parents just swept it under the carpet, maybe just advising the child not to go around this individual. The last thing parents wanted to do is to wash their dirty laundry in public and make this violation against their child a federal case, feeling this could do more harm to their child and/or family.

As you know the pedophile is usually someone who knows the family well, so this included friends, relatives, physicians, teachers, ministers, and so forth. But the media has mainly zeroed in on Catholic priests. Interesting, because Catholic priests are usually white, middle-class males.

Catholic bishops, unfortunately were no different than the parents of these children; they didn't want their dirty laundry washed in public either, and tried to just soft peddle this crises in the Church. What I cannot understand is why, since the very beginning of the airing of these events five or six years ago in Boston, I believe, these religious who committed crimes were not just put in jail???

To allow millions of the Church's donations to line the pockets of attorneys and put us into major debt was our big mistake. Now people are going to then come out of the woodwork and say they were molested by a priest because they see dollar signs. Priests and even Bishops should have gone to prison if they were guilty of crimes. I guarantee you, the American people would have been much happier seeing this as the end result rather than the Church paying off the victims. And there would be no better place for these priests to become contrite for the sins they committed than a jail cell.


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Sickening Pedophile Priests in Italy
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Dear TIA,

It is truly sickening when I read an article such as the one recently written by Mr. Guimaraes updating us on the situation in Rome concerning the sexual abuse scandal. This repulsive scandal has metastasized to all parts of Holy Mother Church.

This can only be possible if the hierarchy of the Church has fallen into apostasy and lost the faith. Cardinal Ciappi, the personal theologian to five Popes, revealed a part of the third secret of Fatima by saying that the great apostasy will begin at the top. Who can doubt that we are not living in those times?

It seems that many godless men are now in positions of great authority in our beloved Church and are bent on her destruction.

As I see it, this deplorable situation will continue to evolve under the influence of Satan until all seems lost. Then the sudden triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will occur. Unfortunately, things will need to get much worse before Mary's victory.

     In Christ and Mary,

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Yahweh and Belloc
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Excellent, Excellent, Excellent in clearing up the issue of why this name for God [Yahweh] has been removed from prayers [in the Letter to Jan]. If there was a little more accuracy, which was lacking in Marian's friend, a lot of time could be saved and there would be little need for Monday mourning quarterbacking. The net does make us hurry, sometimes.

Your article on Belloc and his misunderstanding of certain aspects of the Judeo Talmudic French Revolution was very good, too. However, he did say that since Good Friday, the epic events that have underscored history for close to 2,000 years is actually a titanic struggle as to whether the world will be Roman Catholic or Talmudic Jewish.

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Sede-Vacantist Critique
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Dear Sir,

I recently read an article called The Sydney Outrage by Mr. Gary Morella, on your excellent website. I thank you for the wonderful work you do, day in and day out.

Although the site and the article have merits that must be given their due, there is one glaring defect: inability to make and face conclusions that are consistent with reality. The reason Benedict XVI - and his Vatican II and post-Vatican II predecessors - act the way they do is this: they are not Catholic. As a man believes, so will he live. These men are, plain and simple, Modernists par excellence. Just as Modernism is not merely another heresy, but the synthesis of all heresies, so these men are not merely heretics, but are heretics par excellence.

Mr. Morella ends his article by stating "Until this fact is recognized and rectified by Rome, the problem will not go away." The reality is this: Until men like Mr. Morella recognize the eye-popping, obstinate non-Catholicity of the men parading in well-tailored, white cassocks from Gamarelli, who are pretending to be something they are not and cannot be, the "resistance" will go NOWHERE. A man will never - NEVER - effectively resist an enemy when he has not even correctly identified him as the enemy.

It is impossible - IMPOSSIBLE - that the V2 and post-V2 "Pontiffs" are legitimate. If they are legitimate, then Our Lord's promise that "he who hears you, hears Me" means NOTHING. For the past 40+ years, we have not been able to do what these men do, or even what they say [to do]. That is a sure sign that they are impostors, for Catholics have always been able, even during difficult days, to at least do what their leaders taught by word, if not what they taught by deed.

Please prayerfully consider this reality, which you already know in your heart.

     God speed, today and always.


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The Editor responds:

Mr. E.S.,

Thank you for your first kind words.

