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Students Confirm
the Charismatic Excesses at Steubenville

The Spirit of Steubenville Is Protestant
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Dear TIA,

I recently read John Vennari's article "Fusion Catholicism." It hit home because I am not only a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS), but also a recent convert to Catholicism. My experience at FUS has been quite disillusioning (as it has been for many of my fellow students). One reason I left my Protestant denomination was to distance myself from the flippant, childish, irreverent, entertainment-driven, and ultimately diabolical rock concerts that are styled as "worship" or "praise services."

But guess what I found at FUS? Something far worse! I nearly vomited when I went to my first "Charismatic" mass at FUS, and vowed never to go to one again. There is certainly a spirit at work in the Charismatic movement, but it is NOT the Holy Spirit. FUS is Catholic only in name; it is de facto Protestant. My Protestant father went to the aforementioned Charismatic Mass with me and had no qualms with it: in fact, he wondered why he couldn't receive communion because he didn't disagree with anything said or done during this "mass."

But I would like the readers at TIA to know that not everyone at FUS is Charismatic or are enthusiastic about the Charismatic movement. While I won't mention names, I know a number of the staff who - in varying degrees - disapprove or at least are wary of Charismaticism. This is also true of a substantial group of students. Many of my friends and acquaintances do not go to mass on campus. They either go to St. Peter's Cathedral (which offers a traditional Novus Ordo), Eastern rite liturgies, or to the indult in Pittsburgh. Many who can't get off campus go to the more traditional liturgies which are offered earlier in the day.

Among the pre-theological students (those preparing to go to seminary) the Charismatic movement is an explosive topic. Of course, FUS continues to be - as the article rightly stated - the "Mecca" of the Charismatic Movement. My point is that there is an ever-growing body of students who resist it.

There is so much more I could say, but Mr. Vennari's article said it all. Since I am an English Major and only have one year till graduation, I will finish my bachelor's degree at FUS. I ask that you please withhold my name if you should post this letter on the website.

     Thank you and God bless.

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That's the Way It Is!
People Commmenting

I write to you as a young traditional Catholic student who attended the Franciscan University of Steubenville for several years. I knew there was a strong charismatic movement there but really did not realize how strong it was until I got there. Almost everyone you meet wants to know your "conversion experience" and talk about it. It is like Protestants talking about finding Jesus. It was too much for me - even with some of the good profs and other students who agreed with me.

Anyway, just for your readers to know. John Vennari's article was not exaggerated, that is the way it is. Thanks for posting it.

     In the Sacred Heart,


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 16, 2006

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