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Blasphemies in Nancy & Bloody Dolan

Blasphemous Progressivist Campaign


I am sending you and your readers some blasphemous ads from charity campaigns in the Diocese of Nancy from 2013 to 2010.

The first picture "Oh Marie, si tu savais tous les dons qu'il nous faudrait, que je donne" - "Oh Mary, if you knew all the donations that we need, that I give," but in French "don" means also the gifts of the Holy Spirit - is a copy of a love song of the French rocker Johnny Halliday. Also "que je" as in "que je donne" is the usual slogan of all the comic imitations of the well known singer Halliday...

The second picture "On a tous quelque chose en nous de Jésus-Christ, que je donne" - "we all have something in us of Jesus-Christ, which I give!" - is also inspired by the Johnny Halliday song "Tennessee

The third one from the campaign of 2012: "Ne pas donner, c'est pas très catholique" - " to not donate is not very catholic." Those balls are sea urchins symbolizing those who are locked into themselves.

The fourth "..."En 2010 Jésus crise, donnez que diable" -"In the crisis of Jesus 2010, what the hell, give something.


     L.D., France



Francis’ Noopneustia

Mr. Atila,

Salve Maria,

My compliments on your article "Bergoglio's 'Psychiatric Reasons.'"

I leave aside his fatuous contradiction – first, affirming his need to live alone in Buenos Aires, then stating the opposite that he "cannot live alone" - implies confusion in his soul. The Catholic teaching on the unity of body and soul is one of ineffable profundity, as you rightly know. This unity, when healthy, sends a signal in which one can find health - or, if a deceit exists, then a malaise sets in.

This unity of soul and body is not merely a unity of common dynamic effect, as Plato and Descartes, etc. held, but rather is a unity of nature and being which forms one principle of action, one nature. Francis seems to have a soul that is infested by an affliction known as noopneustia (you won't find it in the dictionary), but its meaning has two applications: one is the mutual influence two spiritual beings exercise over each other, the other is when a person speaks without being influenced.

In other words he muses, as if he is daydreaming out loud. Listening to his spontaneous extemporaneous absurdities, my thoughts return to listening to some goofball on the playground in the seventh grade.

These ideas about his soul do not come from my personal expertise, but during my career in both prison work and law enforcement, I did a fair amount of reading on people that were either just criminals or involved in some occult phenomena.

In any case, your article was a good one.

There seems to be an aggressive power that we must face, one in the spiritual sphere, the other in the temporal.

May Our Lady protect us.

My prayers and my best to all,

     In Domina,

     Lyle Arnold

St. Jacques Demolition


This lamentable demolition of the Church of St. Jacques (watch the video here) reminds me the demolition of the entire Catholic Church being made by the Conciliar Revolution.

Like the Apostles in the bark, we pray: Lord save us that we perish! Maintain us in the true Faith and in the true Church despite the storm! Santa Maria de Guadalupe, save our country, co

     J.F.R, Peru

A Bloody Dolan


With respect to your post concerning the Cardinal Dolan award given to a pro-abortionist, I was reminded of a ditty a physicist workmate of mine sometimes used to sing when he was working. The words were: “Oh the workers’ flag is colored red, colored by the blood the workers bled.”

For Cardinal Dolan and his laughing it up with Obama at the Al Smith dinner, his backtracking on the law suit against Obama and his deathly silence about Obama’s asking for God’s mercy on Planned Parenthood, I have slightly altered the words of the ditty to: “Oh the cardinal’s cassock is colored red, colored by the blood the babies bled.”

     Dr. R.B.

Good Muslim, Good Nazi

Dear TIA,

Islam is like Nazism; going to a mosque is like attending a Nazi Party meeting. Some go in ignorance but they help the evil cause.

This from Jihad Watch:

As we know, mosques are not like churches or synagogues. They are far more than houses of worship and contemplation. Many of them are centres of jihadist activity that indoctrinate to commit and support violence against infidels. In America, as many as four different studies have independently come to the same conclusion that 80% of US mosques "were teaching jihad, Islamic supremacy, and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians."

Islam is the perfect judgment on the apostate West. Muslims believe in error; we don't believe in Truth. We murder our young; Muslims don't. We celebrate perversion; Muslims don't. And the Vatican pretends that Islam is a good religion and esteems it, and Islam answers with a deserved laugh and scorn.


Japanese Traditional Website

Dear Sirs,

Tradition in Action is very interesting or infuriating. The takeover of the Catholic Church by Freemason is so obvious.

You will find my website of the same taste. Please take a look here, and introduce it to your viewers.

     Thank you.

     Fr. John A. Nariai


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted July 11, 2013

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