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Hell, Stars & Tudors

Digging Near Hell
People Commenting
Dear TIA

This is what you said recently, which I hold as the orthodox Church teaching:

"God the Remunerator receives those who died and successfully passed the test and shares His glory with them; He sends away from Him those who despised His invitation. Now then, since man has body and soul, his perfect reward or punishment must be both spiritual and material. Therefore, God, who acts perfectly in everything, made distinct material places for both the good and the evil men to stay after their judgment."

The Soviets dug the deepest hole in the world, the Kola Superdeep Borehole until about 1994. It is about 7 miles deep. Further digging was abandoned because supposedly the equiment got too hot and would not drill any more. There is another version that says that voices and wailing of suffering souls were heard at the bottom of the hole and that demons were disturbing the operation.

The men doing the digging stopped more from fright than from technical problems. Of course, the atheist Russians officially discarded this version.

Have you heard of this or do you think it may have any truth?

     Sincerely in Jesus, Mary, and St. Joseph,


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TIA responds:

Dear M.V.,

Thank you for your trust; we will try to continue to deserve it.

No, we have not heard about this news, you are the first person to inform us on it. We believe it can be true, since Hell, according to Catholic doctrine, is a physical place situated in the center of earth. What you said seems to be a well documented drilling, as it is reported here.


     TIA correspondence desk

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12 Stars
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I just started a blog called "Twelve Stars" after the Coronation of Our Lady and the blog will be about womanhood focusing on all aspects of it and glorifying the traditions of the Church.

My spirituality lies with the Traditional Latin Mass and I came across an article on Fashion on your site that I would like to post on my blog to share citing the source it came from, with your permission.

Please let me know if this is would be okay. My blog is here.

     In Christ and His Holy Mother,

     Pati Obi

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TIA responds:

Dear P.O.,

Please be free to post the mentioned article on your blog. We only ask the courtesy of providing a link to our site as the source.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Not So Original
People Commenting

In an article by Marian Horvat on reconciling the two Benedicts the author states, "As for John Paul II, needless to say, Catholics understood immediately the progressivist direction Karol Wojtyla would steer the Bark of Peter by his novel decision to combine the names of the two revolutionary Vatican II Popes, John XXIII and Paul VI."

I wouldn't say he was being very novel or progressive in choosing those two names as he was the second person to do it, after John Paul I.


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A Protestant Protest
People Commenting

I was saddened to read your views on the term who should call themselves a Christian. The only ones who actually should call themselves Christians are those who have put all there trust faith and life in the hands of The Lord Jesus Christ - no salvation by works, works come from a life given to Christ and He leads us through the Holy Spirit to do His will.

We will get rewards for these works - works done from self or because we think we have to please God will be burned up on judgment day (all this in Bible) John 3 v 16 - for God so greatly loved the world that He gave up His own Son (Jesus) so that whoever believes, relies on and trusts shall not perish but have eternal life.

Salvation through no other way - Jesus died for all if they open there lives to Him, otherwise its judgment, ending in being thrown into the lake of fire,

     Love and God bless to you

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Tudors’ Review
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Your review of The Tudors (Hollywood version, or rather perversion) is on the mark; however, I have read Mr. G.J Meyer's, The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty, upon which the Hollywood perversion is very loosely based, and found it solid. Not only is each and every legitimate point you brought up against the series The Tudors nowhere found or even implied in the original work, but furthermore this work is a serious departure from the English tradition of falsifying, spinning and outright perverting the Tudor era to appear as a twisted triumph of Protestant Revolution over medieval superstition and tyranny.

Being of English (Norman, in fact) descent, I can attest to the ridiculous mythological extremes that this chapter of history is subjected to in the English psyche. It is my opinion that the series was a desperate attempt at image-damage control by Hollywood. They had to re-present the Tudor era based on the recent willingness of English historians to discard the myths, and set aside their elevated sense of nationalism, in order to arrive at the truth of the personas and events that constitute this era. I would highly recommend this work to shatter the long-entrenched illusions (even delusions) surrounding the Tudor era.

Queen Mary's image is especially vindicated - it appears English historians' stomachs have had enough of blindly swallowing all the lies that are said about her. The artistic license taken by Hollywood is, in my opinion, only intended to pervert and manipulate the fresh and true-to-historical-fact presentation of this chapter of history.

It is written similar to the style of the lady Anne Hogge's work, God's Secret Agents, which likewise admirably re-tells the history of Reformation Elizabethan England without shrinking from the truth, be it praiseworthy or uncomfortable even for a Catholic (which she is). Her work provides a veritable Martyrology of sorts in which all Catholics of English descent can take immense comfort, and even pride.

Both histories triumph over their contending rivals for their clearly academic and scholarly approach and, unlike every other history on the subject, do not carry the stench of brazen bias or a revolutionary-puritan fanaticism. In fact, they are developing together a new way of presenting history as a novel that tells its own story. There is little in the way of commentary or interpretation, especially in Ms. Hogge's case.

Likewise is Mr. Eamon Duffy's work, The Stripping of the Altars: Traditional Religion in England, 1400–1580 another demonstration of English willingness to determine what really happened to their country during this period. These works, taken together, constitute a powerful bulwark of historical fact that does much to shatter illusions and present English and European history during these times in a truer light.

Taken together, they constitute a stronghold of historical orthodoxy that, if read and understood, would go a long way to shielding minds against the ridiculous mythological histories crafted by Hollywood and revolutionaries. Undoubtedly, the consequence of these works on the academic world demanded a new reaction by Hollywood in order to manipulate this emerging information and control its interpretation in the public psyche, and hence we have The Tudors television series.

     Timothy W. Vickery

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 22, 2011

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