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Returning to the Third Secret

Information Needed


My name is L.M.G., I am a 45yo French-Canadian Catholic with a degree both in History and in Teaching.

I have been studying and researching the Marian apparitions for many years and I have a very deep interest for the Fatima apparitions. I have read most of the serious studies on that topic and I am actually working on a French language book which focuses on the La Salette / Fatima / Akita 'trilogy'.

I have discovered the version of the alleged 'Third secret' posted on your website a few months ago. I must admit that I would very much plead for its authenticity based on many arguments:

1st: It IS a continuation of the 'In Portugal...etc.' words quoted by Sister Lucy in the 1940s.

2nd: It fits the trustworthy physical description we had about the document itself (one page, handwritten, under 25 lines, margins) etc.

3rd: It matches and completes the 'Prophecy of the popes' attributed to Saint Malachi concerning the fate of Rome and the Vatican (and with an 85 year old Benedict XVI, it makes no doubt that we should see the outcome soon enough).

4th: It explains why John XXIII claimed that it did NOT concern HIS pontificate (it mentions John Paul II namely!). It also explains the story of John Paul I: Cardinal Luciani's meeting with Sister Lucy in 1977 was both an enlightening and frightening experience as he reportedly told his relatives and friends that the 'secret, it is terrible' and that sister Lucy told him 'for you, the days of the Christ' (his 33 days reign). He also repeated that 'the stranger was to come to take his place'(a clear reference to the first non-Italian Pope in centuries). Without speculating beyond reasonable limits, it is very much possible that Albino Luciani had seen the name or (more probably) was told about the coming 'Juan Pablo II' and therefore took 'John Paul' as his pontifical name simply to fulfill the prophecy, just like Our Lord has done Himself on so many occasions. He sure enough knew that his reign would be nothing but a transition.

5th: The same mention of 'JUAN PABLO II' in the alleged Third secret is not a 'handicap' and it is not an unusual disclosure of the future events to come. In fact it sticks to some kind of 'global pattern' since the La Salette apparitions where future popes are mentioned by name.

a) In a 1901 document written by 'Thomas Philalethe, defender of La Salette,' the author declares that Melanie said that 'Pastor Angelicus' would be the last pope to witness the splendor of the Church... That would mean that Our Lady authenticated the validity of St Malachy's prophecy of the Popes and told the seer that Pius XII would be the last pope before what can be interpreted as the (in)famous Apostasy mentioned in the La Salette message. That makes sense considering the Vatican II disater... and that also explains why the Vatican released an alleged 'true secret of La Salette' which omits the 'Rome will lose Faith and will become the seat of the antichrist' sentence, all within a few years range of their release of the 62-line 'vision' presented as the 3rd secret. They simply attempt to erase any compromising traces.

b) In Fatima, Our Lady mentioned Pius XI by name.

6th: Father Malachi Martin, who admitedly had seen the Secret, declared that the idea of a Pope under the influence of Satan is totally in accordance with the content of the 3rd Secret. He also once mentioned that 'to me, John Paul II is the LAST POPE OF THE CATHOLIC TIMES' (Art Bell)

In my humble opinion (and that's all it is, an opinion) the '3rd Secret' that appears on your website could very well be THE REAL THING...

Does that mean that the June 2000 document is a forgery? Maybe. Does the 'bishop in white' vision COMPLETE this secret? Maybe. - Sister Lucy's notes mention a notebook and an envelope... the June 2000 6-page document could be the notebook - BUT the Blessed Virgin shows the children a vision AND an explanation in the 'online' 3rd Secret, while the official document is very much in the vein of a Nostradamus century, with many possible interpretations. And Our Lady seemingly summarizes the first 2 secrets with that 'bishop in white' vision, merely bringing any new element to her previous secrets, which would make no sense.

I have decided to study the document you have published on your website, and I actually contacted some well reputed scholars of Fatima about it, joining the above remarks and a copy of the document in jpeg (I won't give names, but you know who they are): They all remained silent or, at the best, politely avoided the topic itself.

That silence did not discouraged me, 'au contraire', and I would therefore appreciate any input about the origin of the document, and possibly, a contact person I could email to know more about the origin of this alleged secret. I can promise that I won't reveal/publish any name if people wish to remain anonymous, because all of this story is NOT about individuals but about Our Lady.

I simply wish to bring credibility to the document itself with your help, if you could provide any clue. I was tempted to link the leak of such an important document to the recent 'vatileaks' scandal, considering that the Pope's butler had total access to the papal apartments WHERE THE SECRET WAS KEPT IN A WOODEN SAFE... But you mention Portugal on your website, so I would appreciate ANY help at all.

P.S: I am well aware that my English is very basic, so please excuse my limited skills.

     Yours in the united Heart of Jesus & Mary,


The Editor responds:

Dear Mr. L.M.G.,

Thank you for sending TIA your considerations about Fatima. They are quite interesting.

Unfortunately, we have very little data to give you. The original person who sent us the Third Secret we posted online changed his e-mail constantly, making it almost impossible to track who he was. Later, two or three other readers from Portugal and Spain contacted us with some other information and, again, their e-mails and names changed in each new message. The most we could verify is that those different e-mails were coming from the region of Galicia that encompasses both north Portugal and north Spain.

So, since we don’t have precise contacts, we cannot pass on to you names and addresses.

As I affirmed in an article on this website, I believe that the alleged Third Secret may well be the real one, with some few falsifications by a Photoshop technician. In that article I raised some hypotheses about why someone would do so, and for whom he would be working.

If you want to investigate further, you could try to find a passport of Sister Lucy I where her fingerprint appears. Since there is a fingerprint impressed on the Third Secret we posted,  it would be interesting to compare the two, although the outcome would not be absolutely decisive. Let me be clearer: if the fingerprints coincide, then it would confirm that the April Secret was originally the authentic Third Secret, and afterward it suffered adulterations. In this case, the falsifier would have been unable to change the real fingerprint for another. If they do not coincide, the possibility of it being authentic still exists, but with an adulterated fingerprint.

If you accept this challenge, I wish you success in your endeavor.


     A.S. Guimarães


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 26, 2012

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