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Pretty Boys, Condoms & New Assisi

Hall of Mirrors
People Commenting

Your recent article [Benedict’s Pretty Boys] showed the scandalous performance of half-naked acrobats at an audience with the Pope. Pursuant to this event, newchurch Archbishop Antonio Maria Veglió, president of the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Travelers, said in a Zenit dispatch that the circus is a sign of hope in a globalized world. He obviously includes the Pellegrini Brothers who notoriously performed for the Barcelona "Gay Circus." This group of brothers performed, shirtless, before Benedict XVI. The world could do without that hope!

While the Pellegrini boys may not be homosexual - what a shame it would be to their parents - they performed at the Gay Circus in the manner that female lap-dancers perform in a bar before drunk men. The objective is lurid, promoting temptations that lead to mortal sin. I believe these men misunderstand John Paul II’s "theology of the body." Or perhaps they understand it all too well!

Abp. Veglio was quoted in the Zenit article as saying the presence of circus and fair performers could "constitute for the priest a propitious occasion to proclaim the evangelical message also to so-called 'distant' parishioners, with an invitation to a Eucharistic (sic) celebration or a Liturgy of the Word held under the circus tent or among the carousels." Or in the venue of the bumper cars or "Tilt-a-Whirl"? The Hall of Mirrors would be more appropriate for the disorientation coming from the infestation of wickedness in the Vatican.

The Catholic Church is a church for sinners, no doubt, but we come in shame for our sins seeking forgiveness. This new-fangled "church" seems to give a special regard for those rebellious sinners who parade like roosters, proud of their sins which others are forced to celebrate under threat of condemnation for their lack of "charity."

Perhaps the notorious newchurch Archbishop Bernard Longley would preside over these alleged "Eucharistic" celebrations. Longley is well-known for his liturgical pandering to sodomites. This would give those wicked prelates and "priests" the opportunity to evangelize the sodomites by providing condoms and applause for their infamies.

     Sincerely in the shared Faith of Christ,

     Dario McDarby
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Gay Strip Show
People Commenting
To my list,

See the Vatican gay acrobat photos reported by Tradition in Action's website.

This was a gay strip show in front of the head of the Holy Catholic Church! By his own free will, Benedict XVI gives up his moral authority. What a thoughtful Christmas gift from the Holy Father!

Perhaps this scandal is God's providence to warn devout Catholics that... "Pandering to modernists is futile".

     Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

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Forgotten Paragraph
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Thank you for your article on "Benedict on Condoms: a Forgotten Paragraph." In your analysis, you state: "But if the use of prophylactics is allowed to prevent the spread of disease in extra-marital sex, why not also inside marriage when one of the spouses has some contagious disease? It is difficult to avoid this obvious consequence of the papal permission. Thus, we have the virtual approval of the use of condoms in conjugal life to prevent AIDs or other infections."

But we have this authoritative statement, from the Vatican II Church no less, in Humanae Vitae paragraph 12: "The Church, nevertheless, in urging men to the observance of the precepts of the natural law, which it interprets by its constant doctrine, teaches that each and every marital act must of necessity retain its intrinsic relationship to the procreation of human life."

Therefore, frustrating the natural act in order to prevent a disease is not allowed, period!

I think that for progressivists, the above paragraph from Paul VI's encyclical will be another "forgotten paragraph." After all, doctrine and teaching "evolve" and adapt to differing times and circumstances in the Conciliar Church.


     Frank Rega
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Inscrutable Counsel
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Regarding the Pope's inscrutable counsel on condoms:

This is what comes of a shepherd who meddles in the affairs of a flock not his own. The only business the Pope had in this field, at all, was to admonish the sinner to "Go and sin no more," and not offer advice on how to sin with a clearer conscience.

But, even that advice must have been met with dumb amazement. Which prostitutes have eschewed the use of a condom because it violated their Catholic faith or now rejoice for its permission from a moral authority they do not recognize?

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Assisi - 25th Anniversary
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

A BBC note about Benedict's new Assisi this coming October lit a fire under me.

The article reported that Benedict XVI has said he will organize a summit in Assisi with heads of all religious to discuss how they can promote world peace. The summit in the Italian city will be held in October, to commemorate and honor the Assisi encounter held by John Paul II 25 years ago.

John Paul II's Assisi get-together of many religions in 1986, an event which put Archbishop Lefebvre over the edge - and who can blame him? - is now matched by Benedict XVI's call for an anniversary “meeting of religions for peace,” and, ironically, when the SSPX is close to retying the knot with the Vatican. The article about this gala, set for next October, reads:

"Pope Benedict said the aim of the summit would be 'to solemnly (pardon the split infinitive) renew the effort of those with faith of all religions to live their faith as a service for the cause of peace."

Now what is Benedict really saying? That his summit will try to help non-Catholics, pagans, Muslims, Jews, etc. to live as non-Catholics or pagans or Muslims or Jews. Clearly, if his words mean anything, they mean that it is good for all non-Catholics to remain outside the Church.

As John Paul II said scandalously some 25 years ago, we need the prayers of the people of other religions, "each in his own identity and quest for truth," for peace. For John Paul II, all other religions are quests for truth. His snake-handler associates in Togo? The pagan Canadian Indian medicine man who blessed him? Moslems? The Hindus who, according to the documents of Vatican II, are on a "loving, trusting flight toward God"? All are quests for truth ... and alas, when John Paul II could tell them the Truth and not live this ecumenical pretence.

These two popes teach, by word and deed, that all religions are good... then why should we try to convert anyone? Can there be any religion which doesn't lead its adherents to Heaven? It seems not.

Look at Pope Ratzinger's above statement again. For peace, he says, we will try to renew the efforts of pagans to live as pagans. For peace we will try to help Moslems live as and, therefore, remain Moslems. For peace we want to strengthen all non-Catholics in their refusal to enter the Church. Yes, he is really saying as much. Or if he doesn't mean that, let him say that there will be no true peace outside of the reign of Christ.

If John Paul II and Benedict XVI have been popes, they are the strangest kind of popes, whom the Faithful cannot trust and indeed have to mistrust when they teach in matters of the Faith.

     Patrick O'Brien

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 11, 2011

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