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Commentaries on feastdays of Our Lord and Our Lady
and the lives of the Saints by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


catholic   January 1, Circumcision of Our Lord

catholic   January 2, St. Basil the Great

catholic   January 2, St. Macarius of Alexandria

catholic   January 3, St. Genevieve

catholic   January 5, St. Simeon Stylites

catholic   January 6, Epiphany of Our Lord

catholic   January 7, St. Erminold

catholic   January 7, St. Marciana

catholic   January 8, Our Lady of Prompt Succor - Marian Horvat

catholic   January 9, Our Lady of the Privileges

catholic   January 10, St. Peter Orseolo

catholic   January 12, St. Benedict Biscop

catholic   January 14, St. Felix of Nola

catholic   January 14, Bl. Oderic of Pordenone (or Friuli)

catholic   January 15, St. Paul the Hermit

catholic   January 15, St. Bonet

catholic   January 17, Our Lady of Peace

catholic   January 18, The Chair of St. Peter

catholic   January 20, Our Lady of the Miracle

catholic   January 20, St. Sebastian

catholic   January 21, St. Agnes

catholic   January 23, St. Raymond of Peñafort

catholic   January 23, St. Emerentiana - Margaret Galitzin

catholic   January 24, St. Timothy

catholic   January 24, St. Babylas

catholic   January 24, Bl. Charbel Mackhlouf

catholic   January 25, Conversion of St. Paul

catholic   January 26, St. Xenophon & St. Maria

catholic   January 28, St. James of Tarentaise

catholic   January 29, St. Francis de Sales

catholic   January 30, Bl. Sebastian Valfré

catholic   January 31, St. John Bosco

blank.gif - 807 tesFebruary

catholic   February 2, Our Lady of Good Success

catholic   February 3, St. Blaise

catholic   February 3, St. Ansgar of Bremen

catholic   February 4, St. Joseph of Leonissa

catholic   February 4, St. Joan of Valois, Princess of France

catholic   February 4, St. Isidore of Pelusium

catholic   February 5, St. Agatha

catholic   February 5, The Martyrs of Japan

catholic   February 8, St. John of Matha

catholic   February 9, St. Cyril of Alexandria

catholic   February 10, St. Scholastica

catholic   February 11, Our Lady of Lourdes

catholic   February 12, Seven Holy Founders of the Servites

catholic   February 13, Pope St. Gregory II

catholic   February 13, St. Catherine of Ricci

catholic   February 15, Bl. Jordan of Saxony

catholic   February 18, Fra Angelico

catholic   February 23, St. Peter Damian

catholic   February 23, St. Lazarus the Iconographer

catholic   February 23, St. Dositheus

catholic   February 24, St. Matthias the Apostle

catholic   February 25, St. Tarasius of Constantinople

catholic   February 25, St. Ethelbert, King of Kent

catholic   February 26, St. Alexander of Alexandria

catholic   February 26, St. Isabelle, Princess of France

catholic   February 27, St. Leander of Seville

catholic   February 27, St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows

catholic   February 28, SS. Romanus & Lupicinus

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   March 2, Bl. Charles the Good, Count of Flanders

catholic   March 3, St. Cunegundes, Empress - I

catholic   March 3, St. Cunegundes, Empress - II

catholic   March 4, St. Casimir, Prince of Poland

catholic   March 6, Our Lady of Nazareth (Nazaré)

