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Desacralization, the Beatles & La Pira

No Throne at St. John Lateran


A comparison between the two photos below shows that in his inauguration at the St. John Lateran Basilica - which is actually the Cathedral of the Pope, as Bishop of Rome - Pope Francis ordered the removal of the throne as well as the two-stair platform under it. It is impressive how fast he has destroyed the sacredness of the Papacy!

To those that think this is to be humble, let them refer to many examples of other truly humble Popes.

One that comes immediately to mind is that of Pope St. Gregory the Great. After the people went to look for him and found his hiding place in the forest, he no longer hesitated to accept the tiara. Pope St. Gregory the Great saw that it was God's will for him to put on the tiara and he assumed his position as the Vicar of Christ with all the pomp and ceremony that came with this office.

     Viva Cristo Rey y La Virgin de Guadalupe!


Pope Benedict XVI sitting in his throne compared to Pope Francis sitting in his throne

Above left, the inauguration of Benedict XVI in St. John Lateran Basilica; at right, Francis's inauguration at the same place - no longer a throne, no two-stair platform, no red cope, no stole, no red shoes... the desacralization of the Papacy running at high speed


La Pira's Anti-Catholic Work

Dear TIA,

Regarding the article La Pira Promoting Accusations of Anti-Semitism against the Church:

It continues to amaze me how many rotten fruits have come from the clandestine activities of really evil people back in the 1950s and 1960s!

Perhaps this is a result of being an American, where we tend to think in the short-term, rather than the long…

     E.S., Ph.D.

Another Inconvenient Papal Kiss


Along the same lines of that kiss that you highlighted on the topic of Zero Tolerance, I am sending another document for your collection:

It is a video with the pope kissing a handicapped woman on the lips at 1:30 mark. It is here.


Baroque & Beatles

Dear TIA,

Here is the latest contribution from the ‘team’ at Mission San Juan Capistrano: Our beloved mission has been so thoroughly overrun with progressivists for so long, that more prayers of reparation are needed. We hope one day for its re-consecration.

poster advertising for Baroque and the Beatles
As you can see from this advertisement, the latest ‘concert’ at the Basilica celebrates the two revolutions – my first thought – oh, the Beatles and the ‘60s revolt against all things hallowed and traditional in the secular venue. The next thought – the Vatican II revolt of the Hierarchy against Holy Mother Church.

I was incorrect on that one point. The revolution in music really began with the Baroque and the tumultuous 16th, 17th and 18th centuries with the stirrings of free thinkers, rebels within the Church, like Luther. And the period finally climaxed in the era of the French Revolution.

So this is our Mission – sunk to these depths of actually celebrating the blasphemous group The Beatles, and believing this to be high art.

I thought this could add to your coverage of Revolution in Pictures.

An interesting note – one of the musicians involved with this project said their goal is to win a ‘grammy’. As they would say in the ‘60s – “Far our!” “Wow!”


Sincere regards,


JPII 'Miracles' & the Demise of Sainthood


From what I understand, the JPII machinery is in full swing to get him canonized in October because a second miracle has been confirmed. I do not know the details on the second, only the first. Can you elaborate more on these miracles.

It seems to me that, besides the shameless canonization of him at his funeral by Cardinal Ratzinger, I do not know what to make of these miracles. Are they legit or did they cut corners? It seems that a Pope that repeatedly and openly violated the First Commandment can not possibly have miracles according to the strict norms for canonization.

By the way, the miracle for Pope Pius XII's canonization is that of an Italian couple who was expecting a child and the mother was diagnosed with cancer. They were praying to JPII when in a dream the husband was told to pray to Pope Pius XII instead. They switched Popes and she was healed of the tumor.


TIA responds:


So far, none of the TIA writers have analyzed specifically the so-called miracles of John Paul II. We will keep your suggestion in mind for a future article.

Our presupposition, however, is simple: Since we do not believe he was a saint, we believe his miracles are not authentic. The progressivist religious authorities gave him the title of “blessed” and will give him the title of “saint” in order to destroy the true glory of sanctity.

Producing so many “blessed” and “saints” who were not saints, those progressivist authorities expect to finish with the prestige of the sainthood to please the Protestants, who do not venerate saints. And also to break the way the Catholic Church traditionally taught the simple people through the examples of the Saints. Indeed, with a moral-free life like that of JPII, how can anyone take him as a model of virtue?


     TIA correspondence desk


Is the Papal Cross a Homage to Pan?

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

As an old traditionalist, I'm very interested in the symbols on the pectoral cross of "pope" Franciscus. Is seems to me it shows pan.

Would you kindly send me per e-Mail or CD a more detailed (high-pixel) photo of this cross as annexed to this e-mail?

Hoping in receiving this, I'm prepared to make a donation to be included in a letter to you.

     United in prayer to Jesus Christ and Maria,

      I remain yours with my best regards

        I.O., Germany

TIA responds:

Dear I.O.,

We still do not have a high-resolution photo of Pope Francis' pectoral cross. However, a reader sent us a picture of one pectoral cross, a copy of his, which has been sold in Catholic religious goods stores.

We have already posted that photo on our website. You may check out a larger picture of it here.


     TIA correspondence desk


The Name Francis

Dear TIA,

Thanks for the thought provoking article on Francis' l pectoral cross.

His name may indicate something just as strange or more so. His name Francis l may just refer to Francis II, who took the name Francis I, first emperor of Austria after Napoleon Bonaparte deposed the Emperor in Austria in 1806, at which time the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved, something that was most powerful in restraining the onset of the coming of the Anti-Christ, according to Cardinal Edward Manning. He strongly emphasized this point in his 1861 book The Temporal Power of the Papacy.

Another issue that would cause trouble for the Church was the Rothschild bank getting control of Vatican finances sometime in the 1830's. The Freemasons running Banco Ambrasiano in the 20th century had a path made for them long before they could cause scandal for the Church. One of which seems to have been Vatican money invested in pharmaceutical companies that manufactured birth control pills.

     Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us
     Our Lady of La Salette, pray for us


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted May 23, 2013

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