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Concordats, Social Work & Catholic Charity

Concordat Watch
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I have come across a very interesting web site out of the European Union, Concordat Watch. Its purpose is to make sure all existing Concordats with the Holy See are ended, and to prevent new ones. This sophisticated, professional looking web site is of course anti-Catholic and proposes complete separation of Church and State.

On their home page it states: "EU lawyers warn: Concordats a danger to human rights." Then, in a sub-heading: "Concordats help enforce Canon Law, the Vatican version of Sharia."


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What is the purpose of your website?
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What denomination are you? Are you traditional Catholics separated from Rome and do you have a leader or ordained bishop? I see that you have a traditional Latin Mass offered. Does that mean that you are Roman Catholic or Episcopalian?

Mike O'Kane

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TIA responds:

Mr. O'Kane,

Before you asked these questions, it seems that you didn't take time to scroll down our Home Page where it is clearly stated:
Tradition in Action is committed to defend the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church and Catholic traditions. TIA also works for a restoration of Christian civilization, adapted to contemporary historical circumstances.
If you read this statement and still didn't know that we are Catholics, you don't seem to be very clever. Or perhaps you read it and disagreed with it. Then, it would appear you are someone upset over our positions rather than interested in making any effort to find answers to questions.

Regarding our position on Sede-Vacantism, it is clearly stated in many places on our site. A simple search would send you here, here and here - among other places.

Our leaders are those Catholics - Saints, Popes, Bishops and religious and lay persons - throughout the History of the Church who have taught and defended Catholic doctrine in its immaculate purity. We tried to echo their action in our own humble action.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Social Work Is Different from Catholic Charity
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Dear TIA,

I believe there is a common thread running through some of your current stories. I refer to Mother Teresa, the article headed Sacrality or Chaos in Latin America, and the news of the Indian Bishop who has "adopted" a young girl. The common thread is a lack of discipline, due entirely to the changes of Vatican II.

The errors and we can even say, the pagan lexicon of the Indian Bishop and the assertiveness of the indigenous people in Latin America, point to a laxity in the manner in which these people were converted to Catholicism and trained to understand the truths of the One True Faith. Mother Teresa's evident satisfaction at helping Hindus to become better Hindus etc. shows that she also is in grievous error.

One might ask what is the point of caring for the material needs of these people if they are to be condemned in the hereafter. In the case of Mother Teresa, true Catholic charity would require her to seek, nay demand, the conversion of all pagans before they received the material help they needed. This is not harsh, rather true Christian charity. Often today, we confuse social work with Christian charity. They are not similar. True Christian charity demands honesty and clarity, where the truth must be told and acted upon, irrespective of the consequences.

Up until Vatican II Catholic teaching was clear and left no room for grey areas or debate. There was only one correct answer to each Catechism question and those of us of a certain age spent many hours rehearsing over and over these answers, often with our mother taking the place of our teacher. It is lack of discipline, lack of clarity, lack of courage in the post conciliar Church which had led to these aberrations in India and Latin America.

The same applies in the case of Mother Teresa. She is not a saint in my view, rather a well meaning but misguided social worker. She displayed few of the attributes of real sainthood, but was rather a celebrity of our times. I am not at all comfortable either with the order of nuns she founded. I dislike their habit which shows more empathy with the Indian style of dress than with the true habits of Catholic nuns and I am unsure of their doctrinal soundness.

Recently a traditional order of Sisters suffered dissention in their ranks and a split ensued with some Sisters wishing to "modernize". I have heard anecdotally that the Sisters of Mother Teresa were being blamed in part for this sad rupture as they had an involvement with the rebellious Nuns.

Finally I believe the crisis in the Church can only be solved by a return to the ways of discipline and increased respect for authority. We need once again a supreme Pontiff, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests of real courage and conviction. We need a return to traditional discipline in our homes and schools and in the wider society. Undoubtedly we will lose many "a la carte Catholics" along the way, but the foundations of our Church would be stronger and more durable and better able to withstand the trials which lie ahead.

     Yours sincerely


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 27, 2008

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