There is a small distinction that must be made which I believe proves that Resistance is the correct position and Sede-Vacantism is wrong. It is the distinction between illegitimacy and invalidity. Sede-vacantists - I am including you in the family - make a confusion between these two concepts, which are nonetheless quite different, as already explained elsewhere.

A man can be an illegitimate Pope and still be a valid Pope, as was Pope Honorius I after he became a heretic. As far as I know, no one in the Church disputed the validity of the acts of Pope Honorius even after he was declared a heretic by Pope St. Leo II some 40 years after his death.

Heresy does not automatically bring about invalidity. The Church did not declare the orders and sacraments ministered by Protestants bishops invalid to this date, five centuries after condemning their heresy - their illegitimacy.

The logical conclusion is that a Pope may be heretic - therefore illegitimate - and may continue to be valid. In this situation a Catholic must distinguish what is right or wrong in the papal actions in order to respect what is in accordance with the past Tradition and Magisterium - and resist what is not.

Sede-vacantists have mixed the two concepts and rushed to a simplistic conclusion - there is no longer a Pope and no valid orders and sacraments. Doing so, they create still more chaos in a situation that has already been made quite confused by Progressivism. I believe that this simplification is due to a lack of Catholic sense, insecurity and perhaps pride.

If sede-vacantists are unable to distinguish between even these elementary notions of legitimacy and validity, how can they pretend to issue more complicated judgments about the papacy?

If their eyes were opened by more humility and discernment, they would see they are inflicting more suffering on Holy Mother Church, whom they imagine they are defending.


     A.S. Guimar√£es
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TIA in My Favorites
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I just received your catalog today in the mail and decided to find your website. I really enjoyed it and have saved it on My Favorites list. I especially liked the article on St Philomena and learned some new information.

I will be sure to review the tapes and books for sale.

     Kind regards,

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Prayer Request
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Dear TIA,

Can you please pray for my sister Maria Jesus, she has cancer and she is having surgery tomorrow [9/3/08]. She lives in Spain and I live in USA.

Thank you,


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TIA responds:

Dear M.A.G,

We prayed for your sister Maria Jesus as soon as we received your e-mail. We are passing on your request to our readers so that they also can pray for her.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Nothing Is Positive
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I found your site very informative, however it does seem to dwell on the negative even though I would not dispute must of your articles; it would seem as if the Church were doomed.

Is there anything positive happening in the Church today?


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TIA responds:


When a man is very sick, a good doctor, his real friends and his relatives who care for him deal with his illness because they want to do everything needed to see him well again. Only those who do not love him want to hide the reality and present his state as -positive- to not be bothered by sad perspectives.

The same applies to the tragic state of the Catholic Church today. We try as much as we can to follow her passion while it lasts, without veiling our eyes. Our Lady, St. John and the Holy Women did the same following the Passion of Our Lord

What is positive is the perspective of the restoration of the Holy Mother Church. More and more Catholics are opening their eyes to see who the guilty ones are in this crisis, what Progressivism really wants, and how we should not compromise with it.

This perspective is very positive because it gives us hope for a new epoch of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary where finally there will be one single flock and one sole Shepherd, and the world will give God all the glory it was supposed to give Him when He decided to create it.


     TIA correspondence desk

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A Question on Cathedrals
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Dear TIA,

I am interested in studying about Cathedrals and wonder if you can recommend any books or documentaries on the subject.



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Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear E.L.,

A good place to start on the study of Cathedrals is a most interesting French book that has been translated into English. It is titled The Gothic Image: Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century (Icon Editions Series) (Paperback) by Emile Male, with Dora Nussey as translator. It can be read online here, or purchased here.

We have published an excerpt translated by Hugh O'Reilly here that can give you an idea of its charm and richness:

I hope this will be of some help to begin your studies.


      Marian T. Horvat

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It's So Encouraging...
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Dear TIA,

I was so encouraged by the two letters from prisoners you had on your website today. Please use the enclosed money to help any others that need books and materials to sustain their faith. I have long wished I could help anyone in prison who was Catholic and needed reading material and encouragement. It must be VERY difficult.

I converted to the Catholic Faith in 1998 and came into Tradition in 2004. I believe it's a miracle of God's providential care. I am sure He is reaching with the Truth many who are without freedom.

I go to your website first each day, because I find it so encouraging. These are hard times. May God bless and keep all of you. Thanks for your diligence.

     In the hearts of Jesus and Mary,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 4, 2008

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