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New Liturgical Movement
& Lukewarm Traditionalists

New Movement
People Commenting

Now Pope Benedict XVI is calling for a "new liturgical movement" again, and he is issuing a "motu proprio" to announce it. The phrase was first used by Ratzinger back in 1997, when he published a set of memoirs about his life up to 1977 under the title Milestones.

Summarizing what he means by the term, he writes: "This is why we need a new Liturgical Movement, which will call to life the real heritage of the Second Vatican Council."

That says it all!! No trad Pope here!

     To Jesus through our Mother,


P.S. Below is part of the news report by John Allen, the complete text is here

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What Benedict Means by 'New Liturgical Movement'

Rome, July 01, 2010 - Sometime soon, the Vatican is expected to release a motu proprio, meaning a legal document under the pope's authority, which will transfer responsibility for an aspect of marriage law from one Vatican office to another. Though it will probably fly below the public radar, the document provides a glimpse into Pope Benedict XVI's approach to liturgy, meaning how the Church celebrates the Mass and its other rituals.

Specifically, Benedict is expected to encourage the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, the Vatican's office for liturgical policy, to focus on promoting what he describes as a "new liturgical movement." The obvious question, of course, is what exactly he means by that.

In a narrowly tailored legal document, the pope can't unpack the idea, but Vatican observers say that Benedict's broad liturgical approach can be described in terms of "continuity," i.e., recovering elements of the liturgical tradition which he believes were too hastily set aside or downplayed in the immediate period after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65). His own style when he celebrates Mass reflects this thrust, including distributing communion on the tongue, rather than in the hand, and placing a crucifix on the altar to remind people that the focus is on God rather than the celebrant.

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Lukewarm Traditionalists
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

As a traditional Catholic (CATHOLIC), I've grown old of traditionalists who spend way too much time obsessing over the Novus Ordo. This goes for what seems to be all of us, myself included. The whole purpose of preserving our faith is to practice it and we're not. At least not to its fullest.

Yes, the Novus Ordo is a reality and our Lady needs our help, but not from our self absorption of not being a new order Catholic. Our help comes from simply being Catholic which will provide more to rub off on others. In other words: Where would our attention be drawn if we were living prior to modern times without a Novus Ordo? It would be on our faith. Isn't this the whole point of preserving it?

Let's ask ourselves... What books would we be reading, what would we be discussing with our fellow Catholics, what spiritual exercises would we be doing, what types of questions would we be asking our Priests (who we take for granted) instead?

Therefore, I pose a challenge not only to myself but to everyone. Let's see if when can go one month without being lukewarm traditionalists and just explore what it's like to be a CATHOLIC.


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TIA responds:

Dear Mr. G.L.,

Although we agree with some aspects of your message, such as when you criticize those who "self absorb in not being a new order Catholic," we disagree with your general approach.

According to you, Catholics should disregard Progressivism to concentrate only on "professing our faith." This attitude could translate to, "Let us be holy and the rest will be resolved by God."

We believe that anyone who is not indignant over the pains the enemies (internal and external) are inflicting on Holy Catholic Church, and who does not fight to stop the cause of those sorrows, actually does not love her. If one's mother is offended and slapped in the streets and a son does not take public revenge against the aggressor, his love for her is incomplete, to say the least.

We believe your "positive" approach is also incomplete. You should encourage the fight and not desert it. You pretend that to fight is to be lukewarm and to leave the battle arena is to be a sublime Catholic. We strongly disagree. Unless you are a child, handicapped or a very weak woman, your place is in the front line, either to destroy the enemy or to die as a martyr.

To run from this fight under beautiful pretexts has long been the habit of those who lack valor. We advise you to change your position and pray for courage. Be sure that we will be doing so for you.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Please, Provide the Document
People Commenting

In this article Mr. Arnold states that JPII made some alarming statements about heaven and hell. He then cites The Redwood Crozier, October 1999, page 8 as his source.

I was wondering if it was possible, as in other instances on the website, if page 8 of that publication could be scanned and displayed on the website for all to see. Or at least post the entire paragraph where the statement comes from. This information could be useful if the context reveals that indeed there is a serious error here.



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TIA responds:

Hello A.L.,

We are posting below a photocopy of that paper which Mr. Arnold kindly sent to us to attend your request. The parts he referred in his article are highlighted in yellow.


     TIA correspondence desk

A text showing the Pope's words on Hell
A text with the Pope's opinion on Hell


Blason de Charlemagne
Follow us

Posted July 6, 2010

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