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Crusade, Hippies & Manners

Crusade of the 21st Century
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Dear TIA,

I have just finished reading Andre Garcia's article, The Crusade of the 21st Century. It is a triumph.

"Whoever lacks," he writes, "the spirit of the crusade is not a militant Catholic. He does not have the true Catholic spirit." Alas, how few there are left who even admit this truth, let alone live according to it.

But why should we not live according to it? For, victory is assured. The enemy, despite the apparent gains, is doomed. And, notwithstanding our small numbers in the world, there are more with us than with them.

So, why do we hear some Catholics talking about peace? It should be the enemy that desires peace. And he would, were he not insane. We, on the other hand, who serve under the standard of Jesus and Mary, should care nothing for any peace short of complete and utter victory for the cause of Them, whose happy slaves we are.


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Followers of Christ
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Dear TIA,

WOW! You people sure have to put up with a lot of garbage from some who are hateful, ignorant, vile, etc., as evidenced by your latest bag of hate-mail that you put on your website.

I guess that when you speak the truth in an uncompromising manner, you can expect the same kind of treatment that our Lord received. Keep up the great work.

     In Christ,

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Anti-Catholic Attacks - Silence of Rome
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Regarding TIA.'s ( lead ) 'Updates' story about hate mail.

If you are receiving a notable change in volume & nature of hate-mail, well, view it in the context of the increase of anti-Catholic attacks one reads about in the news of late.

Apart from laws in Canada & other countries that oppress the just expression of our Faith, there have been chilling reports of desecrations of the Holy Eucharist ... just recently, by the university professor, Paul Myers, at a Catholic church in Georgetown, several in Ecuador.

There is little outcry against these malicious acts, maledictions & legal infractions heard from the hierarchy or Rome. There's a general silence throughout the Church as a body. Even our democratic leaders, who should decry persecution of freedom of speech & religion, do not pronounce objections.

Hatred of Catholicism is fomenting in Italy, Spain & elsewhere, and if not countered, we may see the day when churches, in many places, are sacked.

     Take care,

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Favorite Statue & Prayer
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Dear TIA,

I wanted to share my favorite religious statue with TIA readers.

It came from a stranger's attic, and now rests untouched in a niche built by my son. I have long placed a small part of the Psalter nearby to express my turmoil in the face of today's tragedies. Absent was an expression of the Catholic hope that, in my weakness, is always in need of rekindling. I have today, at long last, found the Catholic prayer which perfectly complements the sentiments of the Psalmist. These to me are good prayers for the battle-weary Catholic. So as never to forget, I keep them by my sleeping Lord, through Whom all things were made.

Arise, why sleepest Thou, O Lord? Arise, and cast us not off to the end. Why turnest Thou Thy face away? And forgettest our tribulation? Our belly cleaveth to the earth. Arise, O Lord, help us and deliver us! (Psalm 43:22-25)

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Our trials are light compared with yours, O blessed martyrs! Obtain for us the grace not to betray the confidence of our Lord when he calls us to suffer for him in this world. It is thus we must win the glory of Heaven.

How can we triumph with the God of Armies, unless we have marched under His standard? Now, that standard is the cross. The Church knows it, and therefore she is not troubled even by the greatest calamities. She knows, too, that her Spouse is watching over her, even when He seems to sleep; and she looks to the protection of such of her sons as are already glorified.

And yet, O martyrs, for how many years has the sorrowful shadow of a sacrilegious invasion hung over the day of your triumph! Rome honored you with so much love! Take vengeance on the audacity of hell, and deliver the holy city!
(Abbot Gueranger, Volume 14, Feast of St. Eustace and Companions).

     Tolle Causam!

     Dr. Pamela Dettman
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God and the Hippies
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People should try to look nice but clothing should be comfortable too. I am grateful for not having to wear tight girdles and clothing of the past. I can wear a comfortable denim skirt and blouse.

For guys blue jeans can comfortable. A man shouldn't have to wear a suit everyday. Some people can't afford really nice clothing and have to go to Goodwill.

Hippies are people too and God loves them. My point is that God loves everybody no matter how they look and we shouldn't judge them. Jesus looks on the heart.

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Tuxedos and Good Manners
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Dear TIA,

Thank you for sending the requested box of books Catholic Manual of Civility.

The good news is that these books have had a profound, measureable impact on an entire community of faithful Catholic families - about 75. The Chapel is ordering more for the Chaplain to give to the League of CTK fathers. It was used for an intense formation well before school began for the high school students.

We are also receiving tremendous positive support for a Fall Cotillion with the "Civil War/Dickens Era" theme. Regarding dress, 37 young men will be wearing tuxedos! Deo gratias!

We look forward to continued success with God's grace!

     In Christ,

     J. & J.S.
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Apartheid against Traditionalists
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Thanks for that eye opening article concerning the liturgical straitjacket one size fits all, into which the French Bishops have tried to put those who have a devotion to the Mass of all ages.

Again, this is another classical example of what men of the cloth who have chosen the Barabbas Mass will and will not do to those who they consider revolutionary.

They sure need our prayers and sacrifices.

Our Lady of LaSalette, Pray for us;
Ven. Marie Julie Jehenny, Pray for us.

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Disco Mass
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Regarding your web page "Disco Mass in Vienna."

One of the pictures has a screen behind it with a green walking man, and a red man with his arms stretching out.

Walk and don't walk signs from East Germany
These are Ampelmännchen [traffic symbols]. They appeared on the Walk/Don't Walk traffic signs of the country of East Germany, the so-called German Democratic Republic.

Nowadays they are a symbol and part of a movement called Ostalgie (a mix of the German word Ost or "east," and the word Nostalgia), or a fond look back at when East Germany (and Eastern Europe) was under Communism. An Ampelmännchen decoration or T-shirt is similar in many ways to a decoration or T-shirt with Che Guevara on it.

Why it is being displayed in a "Catholic church" during "Mass" is beyond me.

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Collection on Vatican II
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Dear Fellows,

Hello at Tradition in Action, Inc. You don't know me. My name is B.R. I'm 44 years old, I am writing though to let you know I throroughly enjoyed the first two books of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani? : In the Murky Waters of Vatican II and Animus Delendi-I.

Please send me the latest books in the Collection. If the whole collection is out now, send as many books in it that this check ($120) will cover. I plan on getting all the works.

Thank you so much, everyone, and God bless you and your work.


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Resistance and Obedience
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I believe I want to purchase your book, We Resist you to the Face. I do have a question first, however. I have just entered a master of theology program at a Catholic College in NJ. My first course is to study John Paul's Theology of the Body. I am learning that a Catholic does not have to be obedient to all of the teachings of the Catholic Faith. I had hoped to write a research paper on birth control and why Catholics are morally obliged to be obedient to this teaching.

I am hoping to find sources that will lead me to a greater understanding of how the church has never made an error in faith and morals and under which forms, these faith and morals appear to us.

I do not have a background in theology other than the course I have just begun. I teach a confirmation program and specifically on chastity. I was looking to find information supporting why we have to be obedient to Church teaching and then I came across your website. Yikes! I am very confused.

Please let me know about your book and how it might help me have a deeper understanding and respect for my faith.



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TIA responds:

Hello D.N.,

We believe your first choice is good. Read the book We Resist You to the Face first, and then you can see that to be obedient to the perennial teaching of the Catholic Magisterium, we have to resist some of the novelties of today's religious authorities. After you read our statement, we can continue our correspondence.


     TIA correspondence desk.

Blason de Charlemagne
Follow us

Posted Octpber 1, 2008

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