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Living Tradition & Muslim Invasion

Central Bank
People Commenting

This morning I opened up the Drudge Report and read the headline "Vatican Calls for Central World Bank." I remembered the words of Blessed Jacinta of Fatima, "You must pray for sinners, and for priests and religious. Priests should concern themselves only with the things of the Church."

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Living Tradition
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I wonder if you have commented these two contradictory, oxymoronic terms used in the modern Church:

1. "Partial Communion." Pope Leo XIII said that he who dissents in one point absolutely rejects all faith. But modern Rome teaches that you can be both in and out of the Church, it seems, when it teaches "partial communion." The seamless garment is torn almost all the way through, and Rome celebrates the few threads not yet torn.

2. "Living Tradition." In the Denver Catholic Register of today, October 19, Auxiliary Bishop Conley quotes Benedict XVI: "Tradition is a living reality, which ... includes in itself the principle of development, of progress." This sounds harmless, but by that word "living," tradition is made to be the opposite of what it is: not something handed down, but something very changeable. Forty years ago one heard the term "Ongoing Revelation," but perhaps because this phrase was in clear contradiction with Church teaching, it was pushed aside. But now the term "living tradition" can be used to cause the same damage.


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Journalist Standards
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I regularly - in fact daily - check your site. Nonetheless, I am disappointed in the journalistic stnadards in evidence in the "Benedict Snubbed" piece. It set me for one on a wild goose chase.

Before perchance misdirecting your readers it behooves the editors of the site to get to the bottom of things, by which I mean: to assess the credibility of any report. In this case, it probably would have taken you, as it did me, a mere laymen and one of the dumb sheep of the flock, about ten minutes to learn that the so-called 'snub' was actually nothing of the kind.

I invite your attention to the following two reports, one from Vatican spokesman Fr. Lombardi [ http://www.ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/Vatican.php?id=4144 ] and the other from a credible Catholic journalist by the name of Phil Lawler [http://www.catholicculture.org/commentary/otn.cfm?id=850 ], that appear to me at least to clarify matters. Of course, one may not find them credible. Nonetheless in fairness to your audience you should at least allude to their alternate explanation, leaving it to your readers which they find more credible.

On the matter of credibility, I find it particularly compelling to note that most of the prelates in the video begininng with Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone are not in fact from Germany, but from the Pope's own entourage.

Please don't invite conspiracy theories where none exist - surely there is enough subterfuge in the world already, without imagining more.

My thanks for an excellent site, particularly for the lives of the saints by Professor Plinio and also for the various series, like Ms. Horvat's recent one on our Lady of Bethlehem and Saint Junipero Serra.

     Best regards,


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TIA responds:

Dear C.B.,

We do not necessarily check the credibility or edit the texts of each comment our readers sent to us, which are posted on this section What People Are Commenting. They reflect as such the sender's opinions and views. Please check the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

When a denial/dispute about some posted information is sent to us, we habitually post it as well to warn our readers should there be an error or misjudgement, just as we are doing here with yours.

In this section we stand behind the sources that appear only in our answers, as we do in the editorials and signed articles on the rest of our website.


     TIA correspondence desk

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Muslim Invasion
People Commenting

Muslims will take over the world. You may not live to see it if you have been around the block a few times, but there is no stopping them.

Statisticians have said that for every one non-Muslim child born there are eight Muslim children born in the world, and that number is conservative. Muslims don't have to do anything, they will rule the world by virtue of their numbers.

According to America Speaks Inc.com, the birth rate a society needs to break even and not start to disappear is 2.1 babies per woman. Anything less than that, the culture disappears in a matter of three generations or more. The math can't be argued. No culture has ever survived once it reached the breaking point 1.3 babies per woman. The United States birth rate is 2.1. Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Spain and Italy are all between 1 and 2.

The main reason that the Muslim population has exceeded most other populations is that Muslims do not have their unborn children killed and have restrictions on birth control. Abortion takes the lives of over 1.2 million babies each year in America alone.

Obama taking off his shoes as he enters a mosque

Obama entering a mosque
So, what will the rest of the world do about this? What can you do but follow God's Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Since it's a scientific fact that unborn children are human beings, they are covered by God's command.

But, no, the USA and other non-Muslim countries just will not be inconvenienced with children so they will reap what they sow. (How often have we been told this?) They will be controlled by Muslims and their Sharia Law.

The resident in the White House, being a Muslim, is doing his part to facilitate the death of American children by his adamant support and edicts to kill children in the womb. Thus the ratio of Muslim children to American children will keep narrowing - soon it will be equal and then they will be in the majority.

Barack Hussein Obama is so intent on killing American children that as an Illinois State senator, he even voted to kill them by denying them treatment if they survived an abortion. No U.S. senator has ever voted for this. It was for people like Obama that the word "monster" was coined in the first place.

All of the above, you can take to the bank with you. Numbers do not lie.

     Frank Joseph, M.D.

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 27, 2011

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