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Bogus Movement & N.O. Circus

The False Fatima Movement


First I want to thank you for your 5 edifying posts (here, here, here,here and here) which I am using to help a sinner whom I have known and had charity with for years to come out of his sin. This material is a godsend and is helping him to see the state of his soul and his pride which has been his down fall. Thank you for all of your years of posting the eternal truths of our Holy Catholic Faith.

I have meant to warn you of a very bad site, the false Fatima Movement, which I believe is straight from the pits of Hell because:

* The editor affirms Our Lady is God and a part of the Holy Trinity. You may find this at the very top of the page in blue, under the words "Welcome to the Fatima Catholic Revolution." It advertises OURLADYISGOD.COM.

* Perusing the website I found it is affirmed that Our Lady is part of the Trinity. This would be the secret Our Lady revealed to Sister Lucia.

* He also calls “satanic” the mysteries of the Rosary by Pope St. Pius V. Actually, he says, “the heretical Pius V added Satanic prayers and biblical ‘luminous mysteries’ to the Rosary.”

The clues are still here - scroll down until a picture of St. Pius V appears.

Look here, Atila, please expose these wicked men. They are probably from the occult Gnostic Catholic sect that is into Canon Roca and Stanislas de Guaita and Doinel You can see that their site if very dark and contradictory, as all things from the Devil are.

Atila, tell them to get your stuff off their site, which can be found here.

Here is your material exposing the false Siri theory. It says TIA on it with your photos. Well, I don't believe in the Siri theory, but I don't believe in his wicked website either.

I have written to this man and rebuked him and I hope that you warn people about him. I think he is Masonic and Protestant, or maybe a Gnostic Catholic or Old Catholic, I don't know. But he is a false promoter and distorter of the Fatima message and he condemns true popes.

     God bless you,


The Editor responds:


Thank you for your initial amiable words on our work. We are rewarded to know that some of the material on our site is helping to convert a person from sin to the state of grace. This is an encouragement for us to continue echoing the perennial doctrine of Holy Mother Church.

I also thank you for letting me know about your concerns about the Fatima Movement site. Although at the beginning, this website had some courageous and interesting postings - like the supposed Third Secret of Fatima which we also reproduced - I had noticed that it was becoming more and more extravagant in presenting supposedly apocalyptic signs of the end of the world, the Antichrist, the destruction of Rome, etc.

I believe that we are living in times that prefigure the end times; in this sense they are apocalyptic. But this is not a reason for us to lose our balance and start to disseminate sensational facts or interpretations of facts that appear to support our opinions, but are not proven. This kind of propaganda does a real disservice to the true Resistance against Progressivism, because it only adds more confusion to the picture. It also makes the responsible party appear biased, superficial and ridiculous, and sends to the public the message that everyone who opposes Progressivism is likewise unreasonable.

I only had time to go quickly through some of the pages of this confusing and difficult-to-surf site. Along with much other sensationalist material, I found an insinuation that Our Lady is part of the Trinity, as you had warned. Thus, I take your word that on other pages it clearly affirms that Our Lady is God. This is a very grave matter. To spread that Our Lady is equal to God and a part of the Holy Trinity is to spread heresy. Even prior to that, it is a lunacy that no balanced person can defend. I believe that any support to a site that promotes this thesis should be immediately withdrawn.

I also found the reference to St. Pius V being a Freemason for having promoted the Rosary the way he did. Again, this is not admissible. Anyone who takes this position is trying to put down the major representative of the Counter-Reformation. St. Pius V is one of the bulwarks of the Counter-Revolution. To offend him can only benefit the enemies of the Church.

I am sorry for not having conditions for a more precise evaluation. Right now TIA is preparing two books to go press, which demands much of my time.

At any rate, thank you for sounding the alarm. As you can see by this response, I am following your suggestion to expose the errors you found. If per chance you, or any other reader, will come across others, please let me know.

Regarding your suggestion to ask the editor of that site to remove TIA’s materials, the problem is more difficult. Since the internet is a free forum, anyone who posts anything on the world wide web - as we do - implicitly allows others to reproduce it online at their convenience, as long as credit is given. This does not mean that TIA approves everything on the different sites that post our work.


