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As the SSPX Merge Approaches

Growing Commotion in the Pews

Decision Expected
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Re: Decision Expected This Month: Pope Likely To Allow Breakaway SSPX to Rejoin Church

Rejoin the church… what an elegant message from Pope Benedict, a man who most of his life has been outside the church because of his false and liberal ideas.

The SSPX will be brought into what????? God, please help us!!!

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People Commenting

SSPX is well aware of the dangers because St. Peter’s Priestly Fraternity was formed by former SSPX members after the episcopal consecrations. This subject matter is in their “Angelus Magazine” archives.

As I often stated to my Catholic friends, the Fraternity of St. Peter’s gained only 2 seminaries since 1988 and they were the ones who were willing to pose as poster children of obedience to the Pope. SSPX has 4 seminaries and have District Houses throughout the world. So, how serious is the Modern Church about Tradition?

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Open Letter to Confused Traditionalists

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Paraphrasing the title of the book of Archbishop Lefebvre that determined my adherence to fight for the Catholic tradition, I write these lines to all those, Mexican or not, who found in this combat the pursuit of the shout, "Viva Cristo Rey! "

"We offered our best years, our spiritual, physical and material sacrifices, to the sacred cause of Catholic Tradition and now, under the shadow and the continuous rumors of an agreement with Rome, although obviously (to those who have read the work of Archbishop Lefebvre and pretend to be faithful to their advice), such an agreement would be in disobedience to the instructions given by the Founder of the Society of Saint Pius X, who, foreseeing that the coming airs of "renovation" could come to his foundation, was particularly clear, after the year 1988, in being alert, condemning and discouraging any deal with the modernist Rome, so long as it does not convert to Tradition.

It is clear that such conversion has not happened yet.

That is why, confused, we ask: What happens with the authorities of the Society? Without wishing to give advice, but simply as a baptized person who intends to follow the catechism and in particular the teaching of the Church against what St. Pius X called the sum of all heresies, that is, the Modernism prevailing today, we don’t understand the insistence on having a dialogue with those who hate and fight the Catholic Tradition and, I stress, come into open disobedience to Archbishop Lefebvre, to the point that we have read writings of some SSPX’s district superiors making Archbishop Lefebvre say things that until his death he did not say. This is, at the least, a clear intellectual dishonesty.

The Priests who denounced these errors ended up leaving the Society. Some days ago I received the news from a former colleague of Brazil, deploring the suspension of a priest member of the Priory of Sao Paulo, who was suspended just for preaching the truth: Archbishop Lefebvre is not obeyed! This priest had to seek asylum in the traditional Benedictine community of that country.

So now we are not allowed to follow the teachings of those defenders of the Faith, Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop De Castro Mayer, (nobody is doing anything to vindicate them), under penalty of being relegated away from the Mass centers?

Should we stop the financial support of seminars, stop paying seminarian pensions, stop the support for the priests, because they will be placed under the orders of a clearly modernist Pope?

I hear some priests talking quietly about their disagreement but… what do they do? Why they don’t warn their sheep about the danger that we traverse? Why are the priests, once courageous in condemning errors, now silenced? Because the errors are coming from their own authorities? Maybe to be considered by the SSPX "politically correct "?

I read perplexed that the superiors ask for prayers... “in order to fulfill God's will in these negotiations”... Could the will of God be other than to keep intact our faith and to avoid being submitted in any way to a modernist hierarchy? And if such agreement is achieved, my dear priests, how will you resolve the problem of obeying a modernist authority and fulfilling the anti-modernist oath you took at the seminary? .... Won’t you end up in perjury? ... Or worse, in apostasy? God forbid!

The movie “La Cristiada” is in theatres right now… May the blood of those martyrs save us from a new betrayal of the hierarchies. May it inspire all those who wish to follow the shout of VIVA CRISTO REY!

     Jerónimo Zoto
     Acapulco, Mexico – May 2012

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The Morning after...
People Commenting
May 12, 2012

Dear TIA,

The acceptance of the Doctrinal Preamble is an incalculable tragedy! I do not know all the points contained in this treacherous document, but by its present fruits it is certainly not the Athanasian Creed.

I was astounded that Bishop Fellay has really, truly agreed to abandon the will of Christ in order to follow the will of men; especially in view of the fact that the other three bishops and many (all?) of the district superiors were vehemently opposed.

The Vatican has forbidden objective truth for 50+ years. The SSPX must wait for a better time, when the True Faith is reinstated in Rome.

I have attended the SSPX for many years, donating my miniscule offerings to Father Richard Williamson at the seminary in Ridgefield, Connecticut. I have been donating for many years now to Saint Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Winona, and to Regina Coeli House. I have purchased calendars and books from Angelus Press.

As of today, I will have nothing to do with the SSPX until the other three bishops reinstate the SSPX according to the will of Archbishop Lefebvre - of felicitous and precious memory. Monsigneur understood the mind and will of Christ, and tried to live it with all his might, while being attacked and calumniated daily.