catholic   March 7, St. Thomas Aquinas

catholic   March 8, St. John of God

catholic   March 8, St. Dionysius of Corinth

catholic   March 9, St. Frances of Rome

catholic   March 9, St. Dominic Savio

catholic   March 10, The 40 Martyrs of Sebaste

catholic   March 11, St. Eulogius of Cordoba

catholic   March 12, Our Lady of Pity of Garaison

catholic   March 12, Pope St. Gregory the Great

catholic   March 12, St. Theophanes, Abbot

catholic   March 12, Bl. Denis the Carthusian

catholic   March 14, St. Anthony of Carthage (Categeró) - Phillip Mericle

catholic   March 15, St. Clement Marie Hofbauer

catholic   March 16, St. Abraham Kidunaia

catholic   March 17, St. Patrick

catholic   March 18, St. Cyril of Jerusalem

catholic   March 19, St. Joseph

catholic   March 21, St. Benedict of Nursia

catholic   March 21, St. Nicholas of Flue

catholic   March 22, St. Catherine of Genoa

catholic   March 23, St. Toribio de Mogrovejo

catholic   March 24, St. Gabriel the Archangel

catholic   March 24, St. Gabriel the Archangel - Dom Guéranger

catholic   March 25, Annunciation of Our Lady

catholic   March 25, St. Dismas

catholic   March 27, St. John Damascene

catholic   March 28, St. John of Capistrano

catholic   March 30, Bl. Amadeus, Duke of Savoy

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   April 2, St. Mary of Egypt

catholic   April 3, St. Nicetas, Abbot

catholic   April 3, St. Fara

catholic   April 4, St. Isidore of Seville

catholic   April 4, St. Benedict the Moor - Phillip Mericle

catholic   April 5, St. Vincent Ferrer

catholic   April 7, St. Herman Joseph

catholic   April 7, St. Aphraates

catholic   April 9, Bl. Antonio Pavoni

catholic   April 11, Pope St. Leo the Great

catholic   April 11, St. Gemma Galgani

catholic   April 12, Pope St. Julius I

catholic   April 13, St. Hermenegild, King of Seville

catholic   April 14, St. Ardalion

catholic   April 14, St. Benezet of Avignon

catholic   April 15, St. Peter Gonzalez

catholic   April 16, St. Bernadette Soubirous

catholic   April 17, St. Stephen Harding

catholic   April 18, St. Galdinus of Milan

catholic   April 19, Pope St. Leo IX

catholic   April 21, St. Anselm of Canterbury

catholic   April 21, St. Conrad of Parzham

catholic   April 23, St. Adalbert of Prague

catholic   April 24, St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen

catholic   April 25, St. Mark the Evangelist

catholic   April 25 - 26, Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano

catholic   April 26, Pope St. Marcellinus

catholic   April 28, St. Louis Grignion de Montfort

catholic   April 30, St. Catherine of Siena

catholic   April 30, St. Joseph Benedict Cottolengo

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   May 2, St. Athanasius

catholic   May 3, St. Ansfrid, Count of Brabant

catholic   May 5, Pope St. Pius V

catholic   May 5, St. Angelus of Jerusalem

catholic   May 6, St. John at the Latin Gate

catholic   May 7, Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii

catholic   May 7, St. Millas

catholic   May 9, St. Gregory of Nazianzus

catholic   May 9, St. Pachomius the Great

catholic   May 10, St. Antoninus

catholic   May 11, St. Mayeul, Abbot of Cluny

catholic   May 11, St. Francis di Girolamo

catholic   May 12, Our Lady of the Abandoned Ones (Valencia)