     A.S. Guimarães

Novus Ordo Circus

Why I Am Ashamed to Invite Non-Catholics to the Novus Ordo Church

It's not that there is something different about the Roman Catholic parish in my whereabouts of Southern California. I know. I've been to the perimeters of the Archdiocese. It's that the casual conduct of parishioners and lax liturgical norms are the same everywhere. It would be a challenge for anyone interested in the Church to take today's Catholicism seriously.

An Orthodox Jew would be the least likely convert in the face of certain effronteries in the House of the Lord. They've got their standards. But, any clear-thinking Jew would soon think better of keeping our company when they see the entire congregation lifting their arms Third Reich style. This is the pose now taken whereby collegial benedictions are slung from the pews in an accurate fashion.

Personally, I would never ask someone to count on my blessing to do them measurable good. But, let us address the lesser challenge of the conversion of other Christian denominations, that is, if it is still allowable to approach the invitation.

There is a terrible paradox at work in the contemporary Roman Catholic Church. It is a grave sin to willfully miss one's Sunday obligation. At the same time, the experience at the modern Mass can present certain dangers to the Faith.

There is no Sunday that I do not witness one, and typically more, of the following irreverent behaviors at Mass:
  • Women dressed in short-shorts or skirts so brief one can only pray their posture is better than their sense of propriety... and hope no dropped object must be picked up.

  • Men wearing sloppy T-Shirts with logos both secular and profane (The likeliest time to see a man in a suit and tie is when he has mistaken the Sacrifice of the Mass for a more formal occasion).

  • Children whose parents bring snack bags, beverages, toys, coloring books and the crayons that come with them lest conduct proper to occasion need be taught.

  • Adults with bottled water, sipped throughout the Mass, lest they perish before the final blessing.

  • The certainty that at least one cell phone will blast loudly despite the opening request to "turn them off" (You've missed the fullest experience of the New Church unless you've listened to the William Tell Overture during the Consecration of the Body & Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ).

  • Young people and adults alike texting at length during Mass.

  • The Touchy-Feely-Fest parishioners are directed to slavish upon one another after the Consecration to prove their regard for the stranger next to them is every bit as high as their regard for God.

  • Enthusiastic applause during and after the Mass in tribute to some person or persons other than God - but always, always for the choir who has set us on our way home with tunes so sticky & sweet it takes until mid-day to shake them from your head. That and the drum roll rimshot the organist makes on his magic music machine for the occasion of a particularly lame joke by the priest.

  • The swarm of hen parties after Mass in front of the sanctuary. If you have in mind Prayers for After Mass, you can just tuck that missal away.
Then, there's the announcement that "All are invited to receive communion. If you do not wish to receive communion, please place your hand over your heart for a blessing".

Who is "All"? Why would one "not wish" to receive? Explanations are not offered.

The flock won't hear anything along the lines of worthy reception from our shepherds (nor the very idea of sin & Hell) so it is not surprising other herds of sheep, goats & trumpeting elephants stampede forth. The invitation for "All " to receive doesn't square with the hand-wringing directives for Non-Catholics & Communion buried in the back of the Church Missalette. There you can read about the "sad divisions between Catholics and members of other churches with whom we are not yet fully united." Well, that's enough to creep out all concerned. What exactly have they got planned here?

There are other things less common but sights not soon forgotten. The woman throwing her head back to administer nose-drops in the pew ahead of me pops to mind. Oh. Well, that and the guy with the bottle of Ensure the other Sunday. You know...lest they perish.

And who in the church can forget the posters under each saint's statue promoting a fund-raising festival?...the ones with graphics of swaying hula girls in coconut-shell bras...

Nonetheless, gratitude swells the heart for our church being yet spared the inclusion of Liturgical Dances, which is to say nymphs in diaphanous dresses leaping about the altar. While these performances are indistinguishable from rituals by Druids at Stone Henge during High Solstices, they are not to be confused with any pagan counterpart.

It can be argued that America is in a cultural collapse, but nowhere will you find more slobs than under the roof of a Roman Catholic Church.

I will not embarrass her further by bringing in spectators to the Roman Circus within.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 19, 2013

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