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Tattoos & Slaves of Our Lady

Can Tattoos Please God?


If a devout Catholic had a tattoo of say, a monstrance in a modest place, or a rosary, is it your belief that it would be offensive to God?



TIA responds:


Let us pose other similar questions to make it easier to understand our answer:

Is it licit for a man to smoke marijuana when it is wrapped in a paper with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe? Or when he injects heroin in his veins with a syringe stamped with a cross?

No, it does not become morally acceptable because these actions are essentially wrong, and the presence of a religious symbol on them does not change their bad nature.

A similar principle applies to tattoos or body piercings. They are essentially bad because they are mutilations of the human body.

Today’s popular practice of getting tattoos and piercings participates in the vice of masochism, which is taking pleasure in inflicting sufferings on oneself, either temporarily or definitively. It is a vice against nature whose ultimate and most radical end is suicide, the complete destruction of one’s own life.

In History civilized peoples did not engage in these masochist practices, and when some degenerate members did so, they hid the results from public sight out of human respect. It is only when a people decays and enters the stage of barbarianism, where satanic practices are common, that the use of tattoos and piercings become common and even fashionable.

We find such practices in some Indian tribes of Africa and South America to this day. Since those tribes are under the influence / tyranny of their witch-doctors who, in turn, worship the Devil, they are often required to scourge or mutilate their bodies as a sign of submission and cult to the Devil.

It is only the Devil, never God, who is pleased with these self-inflicted mutilations.

Thus, our advice for Catholics, be they devout or not, is to respect their bodies as temples of the Holy Ghost, as St. Paul says (1 Cor 1:19), and to stay away from all tattoos and piercings.


     TIA correspondence desk


Charismatics & the Devil


The Charismatic Renewal Movement is the work of the devil. I don't believe in it, and I know you don't. Our Lady said "flee these gatherings." I believe you could become possessed from them.

A woman I knew, who was a charismatic, told me she didn't always go to Sunday Mass. I asked her if she knew it was a mortal sin, and she said "yes." I also asked her if she could still speak in tongues when she was in mortal sin and she said, "Oh yes."

I wonder who was speaking through her. It certainly was not the Holy Spirit. It's a shame that Catholics are being so misled.


Consecration as a Slave of Our Lady


So glad I did...

This past Friday I went to High Mass for the feast of the Queenship of Mary. After Mass Father conducted prayers for those who elected to take part in the Total Consecration to Mary. I felt compelled to join this group. I actually was preparing for it without realizing it, at least I think so.

With the daily Rosary and just finishing St. Louis de Montfort's book, The Admirable Rosary, I felt ready to do this. I tell you all this for only one reason: I think the children should know about this beautiful Consecration and consider taking part. Perhaps age 12 and up would be a good time.

You could ask your priest at your parish about this, or maybe it is possible for parents to do this at home. Boys and Girls, of course, but I think it is even more beneficial for the Girls.

I am so glad I decided to go to Mass that day. I don’t usually go during the week. Maybe my Guardian Angel put the bug in my ear.

Sometimes I think that when we make Our Lady smile, Our Lord is also very pleased. I think this consecration, especially when the young take part, makes her smile.


Galitzin’s Articles

Dear TIA,

Salve Maria!

I truly enjoy Margaret Galitzin’s articles. She is a wonderful writer about timely interests.

I would like to purchase her book on Venerable Mary of Agreda in America. Could you have a copy available for me at our next meeting?

Thank you very much!

     In Maria,


A Lady in Blue


I love this story of Mary of Agreda, and will read other posts you have regarding her.

I read a wonderful book about her last fall.

With gratitude & joy,


Militant Formation for Boys

Dear Dr. Horvat,

Thank you for your very detailed, well-thought out response to my question [on correcting boys for feminine tendencies]. I will keep you in my prayers.

I have continued to correct my son with his limp wrist. I like your suggestion of possibly putting him in a martial arts class. I already have him in a baseball league and taking hockey lessons. This combination takes up between two and three days each week during the summer. Baseball ends in mid-July, when I believe I will start taking him occasionally to my friend’s boxing gym to work with him on some skills. I did some amateur boxing and have tried to get my son interested messing around at our house, but there seem to be many distractions with the other children and other things going on.

I think that if I can get him into an atmosphere like that, I can get him interested and help to build his confidence. I have seen boxing work wonders by building up confidence in teens/young men.

I also want to use this summer to start having him read stories about valiant Catholic men, as you suggested. There are so many fine examples that I think I can work on one per week and build up his interest. The North American Martyrs, the Cristeros, Miguel Pro, St. Thomas More, etc. Thank you again, and through the intercession of Our Lady, may Our Lord bless you abundantly.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted June 18, 2013

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