catholic   May 13, Our Lady of Fatima

catholic   May 13, St. Robert Bellarmine

catholic   May 14, St. Ampelio

catholic   May 15, St. John Baptist de la Salle

catholic   May 15, St. Isidore the Farmer

catholic   May 16, St. John Nepomucene

catholic   May 17, St. Paschal Baylon

catholic   May 18, St. Theodotus of Ancyra

catholic   May 18, St. Felix of Cantalice

catholic   May 19, Pope St. Peter Celestine

catholic   May 21, St. Crispin of Viterbo

catholic   May 23, St. Ivo of Chartres

catholic   May 23, Bl. Gerard Mecatti of Villamagna

catholic   May 24, Our Lady Help of Christians

catholic   May 25, Pope St. Gregory VII

catholic   May 26, St. Phillip Neri

catholic   May 27, St. Bede the Venerable

catholic   May 28, St. William of Gellone or of Aquitaine

catholic   May 30, St. Joan of Arc

catholic   May 31, Queenship of Our Lady

blank.gif - 807 tes   June

catholic   June 3, St. Clotilda, Queen of France

catholic   June 5, St. Boniface

catholic   June 9, Ven. José of Anchieta

catholic   June 10, St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland

catholic   June 11, Bl. Pedro Rodrigues

catholic   June 12, Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

catholic   June 12, St. Gush ad Azad

catholic   June 13, St. Anthony of Padua

catholic   June 14, St. Eliseus

catholic   June 14, St. Basil the Great

catholic   June 15, St. Germaine Cousin

catholic   June 16, Corpus Christi

catholic   June 16, Corpus Christi - Gregory Johnson

catholic   June 16, St. Cyricus and St. Julitta - Judy Mead

catholic   June 17, St. Teresa, Princess of Portugal

catholic   June 18, Bl. Osanna of Mantua

catholic   June 18, St. Ephraem the Syrian

catholic   June 20, Pope St. Silverius

catholic   June 21, St. Leutfridus

catholic   June 21, St. Aloysius Gonzaga

catholic   June 22, St. Thomas More

catholic   June 22, St. John Fisher

catholic   June 23, St. Etheldreda, Princess of Anglia

catholic   June 23, St. Joseph Cafasso

catholic   June 24, Sacred Heart of Jesus

catholic   June 24, Sacred Heart of Jesus - Guimarães & Horvat

catholic   June 24, St. John the Baptist

catholic   June 25, St. William of Vercelli

catholic   June 27, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

catholic   June 29, St. Peter and St. Paul

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   July 1, The Most Precious Blood of Our Lord

catholic   July 2, The Visitation of Our Lady

catholic   July 3, Pope St. Leo II

catholic   July 3, Sts. Irenaeus of Lyons & Pope Leo II

catholic   July 6, St. Maria Goretti

catholic   July 7, Sts. Cyril and Methodius

catholic   July 8, St. Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal

catholic   July 9, St. Valeriano

catholic   July 10, The Seven Sons of St. Felicitas, Martyrs

catholic   July 11, Pope St. Pius I

catholic   July 13, St. Eugenius of Carthage

catholic   July 14, Bl. Gaspar de Bono

catholic   July 14, Francis Solanus

catholic   July 14, Bl. Angelina of Montegiove

catholic   July 15, St. Bonaventure

catholic   July 15, St. Henry II, Emperor

catholic   July 16, Our Lady of Mount Carmel

catholic   July 17, Our Lady of Humility (Madonna dell’Umiltà)

catholic   July 17, The Blessed Carmelites of Compiègne

catholic   July 19, St. Macrina

catholic   July 20, Elias the Prophet - I

catholic   July 20, Elias the Prophet - II

catholic   July 20, Elias the Prophet - III

catholic   July 20, Bl. Gregory Lopez

catholic   July 21, St. Victor of Marseille

catholic   July 22, St. Lawrence of Brindisi

catholic   July 22, St. Mary Magdalene

catholic   July 23, St. Bridget of Sweden

catholic   July 25, St. James the Greater

catholic   July 26, St. Anne

catholic   July 27, St. Arethas

catholic   July 28, Pope St. Innocent I

catholic   July 29, Bl. Pope Urban II

catholic   July 29, St. Martha - Fr. Paul Sretenovic

catholic   July 31, St. Ignatius of Loyola

catholic   July 31, St. Germain of Auxerre

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   August 1, St. Alphonsus de Ligouri

