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Is a False Counter-Revolution Sprouting?

Dear Editor of TIA website,

I am writing to you to express my indignation over what is going on with some traditionalist organs that claim to be counter-revolutionaries.

The real Counter-Revolution, as the name indicates, is turned toward stopping/destroying the Revolution, which is a multi-secular process that has been gradually subverting Christendom and the Catholic Church. This noble fight can never compromise with the Revolution otherwise it becomes revolutionary itself and loses it efficacy, just as a filthy cloth cannot clean a surface that is dirty and needs to be cleansed.

Screenshot of the DICI website showing the Vatican II commemoration


DICI posts commemorations of Vatican II's 50th anniversary
One compromise that I have noticed is the recent approval and unrestricted promotion by DICI - the news agency of Society St. Pius X - of the Vatican-based NEWS.VA. As we all know, the Vatican today promotes many things that are censurable - such as the praiseful daily news on ecumenical events, the constant advertisement of the French Revolution motto - liberty, equality, fraternity - and its corresponding religious liberty in the Modern State and human rights, the indirect promotion of Communism by supporting the Liberation Theology agenda, to cite just some of the NEWS.VA daily topics.

Now I ask: How can an organ that pretends to be Catholic and counter-revolutionary like DICI transmit to its readers the news of the Vatican without any commentary to vaccine them against these errors? It is not possible. DICI is clearly entering the line of compromise.

If more confirmation were needed, I recall the times when the same agency used to warn its readers against the Protestant tendencies of the Novus Ordo Mass. Today, DICI recommends its readers to go to NEWS.VA where they can daily drink its poisoned waters teeming with acceptation of the Novus Ordo Mass.

Also of note is the traditional Catholic monthly and website, The Remnant, promoting the Pope’s ‘Year in Faith’ with its progressivist agenda. Such promotion is made under this pretext: “Militantly liberal forces are at work trying to intimidate the Holy Father against continuing his liturgical reforms. Traditional Catholics cannot sit by and let them have their way.” However, these reforms, like the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum were/are made in order to bring traditionalists and counter-revolutionaries to a compromise, to wit, to accept the New Mass and Vatican II.

Another initiative that raised indignation in me was the joint promotion of a conference called the “2012 Catholic Identify Conference” by The Remnant, Angelus Press and others who pretend to be the authentic representatives of the Counter-Revolution. I wonder what “Catholic identity” will be defined in this conference when we know that the two mentioned organizations are compromised by increasingly supporting Vatican II, the New Mass, silencing resistance against progressivist Bishops and conciliar Popes, etc.

How can any authentic counter-revolutionary in conscience promote this without betraying his convictions? I do not have the answer.

I have posed such serious questions to these organizations, but got no answers: How can this be so? How can you justify these actions? What higher power changed your mind? What Holy Ghost of the Traditional Roman Catholic Church would influence souls to participate in celebrations for such causes of abomination?

The most significant question: Once the radical restructuring of the Catholic Church by the Pope and Bishops’ Synod takes place and Catholicism is reduced to a ‘Unified Christianity,’ in good Catholic conscience how and to what do we convert or pray for conversion of souls?

Of all of the fires of the Revolution that burn simultaneously in the temporal and spiritual worlds, the flames of this particular fire, burning at the very doors of the Holy Roman Catholic Church of Our Lord and Savior, is the most significant.

When one considers that the last bastions of the traditional Church and the souls of traditionalists are being threatened, one must be very careful to be duly diligent before blindly entering into one of these many compromises. Or one risks stoking the fires of the Revolution, feeding it fuel and tending its flames – and eventually plunging into the fiery abyss!



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 20, 2012

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