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Sister Lucy II & Catholics in China

Sister Lucy II

Dear Dr. Horvat,

I feel compelled to write to you and to ask you what is the current position or stance on the 2 Lucys of Fatima theories. I read with great interest all the documentation you shared with us in 2006, and I have not forgotten it. My own personal religious experiences tell me that it is certainly not the end of Fatima, and that DNA testing would be the only way to determine the truth of this matter. May I ask as to what progress, if any, has been made in this direction?

I feel this matter needs to be readdressed to the public and the issue resolved. I myself saw the original death notice of Sr. Lucy from the convent archives, then a week later they went missing -I hope you have not abandoned the cause for a full investigation. If not, you have my full support.

I am currently co- manager of the retreat centre of … in Australia and the music coordinator of … run by the Pauline Fathers.

I have had a great interest in Fatima for many years as a result of personal spiritual experiences as previously mentioned, and your credentials and expertise on this subject is of great importance to me.

I look forward to any information you can give me,

      Thanking you


Dr. Horvat responds:

Dear R.M.,

I appreciate your letter very much. I believe there are many persons like you who recognize that the Sister Lucy who began to appear in the 1980s – the square-faced, jovial, verbose  sister who seemed in perfect accord with Vatican II and JPII – did not seem to be the natural development of the Sister Lucy who the world last saw in the late 1950s – sallow, oval faced, reticent, reserved, and always very serious, almost sad. It is a change not only of physiognomy, but of attitude and spirit.

Unfortunately, no other Catholic organization or Fatima group has shown any interest in promoting the Two Sister Lucys' thesis. I believe it would be very difficult to get a DNA sample, for as soon as she died, her room was sealed off on orders of the then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and NO ONE was allowed access until the personal delegate of the Cardinal went to her cell and took from it everything he wanted.

That was a suspicious order in itself, one that supports the notion of a cover-up. (This is an article I wrote after her death but before the 2 Sister Lucys' theory. I do not believe the Vatican would cooperate or give assistance in any attempt to get a DNA sample, and it is almost sure that an order would go out to the Convent to not respond to any such requests.

There is one avenue we have thought of pursuing, but we lack the funds and time at present to do it. I believe it would be interesting to take the last clear picture of the authentic Sister Lucy and scan it into a software program that projects the face of a person 10, 20, 30, even 40 years later.

This kind of program is used for lost children in police detective departments, etc., and is believed to be accurate. It would be useful to see how the face of the first Sister Lucy would look later.

This project would imply buying this software and looking for an impartial professional to carry out the experiment, or to take a course in order to do it ourselves.

Would you be interested in helping with this kind of project? I believe the final results of such a study would provide material for a very interesting article that could provoke more interest in the topic.


     Marian T. Horvat


Communists Take over Church in China

Dear TIA,

I recall having read many months ago at least one of the articles you have posted on the Vatican/China issue.

Now that I have read all three articles again, especially the heart wrenching 'China's Underground Church-Anguish and Dismay over Vatican Betrayal' by Margaret Galitzin, [see also here and here)I feel one of my suspicions may be a reality.

The Pope and his collaborators are extinguishing 'Catholicism,' replacing it with 'unified Christianity,' assimilating the SSPX and indoctrinating its faithful into the new church. But, this is not easy for them to do with the traditional Underground Church of China. They have no control over the movement, nor do they have open communications ability. Assimilation and indoctrination is impossible - but 'Catholicism' needs to be destroyed in its entirety. What better way to deal with the problem, than to have China do it for you - Satan's Revolution is salivating with joy that Communism will provide this destruction. …

May TIA remain in the protection of the Sacred Heart and her Immaculate Heart.



Christ Cathedral


The fifty year old Crystal Cathedral will now be known as Christ Cathedral in the Diocese of Orange County, California. Renovations will start in July 2013 and take about a year to complete so it can be used for Catholic services. It was announced that the Cathedral will have a central altar most likely a table, a Bishop's Chair displayed prominently and a tabernacle some place in the Cathedral.

Christ Cathedral will have an ecumenical dimension so that other "Christian" communities can identify with it, so we can be sure that there will not be statues of the Blessed Virgin or other saints. It is not known if the Cathedral will have a permanent crucifix displayed, a confessional or Stations of the Cross.


Planet X

Dear TIA,

I noticed an interesting post by one of your readers on Planet X. I don't have any information unfortunately, but I would love know when you do find out.

Could this be any relation to "Wormwood", Apocalypse 8:11?

     Thank you. Sincerely

     P.F., Australia

The Twilight of Refinement

Dear TIA,

[Regarding the article The Twilight of Refinement] I hope Mr. Gutierrez could write articles about his Mexican Catholic formation. In the past, I had formed bad opinions about Mexicans based on our US Protestant culture. Relatively recently in my life however, I have found Mexicans in general to be a warm, friendly, hard-working people. Seeing this warmth in the people makes me curious about the culture that formed such warmth.

Thank you very much for sharing.

      Yours in Jesus and Mary,


TIA responds:

Dear M.R.,

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We passed them on to Mr. Gutierrez. We hope he will have time to write other articles on Catholic Mexican customs.


     TIA correspondence desk

P.S.: Please, read an updated response to this question here


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 12, 2012

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