catholic   August 1, The Seven Maccabee Brothers

catholic   August 2, Our Lady Queen of the Angels

catholic   August 3, St. Erlembald - I

catholic   August 3, St. Erlembald - II

catholic   August 4, St. Dominic of Guzman

catholic   August 5, Our Lady of the Snow

catholic   August 6, Transfiguration of Our Lord - Fr.
Paulo Alvarez

catholic   August 6, Transfiguration of Our Lord - Fr. P. Sretenovic

catholic   August 6, St. Sixtus II, Pope

catholic   August 7, St. Cajetan of Thiene

catholic   August 8 - S. Hormizd, Maharsapor, Sahin, Benjamin & Jacob

catholic   August 8, Bl. John Felton

catholic   August 9, St. John Baptist Vianney

catholic   August 9, St. Oswald, King of Northumbria

catholic   August 10, St. Laurence (or Lawrence)

catholic   August 10 - 11, St. Philomena - Ellyn Miller

catholic   August 11, St. Alexander the Charcoal-Burner

catholic   August 12, St. Clare of Assisi

catholic   August 15, The Assumption of Our Lady

catholic   August 16, St Joachim

catholic   August 16, St. Cizy de Besançon

catholic   August 18, St. Helena, Empress

catholic   August 19, St. John Eudes

catholic   August 20, St. Bernard

catholic   August 20, Bl. Gobert, Count of Aspremont

catholic   August 21, Our Lady of Knock - Gregory Johnson

catholic   August 21, St. Jane Frances de Chantal

catholic   August 22, The Immaculate Heart of Mary

catholic   August 22, St. Emilian of Autun

catholic   August 25, St. Louis IX, King of France

catholic   August 27, St. Joseph Calasanz

catholic   August 27, St. Monica

catholic   August 28, St. Augustine

catholic   August 30, St. Rose of Lima

catholic   August 31, St. Raymond Nonnatus

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   September 1, St. Fiacre

catholic   September 2, French Martyrs of the September Massacres

catholic   September 2, St. Stephen, King of Hungary

catholic   September 3, Pope St. Pius X

catholic   September 5, St. Laurence Justinian

catholic   September 7, Our Lady of Covadonga

catholic    September 8, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

catholic   September 8, St. Adrian

catholic   September 8, St. Corbinian

catholic   September 10, St. Pulcheria, Empress

catholic   September 12, The Holy Name of Mary

catholic   September 14, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

catholic   September 15, The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady

catholic   September 16, Our Lady of Las Lajas (Colombia)

catholic   September 16, St. Cyprian of Carthage

catholic   September 17, St. Hildegard von Bingen

catholic   September 18, St. Joseph of Cupertino

catholic   September 19, Our Lady of La Salette

catholic   September 21, St. Matthew the Apostle

catholic   September 21, St Ephigenia, Princess - Phillip Mericle

catholic   September 22, St. Thomas of Villanova

catholic   September 23, St. Thecla

catholic   September 23, St. Linus, Pope

catholic   September 24, Our Lady of Mercy

catholic   September 24, St. Pacific of San Severino

catholic   September 27, St. Elzear, Count of Ariano

catholic   September 28, St. Wenceslas, King of Bohemia

catholic   September 29, St. Michael the Archangel

catholic   September 30, St. Jerome

catholic   September 30, St. Simon of Crépy - I

catholic   September 30, St. Simon of Crépy - II

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   October 1, St. Remigius (or Remy)

catholic   October 2, The Guardian Angels - Christine Fitzgerald

catholic   October 3, St. Therese of the Child Jesus

catholic   October 3, St. Therese of Lisieux - Suffering & the Little Way

catholic   October 3, St. Therese of the Child Jesus  - Marian Horvat

catholic   October 4, St. Francis of Assisi

catholic   October 6, St. Bruno

catholic   October 7, Our Lady of the Rosary

catholic   October 10, St. Francis Borgia

catholic   October 11, The Divine Maternity of Our Lady

catholic   October 12, St. Edwin, King of Northumbria

catholic   October 12, Our Lady Aparecida (Brazil)

