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Heretical Pope, Vendée & Marriage

Book on Heretical Pope
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

I would like to bring your attention to an important book on the possibility of having a heretical pope that was posted online recently. The book I am referring to is Considerations on the Ordo Missae of Paul VI written by Brazilian scholar Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira.

The book has two parts. The first deals with "The Hypothesis of a Heretical Pope" - It presents the different opinions of theologians who had considered the possibility of having a heretical pope in the Church; the second part studies "The New Mass" and its Protestant influences.

The book entered the public domain recently when it was placed on the Internet in Portuguese. It can be read or copied at this link, scroll down to the fifth document.

In November 2011, an English translation of the first part, under the softer title "Can The Pope Go Bad?", was posted online. It can be read or copied here.

The introduction to this English partial translation, by sede-vacantist Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt, is at variance with the author's position. In fact, throughout the whole book Silveira does not support sede-vacantism.

This is a very powerful work that deserves to be in the library of any serious American Catholic today.

I thank you for your time, and I wish you every blessing in 2012.

     In Jesu et Maria,

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Curious Symptoms
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Since I did not see your website addressing this topic, I am passing on this information to you. In November 2011 the SSPX Districts of Italy and Germany promoted meetings of fraternization with the Novus Ordo diocesan priests of Albano and Zaitzkofen respectively, where their houses are located.

I am afraid these meetings are being promoted to prepare those SSPX Districts to a smooth merge with the local Novus Ordo churches.

You may confirm this news reading its original in Italian here.

     God bless,

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Nuns at Priests’ Retreats
People Commenting
Dear TIA Desk,

In the SSPX Asia District, on two occasions recently, nuns have participated in retreats meant for SSPX priests. Very recently a nun in India took part in such a retreat, and, several months ago, another nun did likewise in the Philippines.

In both these countries, there are enough nuns/novices/adult ladies to have a quorum for a retreat for females.

How can Traditionalists justify such happenings when they would point fingers at the Concilliarists were they to do such a thing? Is this behavior correct?


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Movie on the Vendée
People Commenting

There is the trailer for a new movie, The War of the Vendee, from Navis Pictures. It is played by youth and is a good way for youth and adults to learn the moving history of the heroes of the Vendee.

You may watch it here.

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Another Attack on Marriage
People Commenting

How much more do Catholics need to see before they wake up and realize that the Sacrament of Marriage is being destroyed? The holiness of the Sacrament is not being taught in many catechism classes nor is it really spoken of in Church.

Please read the article posted here and if possible could you comment on it.

May you have a blessed and fruitful New Year and Our Lady keep you safe.

     In Maria et Jesu,

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Dancing Nuns
People Commenting

Regarding the posting on Holy Dance in Palestrina, King David danced before the Arc of the Covenant. Dance has been traditional worship in many cultures. Praise the Lord with dance and song and cymbals.

Joy is part of worship.

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A Liberating Benedict
People Commenting
Dear TIA,

Leave it to John Allen to make the same case that Tradition in Action has been making; yet, while God will judge Allen's soul, it is apparent to us that he is a confused Catholic, like millions of the post-Vatican II faithful. Witness his comment in his recent article on Pope Benedict XVI in Africa (here): Towards the end of the article He accuses “traditional Catholic circles” of circulating pictures of John Paul II shaking hands with a voodoo priest, his kissing of the Koran, and his Assisi event as evidence of his "alleged" heterodoxy. Alleged? John Paul II is holding the smoking gun.

But the article is about Benedict XVI and not Allen. And as I read this piece, all I could think of were the words of a syrupy, utopian "Catholic hymn" from the '70s, part of which went:

"Banish sin and loneliness, hunger, thirst and pain, Banish (something else here), Let no man live in vain."

Do those words ever sum up the mentality of the Church since the Council, a this-worldly attitude which opens Catholics up to endorsing every Communist-inspired movement of "liberation!"

Then there is Benedict's line in Africa promoting the “liberation” of women: "The Church has a duty to promote a social role for women 'equal to that of men.'" The language of the Women's Liberation Movement, and out of touch with reality.

One wonders if the pope said anything about Our Lord, or preached anything except the secular Gospel of building up a better society. Virtually all the works which have benefited society - hospitals, schools, homes for the aged etc. - have come from Catholic religious orders and movements. And now these post-Conciliar popes speak as if all that is needed is for people of all religions and cultures to love and respect each other and hold hands and envelop the whole world in a gigantic "Kumbaya."

More could be said about this article. But faithful Catholics would be edified if on these journeys Benedict XVI would simply read from the Gospels and the Epistles. How sad, but we can't trust him to deliver the Faith, but he could just quote from those who have given us that Faith.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted January 19, 2012

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