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Eucharist, Judaism & Pell’s Tips

Respect for the Eucharist

Dear Tradition in Action,

I read with interest your article on the motion picture For Greater Glory, in which you pointed out some historical inaccuracies, particularly on the liberal notion of religious liberty and the unrealistic, "happy ending" which seems obligatory in Hollywood.

I noticed two other serious inaccuracies in the film: the Cristeros are portrayed as standing for the Elevation during Mass, and later are again shown standing to receive Holy Communion - things no Catholic would have done in the 1920's! (And if one studies the old photographs of the actual Cristeros at Mass, they are ALL kneeling! Some of these pictures of the kneeling Cristeros are even shown during the credits of the movie, so how could the director get it wrong? Or was it an intentional choice to portray the movie characters standing for two such sacred moments in the Mass?)

Showing adoration to Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament is no trivial matter, so I found this inaccuracy in the film to be far more grave than it might at first appear.

Thank you and God bless you,




Dear Mr. A.S. Guimarăes,

I regret I do not know whether that is the best greeting, if not, then please excuse me.

However, I want to express my thanks for your articles and explanations on your website. The information nowadays come to us so crooked that till today I trusted Taizé was just some modern Catholic excess, only now I realize the mistake of my perception.


     M.R., Europe

Schismatics Leaders

Dear TIA,

I enjoy reading Prof. Plinio’s comments on Pope St. Nicholas I.

It is interesting to me that I always felt some level of discomfort when looking at the pictures of the schismatic "orthodox" leaders. Now I know why …

     Thank you,


Living Rosary

Dear TIA,

May I please ask your opinion of The Universal Living Rosary Association, are the Holy Masses that they offer on their website valid?

Thank you for your help


     P.F., Australia

TIA responds:

Dear P.F.

Some time ago we asked the director of The Living Rosary Association about what kind of Mass their priests say for the Gregorian Masses. You may read the answer we received here.

For more information, you may contact  that organization directly here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Judaism & Protestantism


I am interested in reading about Judaism's relationship to the Protestant Revolution. Do you have an article that really elaborates on this? Or a book to recommend?

I am also interested in seeing what you may have on your site about the book...Americanism and the conspiracy against the Church by Msgr. Henri Delassus. I could not find anything but search indicated there was something.…

     Thank you


TIA responds:


On the conspiracy made against Catholic Civilization by Judaism and Freemasonry, the best work is The Anti-Christian Conspiracy by Msgr. Henri Delassus. He shows how these two agents are working together to destroy Christian Civilization and the Catholic Church. Two steps of this Revolution are the Protestant Revolution and the French Revolution.

Unfortunately, we believe this work has not been published in English yet. If you are interested, the first of three volumes is accessible in French here.

Regarding the other work you mentioned by the same author - Americanism and the Anti-Christian Conspiracy, you may purchase it here.

About Judaism in general we consider the author Leon de Poncins a very reliable source. Several of his works are available in English here


     TIA correspondence desk


Pell's Tips

Dear Marian,

I am certain that this interview with Cardinal Pell will be among the most profound pieces of information I can give you. It is a series of key revelations.

These affirmations rocked me to my very core as they show the beliefs that must be engrained in the hearts of many of the Synod Bishops. Roman Catholicism is already gone from their souls - wiped out completely and replaced with a perverted religion and perverted ideas of conversion, etc.

These are the points I want to bring to your attention:

- The acceptance, thereby promotion, of conversations between Christian and pagan religions, a going back and forth until one fulfills his/her complete worldly satisfaction. These bishops deny completely the dangers to the soul by making this worship of any deity.

- The clear identification of 'The Church'' as Protestant and Catholic along with the implication that the Protestants are stronger and spreading more rapidly (in China)..

- Modernity has valuable assets to offer which should be exploited to achieve the destruction of "Roman Catholicism'.

- Synod bishops' avoidance of a 'cut price Christianity', a statement that in reality represents the Synod's goal of improving and promoting everything but Roman Catholicism.

- Finally the Pope's statement [elsewhere] that the way we celebrate mass will depend on Society's acceptance of it, not Our Lord's - code words for if we make the mass fun and enjoyable for all of society, they will come.

May TIA and its followers remain in the protection of The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


On the Election


I assume that most of your readers like myself are upset at the election results.

Many may be sad -  but think of those who are happy which include the ultra left leaning universities who will continue to get all the money they want by sticking it to their students with loans which will most likely be forgiven by the government at the expense of the taxpayer. Then there are the public schools in California who will get their money - or will they? Once money goes into the general fund who can find it? I don't trust politicians especially one who is an ex-Jesuit (Brown).

Then there are many zealous socialist bishops who could not be happier at the results of the election. Since Vatican II the mission of Catholic Church changed primarily from saving souls to solving the economic and political problems of the world. It's unfortunate that these bishops believe their own modernist propaganda that there is no hell and everyone will be saved. Obviously so do Latinos.

Last night we had a retired Novus Ordo priest over for dinner. When I picked him at his apartment he was dressed in all black in mourning for our country. He told me he was very upset at the election results and he was going to talk to the pastor of the Church he attends about the fact that they said nothing about the election. Then I told him that at the Catholic Mission I attend the Monsignor said that it was his opinion that if you voted Democratic it was a mortal sin.

The priest then said, "Good for him," and told me that he remembered in the seminary that they were told that supporting anything associated with abortion was considered a mortal sin. Then the retired priest remarked, "You know that they now teach there is no hell! Those poor devils."

On July 13,1917 Our Lady said to the three children of Fatima, "You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go"

     Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 13, 2012


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