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Reparation, Pedophilia & Eggs for the Church

Consoling Our Lord in His Passion
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Dear TIA,

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira wrote an excellent article on St. Frances Cabrini which I really enjoyed reading. One paragraph was of particular interest to me:

"This need for reparation was what moved St. Frances Cabrini. She chose to make expiation for the guilt of the Apostles in the Garden of Olives. We know that the Apostles, the first Bishops, slept at the moment when Our Lord was perspiring blood. So, she made reparation for that shameful behavior."

I would be interested to know how it is now possible to console or offer reparation to Our Lord Jesus for this offense which took place such a long time ago. I would have thought the Apostles from Pentecost until their martyrdom would have repaired this offense.

     Thanks again. Sincerely,


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TIA responds:

Dear P.F.,

We are glad to be informed that you benefited from reading the Saint of the Day on St. Frances Xavier Cabrini by Prof. Plinio.

The main goal of the Redemption was to satisfy the glory of God offended by Original Sin. Since an offense is measured by the dignity of the person offended, the offense made by Adam against God was infinite. Therefore, only a Person with infinite merit, God the Son made Man, could repair that offense and restore the possibility for mankind to share sanctifying grace and eternal salvation.

Redemption, therefore, was an action of God the Son to repair the glory of God the Father. It was an action that occurred simultaneously in our human history and in eternity - the "time" of the Divine Persons.

In the Passion Our Lord redeemed all sins - past, present and future. He also received consolation from all the good and virtuous actions realized in the past, present and future. This is possible because He was / is placed in eternity, whence He sees in one single glance everything that happened, happens and will happen in our transient time.

It is a tradition of the Church that when, in the Garden of Olives, the Angel brought Him a chalice that He drank to have strength, the content of that chalice was made of those good actions to come, which consoled Him and showed Him that His Blood would not be shed in vain.

We hope that this explains, as much as we can, how it is possible to make a good action today that consoles Our Lord in His Passion.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Just Indignation
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Mr. Guimaraes latest article, Miasmas from the Pedophile Swamp, is very depressing reading indeed. Any good Catholic that reads the facts that he states will become sickened and depressed.

How has our beloved Church, the Bride of Christ, sunk so low? How has it become filled with Bishops who destroy the souls and bodies of children by allowing the rape of innocent children, or worse yet, actively abusing these children themselves? How can those in the Vatican, including the Pope, sit by and do nothing? On the face of it, it seems to me that they simply do not care if a child is raped by the clergy. They do seem to care about their reputation and the money that lets them live their lavish lifestyles. Who in their right mind would convert to such a Church?

Woe to those who are responsible for this satanic undertaking! They are faithless people whom I am sure that Satan has a just reward for in the deepest pits of Hell.

The great apostasy truly began at the top as Cardinal Chiappi said was part of the message of Fatima. I pray for all real Catholics who have had their faith sorely tested by the scandals, that they continue to fight for the Church.

Just as the Jews rejected Him when He came to them, now it is the Catholics, especially those entrusted with the governance of the Church, who reject Him.

May God have mercy on all of us.

     In Christ and Mary,

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Eastern Greetings
People Commenting
Dear Dr. Marian Horvat,

Here's wishing you and your family and your great apostolate, Tradition in Action, a very Happy Easter for 2011. May the Light of the World, Our Precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who rose triumphantly from the darkness of death on Easter Sunday morning, 20 centuries ago, continue to shine brightly in your life as well as in your family's.

May the Light of our Risen Lord continue to give you the grace to stand firmly and forthrightly in the True and Traditional Word and Faith of our God, as you have successfully done so this far. May His Risen Light make you the Hammer of all Heresies, emboldening you to attack all the heresies of the heretics as our great saints successfully did down through the centuries.

May Our Lady protect you from all malice and attacks of Satan and his accursed legions that prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls, especially yours, as defender of the One True and Traditional Catholic Faith. May God bless your soul forever and when your soul faces Judgment Day may The Holy Trinity reward you with the Crown of Glory for your just and painful labors on this earth in the defense and dissemination of Jesus' most Holy Doctrines, Dogmas and His Holy Catholic Church of the Tridentine Latin Mass.

     Viva Christo Rey!!! And again I say, Viva Christo Rey!!!

     R.F. India
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Food Donations
People Commenting

We live on a farm and raise our own eggs/chickens. I was wondering if it is a good thing for me to be donating eggs to a local food pantry, which is housed in the local Novus Ordo church. The other food is donated by local grocers, other churches, etc.

The Ukrainian Traditional Rite Catholic Church we recently began attending does not have a food pantry, to my knowledge, but I will look further into this.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply / clarification,


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TIA responds:

Hello E.S.,

We believe that if you approach the priest of the Catholic Ukrainian Rite saying that you want to donate chickens and eggs once in a while, he most probably will arrange things for you do so for his church.

Why don't you try?


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 3, 2011

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