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Zen’s Compromise, Host Dispenser &
Spanish Crusade

Card. Zen Finances Patriotic Association
People Commenting

A recent news report [transcribed below] reveals that Cardinal Zen, the supposed champion of China’s beleaguered Underground Catholic Church, has given millions to the Church in China in the last year. BUT NOT exclusively to the true Catholic Church, also to the China’s Communist Patriotic Association, which he publicly claims is NOT the true Church, but government run. So what’s the deal? Why support an organization headed by a government that persecutes the true Church?

This is another example of the ecumenical spirit that leads to compromises. And, of course, Cardinal Zen supports the Vatican, which supports the Patriotic Association.

I believe the Cardinal Kung Foundation still supports exclusively the Underground Church, but if any of your readers know otherwise, please let us know.

Thanks for your coverage of an issue [here, here and here] that is ignored by the Catholic press, traditional included.


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Hong Kong millionaire gives millions
to Catholic Church and charities

Hong Kong – Card Joseph Zen Ze-kiun told AsiaNews how he spent the money donated by media tycoon Jimmy Lai. He spoke after scandal-mongering rumors appeared online. Altogether HK $20 million (US $2.5 million) that were donated since 2005 went for the official and underground Church in China, for hard-pressed dioceses, prison inmates and people in difficulty, as well as the translation of theological documents into Chinese, all connected "with my role as bishop and Christian, and not related to any political purpose," the prelate said. [full text here]

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Surfing Priest
People Commenting

I had to laugh at a recent article in The Remnant praising the grandson of John Wayne, the priest Fr. Matthew Munoz. Apparently, they are so eager there to find the “good news” of the new springtime of graces that came with Pope Benedict that they aren’t doing their homework anymore on the priests they praise.

Fr. Munoz is none other than the “surfing priest” you highlighted one week in Revolution in Pictures.

He is also a fan of Medjugorge, ecumenism, the charismatic movement and constantly spouts Buddhist-style teachings about “emptying oneself.”

One can only wonder what is going on when a very progressivist priest is featured in a traditionalist paper, with no warnings whatsoever.

Maybe you want to include a word in your article that Fr. Munoz is the grandson of John Wayne so more sentimentalists don’t get crazy ideas that being the “Duke’s” relative is enough to justify anything and everything.

     Keep up your good work.

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Host Dispenser
People Commenting

What next? Here it is - the "purity Host Dispenser" - available for Novus Ordo Masses in gold or silver platinum.

As the commentator notes, it is a diabolical invention to receive Communion in the hand, created by Purity Solutions, and aims to have the priest avoid having any physical contact with the one receiving Communion. This is to prevent any germs from spreading.

This abominable invention of course prevents any of the faithful from "choosing" to receive communion in the mouth. I'm not sure what is more terrible, the invention, or the trio of white-haired lady lay ministers who so happily receive the class on how to use it at the end. Or the Friar Tuck priests making his theater Mass over the bare Protestant table.

No protest, of course, from the Vatican.


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Our Lady of Bethlehem
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I am very excited to finally learn about the statue I saw at the Carmel Mission in August of 2009.

Wandering throughout the Mission, I was startled to view what I at first thought was a statue of Our Lady of Good Success. There are remarkable similarities between the two statues. And I, too, was very disappointed to see her relegated to an inferior place in the Mission – out of the way and little seen.

Thank you for your excellent articles on Our Lady of Bethlehem about this exquisite statue.

     In Maria,

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My High School
People Commenting

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for the brave work you're doing to fight for Church Tradition and root out Modernism.

I go to a high school that is completely heretical and devoid of the Catholic Faith, it claims it is Catholic and is named after a recent Pope. They don't care about the Catholic Faith at all there and worship sports as an idol.

They don't want to offend all the non-Catholics who play sports for them and make them money. It's hard for me to hang on to the traditions and true faith of the Catholic Church especially when they are trying so hard to uproot and bury it.

I look forward to speaking more about it with you. Thank you.

     Yours in Holy Church,


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TIA responds:

Hello D.M.,

Thank you for your compliments and for the description of what is happening in your high school.

Let us know how we can help you to hold the right position. We will be pleased to be of assistance to you. We also want to continue to be in contact.


     TIA correspondent desk

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Fundamental Dishonesty
People Commenting

A little over the top perhaps, but I think apt:

Bishop Conley here in Denver has been writing a series of articles for the Denver Catholic Register praising the new Mass translations, and trying to sell that product to the Masses. Today he suggests that Catholic receive Communion on the tongue. In the same issue George Weigel has a column on similar themes. Improvement in the Mass of Paul VI? Slight.

But it seems to me that the Pope Ratzinger "Reform of the Reform" is like somebody who has held my mother kidnapped for 40 years and put her on drugs, to lie on rags in a dirty garage - but now he wants to place her in a nice room and use new, clean needles for the injections. Please Rome, toss out the Council, and ecumenism, and the whole Vatican II Church. Be honest.

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Spanish Crusade
People Commenting

Here is a great slide show on Spain fighting for the Faith against the Communists. I hope you and your readers will enjoy it and keep it in your files for future use.

YouTube - Spanish Crusade 1936-1939

     Best wishes,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 3, 2011

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