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Relics, Fr. Kolbe & Nude Baptism

Relics, Please
People Commenting

I do volunteer work with the elderly and for the Cancer Foundation. Often, people I meet people who are not Catholics wish to touch and feel a relic. Do you know where I could purchase these articles, please? I have tried for years!!!

Peace and Goodness,


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TIA responds:

Hello C.R.,

We are sorry we could not answer you before.

If you give us your address, we can send you a piece of cloth touched to the statue of Our Lady of Good Success. It is what is called an indirect relic. Our Lady herself entered that statue after it was anointed with oils on February 2, 1611, and sang the Magnificat. One may say, therefore, that something that touches that statue is an indirect relic.

We take advantage of this message to strongly encourage you to have small Miraculous Medals blessed by a Catholic priest that you can give to the elderly you work with, especially sick persons who are near death. Counsel them to wear those Medals on a chain or string around their necks or placed somewhere on their clothes. We have firsthand knowledge of real miracles of conversion in persons wearing the Miraculous Medal. We believe it is a true charity to provide those persons with a last chance to find the only door that leads to eternal salvation.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Reserved Applause
People Commenting
To Tradition in Action representative,

I must confess that I am surprised, stunned and yet strangely vindicated by the contents of your site. Although I was not raised it, I am a "traditional" Catholic and I applaud your efforts and your site.

However, I have some reservations. I understand that Vatican II was a "legitimate" Church council and that its decrees are infallible (I'm not very familiar with the theology behind it).

When I saw one of your books In the Murky Waters of Vatican II, I was surprised that people are virtually denouncing it as heretical.

Could you explain your position on this issue? I truly want to believe 100% of what's in your website, and intuitively I already do.

     With gratitude,


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TIA responds:


Thank you for your sincere note and for your reserved applause.

The Popes who made Vatican II - John XXIII and Paul VI - declared several times that they did not understand it as an infallible council. So, in this point, your reasoning is not precise.

The book In the Murky Waters denounces Vatican II as ambiguous, not as heretical. There is a difference: A council is heretical when it clearly denies one or more points of the Catholic Faith. A council is ambiguous when it is confused in its teaching and, consequently, opens the door for errors. Vatican II belongs to the last category.

We believe that any official teaching of the Church has to be crystal clear; thus, it cannot be confused and open doors for errors or heresies. Therefore, we believe Vatican II by its essential ambiguity and confusion must be declared null and its teachings abandoned. This is our position in the Council per se.

Many of its fruits, moreover, are bad and contain heresies or flavor of heresy, such as the doctrine of universal salvation - the base for ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue - and the New Mass that was changed to please Protestants.

Here are some points for your consideration. We hope they will answer your question.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Kolbe's Sacrifice
People Commenting

Is there any quiet word that Franciszek Gajowniczek ever converted to Christianity as an effect of Fr. Maximilian Kolbe's sacrifice?


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TIA responds:


We are unaware of any conversion of Franciszek Gajowniczek to the Catholic Church.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Nude Baptism
People Commenting
Dear Tradition in Action,

I have heard it said, probably by Protestants, that adults in the early Catholic Church were required to be nude when baptized. Also that the white cloth presented to newly Baptized infant is symbolic of the white robe presented to the nude adult after his baptism.

I am of the opinion that at least some Protestant and self-styled Catholic historians claim this to be true.

I would appreciate any information you might have on this subject either confirming or denying it.

Thank you,


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TIA responds:

Dear J.H.,

If you are able to substantiate where you found this absurd datum - authors, works, pages - perhaps we could help you.

Based on mere hearsay of what seems to be gossip, we cannot initiate a research. Although we take the task of answering requests for orientation seriously, we have many enemies who want us to lose time answering imaginary or byzantine questions. It is our reader's responsibility not to give us the impression that he is one of the latter.


     TIA correspondence desk

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 12, 2011

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