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Homo ‘Marriage,’ Jorge &
the Catechumenal Way

Homo ‘Marriage’ at the Supreme Court


Much of the public is now aware of the health hazards of the homosexual lifestyle. I, as well as you I'm sure, have come under attack.

While some of the statistics may be out dated, there are many that substantiate your facts.

If I have caused you any problems, I am sorry but your Article was one of the most informative during this time of debate within the Supreme Court. Stand fast!

If we capitulate, they win and this country reaps the results. I appreciate your work. It's not about hate, it's about the facts of the health hazards.

     Dave Agema, RMC, Michigan


The Editor responds:

Mr. Agema,

Congratulations for your article and position. …

There is no reason to apologize. As you said, we are here to fight against homosexuality and pedophilia, among many other such aberrations against Natural Law and Catholic doctrine.

We know that those data are outdated. Please find more recent statistics here.

Regarding data, our American media has been quite silent about the manifestation of 1.5 million people in Paris against homosexual “marriage,” last week. I am sure that with the means you have to reach the public, it might be good to stress to the Supreme Court that in the U.S. something similar can very well happen if it approves this anti-natural “marriage.”

Do not think about capitulating. To fight for the good cause is not only a duty and an honor, but it is also a pleasure. A pleasure that I believe you enjoy as well.


     Atila S. Guimarães, editor of TIA website


‘Call Me Jorge’

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for that insightful piece, "Call Me Jorge." When I first expressed serious reservations about Pope Francis' dramatic outward acts evidently meant to portray humility (for all the world to see), I felt I had no reason to read more into them than perhaps his misguided desire to play the "cool" Pope--never mind playing right into the hands of the Church's age-old enemies, whether he was aware of it or not.

But now, there seems to be a clear, accelerating pattern of these troubling behaviors emerging that is not just "accenting" his Papacy, but downright defining it.

Having read your compelling analysis that Pope Francis is destroying the dignity (and symbols) of the Papacy, I am genuinely left to wonder whether he in fact sees himself as a deliberate "destroyer-by-example" of the traditional Papacy -- an act already set well in motion by the shocking (albeit long-planned) abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, which did more to further bring down the monarchical image of the Papacy in one instant stroke than a thousand masterfully penned heretical theses could ever have in a thousand years.

If I did not know any better, I would even say this "one-two" punch effect almost bears a conspiratorial scent to it!
  1. Pope Benedict XVI delivers the first truly devastating blow to the image of the Papacy in recent times (and indeed scores one heavily for so-called "collegiality" in the process) by abdicating for no serious reason and essentially abandoning his cross - call it what he might in his next book in typical, self-contradicting and ambiguous modernist-speak. It would all boil down anyway to some tortuous formulation of: "I was burnt out folks; I quit just like any CEO of a company!"

  2. Pope Francis loses no time building on the destructive momentum (and opportunity) created by Pope Benedict XVI by feverishly working to trivialize the Papacy down to near-clownish proportions (evidently seized by a near-obsessive craze to establish some sort of "egalitarianism" that is not only totally alien to the nature of the Papacy but completely repugnant to it as well).
What Pope Francis means to put in its place is beyond me, but he is proving to be quite the fast-moving wrecking ball "with a smile." I do not pretend to have a window into his soul, but does he not realize that by these degrading, trivializing acts against the Papacy he is in fact doing nothing more than assisting the Roman soldiers make a mockery of Our Lord yet again.. Only this time, he is dragging along a countless number of souls with him in this betrayal that does not start with a kiss but a smile?

At the pace Pope Francis is proceeding, we should hardly require any further assistance from the Freemasons and other enemies of the Church, "sworn" or otherwise, in expediting her (attempted) "auto-demolition."

Lastly, there are some out there who seem to believe that Pope Francis would be the one to finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart out of some 11th hour panic and desperation to avert certain destruction of the world. This hardly seems plausible in light of all the disturbing facts we are learning about Pope Francis with each passing day. Perhaps that is all the more reason why the sudden "about face" that is purported to take place sometime during his Pontificate would best be attributed to nothing short of a miracle.

     Sincerely in Christ,

     Stephen Kim

Defending the NeoCat Way

Dear brothers and sisters!!!

A short comment on your writings on the net regarding the new catechumenal way (here, here & here). What makes an altar? The table or what “stands” on the table. According to my understanding it is what is standing on the table that makes the altar (the body of Christ) and added to this, the love who raised the altar and decorated it.

Next! Jesus took the sin of the world on his shoulders and with an enormous love he gave his life for all humans in extreme pain. Should his body not be passed over to us with that same love he had for each individual human being? and received with a great joy? Jesus says: I am not here to be served but to serve. And in another place: If you do not permit me to wash your feet, you can not be my disciples. Should we not permit him to do that?

I am a lonely man age 55. And in my parish I am sitting Sunday after Sunday in the church without having any real community with the parish except at the coffee after. In many cases how empty!

In the new catechumenal way, I can participate by preparing the readings, reading them, preparing the prayers, preparing the altar, buying flowers or making the bread. In many cases I can respond to the love of God and share the word of God with my brothers and sisters. In the parish I can do nothing, everything is for the specialists. In the catechumenal by handing over the peace of God; no one gives me a just hand, but takes my whole body and gives me a hug and kisses me on my cheek, wishing me the peace of God.

I am sure that the new catechumenal way is a door to the church for the pure, the divorced, lonely ones, the uneducated, foreigners, young people, etc. and for those in the parish that the parish cannot reach. And a big help for all those people who, for different reasons, have to live alone. I am thinking that if God will renew his church it will be by coming with something new and not by making old things stronger. I could continue but have to stop. Hope you can get something out of my broken English.

     Best regards,

     S.M., Denmark

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 11, 2013

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