catholic   October 13, Sixth Apparition of Fatima

catholic   October 13, Jacinta & Francisco of Fatima

catholic   October 13, St. Edward the Confessor

catholic   October 15, St. Teresa of Avila

catholic   October 15, St. Callistus of Huesca

catholic   October 17, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

catholic   October 18, St. Luke the Evangelist

catholic   October 19, St. Peter of Alcantara

catholic   October 20, St. Artemius

catholic   October 22, St. Abercius

catholic   October 23, St. Anthony Mary Claret

catholic   October 24, St. Raphael the Archangel

catholic   October 26, St. Cedd

catholic   October 27, St. Elesbaan, King of Ethiopia

catholic   October 28, SS. Simon & Jude Thaddeus, Apostles

catholic   October 28, St. Faro

catholic   October 30, Bl. Angelo of Acri

catholic   October 31, The Royalty of Christ the King

catholic   October 31, The Kingship of Christ & Modern Law

catholic   October 31, St. Alfonso Rodriguez

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   November 1, All Saints Day

catholic   November 2, All Souls Day

catholic   November 4, St. Charles Borromeo

catholic   November 5, Feast of the Holy Relics

catholic   November 5, Bl. Frances d’Amboise, Duchess of Brittany

catholic   November 6, Bl. Nuno Alvares Pereira

catholic  November 8, Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces

catholic   November 8, St. Willehad

catholic   November 9, Our Lady of Almudena (Madrid)

catholic   November 9, Dedication of the Lateran Archbasilica

catholic   November 10, St. Justus of Canterbury

catholic   November 11, St. Martin of Tours

catholic   November 13, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

catholic   November 13, Pope St. Nicholas I

catholic   November 15, St. Albert the Great

catholic   November 15, Pope St. Martin I

catholic   November 15, St. Leopold III, Margrave of Austria

catholic   November 17, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus

catholic   November 18, Dedication of the Basilicas of SS. Peter & Paul

catholic   November 18, St. Odo of Cluny

catholic    November 18, Bl. Philippine Duchesne  - Marian Horvat

catholic   November 19, St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary

catholic   November 20, St. Felix of Valois

catholic   November 21, The Presentation of Our Lady

catholic   November 21, St. Edmund the Martyr, King of Anglia

catholic   November 23, St. Felicitas

catholic   November 25, St. Catherine of Alexandria

catholic   November 27, Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

catholic   November 27, St. Peter of Alexandria

catholic   November 29, St. Saturninus

catholic   November 30, St. Andrew the Apostle

blank.gif - 807 tes

catholic   December 1, St. Eligius (Eloi or Eloy)

catholic   December 3, St. Francis Xavier

catholic   December 4, St. Peter Chrysologus

catholic   December 4, St. Anno of Cologne

catholic   December 6, St. Nicholas

catholic   December 7, St. Ambrose

catholic   December 8, The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady

catholic   December 10, Translation of the Holy House to Loreto

catholic   December 12, Our Lady of Guadalupe

catholic   December 14, St. John of the Cross

catholic   December 16, St. Eusebius of Vercelli

catholic   December 16, St. Adelaide, Empress

catholic   December 18, The Expectation of Our Lady

catholic   December 21, St. Thomas the Apostle

catholic   December 21, St. Peter Canisius

catholic   December 23-25, Humiliation of St. Joseph - I

catholic   December 23-25, Humiliation of St. Joseph - II

catholic   December 23-25, Humiliation of St. Joseph - III

catholic   December 23, Ven. Mother Therese of St. Augustine

catholic   December 23, Ven. Fray Antonio Galvão

christmas   December 25, Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ

catholic   December 26, St. Stephen

catholic   December 27, St. John the Evangelist

catholic   December 28, The Holy Innocents

catholic   December 29, St. Thomas Becket

catholic   December 31, St. Catherine Labouré

catholic   December 31, St. Melania the Younger

catholic   December 31, Pope St. Sylvester
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