I could never accept "...a religious submission of mind and intellect" or swear an Oath of Allegiance to Vatican II. The abandonment of the Church as the sole moral compass of the world, and the abandonment of Christ as the center of the entire Universe, is due to Vatican II; that abomination being a leading contributor to the nihilistic anguish of the filthy paganized Babylon in which we all subsist today.

Of course, I will follow Bishops Williamson, de Mallerais and Galarreta to any catacomb that they prefer.

     Joseph W. Shaara
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A Game Changer
People Commenting
As the readership of Catholic Rural Solutions knows, of late I’ve been urging patience, calm, prayer, trust in our good bishops of the Society of St. Pius X to pastor safely the flock that has been entrusted to their care by the good Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, of happy memory, and above all trust in the Holy Ghost in these negotiations with Rome.

By now most of the faithful traditional Catholics have seen or heard of the leaked internal letters between the three bishops and the Superior General of the Society, His Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

With publication of these internal documents and the confirmation of their authenticity, it is obvious that this was a game changer and it is time for us, the faithful adherents of SSPX Mass centers and chapels, lay and clerical alike, to besiege our pastors and District Superiors with questions of just what is happening.

Too much is at stake for us to sit idly by and let 20 years of blood, sweat, tears, and even persecution by the NewChurch be washed away in the stroke of a pen on a treacherous agreement.

At first glance this may sound alarmist, however, it is time that we knew what is contained not only in the preamble, but also in this agreement itself, (which I contend is already a done-deal but simply requires announcement) and be reassured that we are being led by true pastors of the flock of Christ’s sheepfold and not being led as lambs to slaughter.

This reasoning appears to be that of the three opposing bishops and is not just the ranting of a renegade member of the faithful in the pews.

It is, of course, my fervent hope and prayer that the Superior General, Bishop Fellay, is not only acting as a good pastor, but more importantly has not lost sight of the original reason why Archbishop Lefebvre founded the SSPX to start, namely, to preserve the priesthood and thereby save intact the traditional Catholic Faith and the Sacraments to be transmitted without change or taint of Modernism to future generations of faithful Catholics.

Rest assured I do not call for this action lightly or rashly but with deep, meditative, quiet prayer and reflection; and with recourse to Christ the King; the Virgin Mary; and to her spouse, St. Joseph, the Protector of the Church. Our Superior General, and his handpicked hierarchy, must listen to the advice and warnings of their fellow bishops and heed their words of caution.

There are clear and present dangers to the traditional Roman Catholic Faith and movement!

Rome, notwithstanding their apparent conservative and even traditional window dressing, is not yet ready to accept the traditional movement within their ranks, but merely wish to get their clutches on them to destroy once and for all the Traditional Catholic Movement, by breaking its back with the splitting of the SSPX, which is the backbone of this movement.

WE of the Traditional Catholic Movement have been the conscience of the Church since opposition to Vatican Council II was devised back in the late 1960’s. They’ve tried to draw a veil across this conscience and silence that annoying voice reminding them to be faithful to Eternal Rome, and thanks to the workings of the Holy Ghost, have been unable to silence the voice of reason and conscience.

They’ve attempted to break us in many ways by splitting the four SSPX bishops, with them the priests and the laity, but the monolithic stance of tradition has held.

Splinter groups may have fallen away to join other traditional movements within the NewChurch and these groups, i.e. the Society of St. Peter, the Society of the Good Shepherd, the Brazilian traditional movement begun by H.E. Castro de Meyer, and others all have effectively been rendered impotent.

Through the revelation of these internal SSPX letters of the bishops it is evident that there are intrigues afoot.

Whether Rome is acting on the naiveté of a battle weary Superior General and hierarchy; or whether, God forbid, there is an orchestrated treachery of the hierarchy, I don’t know, but the effect is the same …the capitulation of the Faith to the NewChurch.

I repeat that Rome is not yet ready for the return of the traditional Catholic Faith as is obvious by their continuing false ecumenism, dialog, and cooperation with false sects. With the continuing scandals of the NewChurch, the dissension of its religious, the Modernism of its so-called theologians, it is only a matter of time that Modernist Rome will come to the traditional movement and Faith to seek respite and shelter …but that time is not yet here.

Now more than ever is the time to redouble our Rosaries for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as originally undertaken nearly a year ago, (and not for the reconciliation of SSPX with Rome, as the US District Superior has reassigned it). She, Our Blessed Mother Mary, is our only hope and recourse.

We must also stay informed and keep each other informed by reading all the authentic articles and reports we can on this situation. Circulate them far and wide within the Traditional Catholic Movement; we have too much to lose to remain ignorant. We must continue to promote the Truth in season and out of season. In fact, should you wish you can forward this post to others.

Meantime, below is an interview from May 11, 2012 of His Excellency Bishop Fellay conducted by the Catholic News Service, in which he admits that a division is possible within the SSPX. Said division is completely within his hands and may be avoided if, at this time, we remain a strong and faithful monolithic bloc and continue to be the conscience of the Church, awaiting God’s time for any reconciliation.

The web citation is here.

     Richard McCormack
     Christ the King (SSPX)
     Ridgefield, Connecticut

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 15, 2012

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