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Are We at the End Times?

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To the Editor,

Dear Sir,

I have come across many people lately that feel that this era is heralding the end of the world. One can see many signs that seem to be fulfilling the prophecies in the Apocalypse. It seems that evil has overwhelmed the entire world. There are many people that are tempted to buy into the Rapture theory and many others that are being driven to a paralysis by fear. Are there any hopeful thoughts that TIA can offer these people to orient them during these very difficult times?

Thank you for your priceless work. Your website is a life line in these days of confusion. I feel as though Our Lady has given us a special gift by letting us find your website. May you be richly rewarded for your efforts on behalf of our beloved Catholic Church and her Traditions!


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The Editor responds:

Dear Mrs. E.A.M.

Thank you for your amiable words regarding our work. We hope to continue to enjoy your precious support.

The need for the Reign of Mary

Regarding your first question – whether we are at the end times – I offer you the following considerations:

1. God created the universe and man within it for His glory. He did not need it for His internal glory, which was already complete and perfect. He only created the universe for His external glory.

2. Since He is Omniscient, when He created it, He knew that this planned glory would be realized in History. If it were to end in a failure, He would have known this, and He would not have created it.

3. For this glory to be complete, not only the Catholic Church but also the ensemble of nations throughout the world should recognize Him as the true God and glorify Him.

4. Now then, never in History has the ensemble of society glorified God as He deserved. Christendom in the Middle Ages did so, but it was only a small part of the world – Europe – that duly glorified Him for a prolonged period of time. That effort, however, came to a halt in Europe; and the rest of the world has never reached that level of religiosity yet.

5. Therefore, an era must come in which this necessary glory will be given to God.

6. To this theological and philosophical demand, are added the promises of Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Good Success that she will conquer the Revolution and establish the Reign of Her Immaculate Heart.

7. Many saints have predicted this era. I mention only one, perhaps the greatest of them, St. Louis Grignion de Montfort. He spoke clearly of this new era in his principal work Treatise of True Devotion to Mary, and his famous Fiery Prayer asking for Apostles of the End Times. I strongly recommend anyone who is in danger of despair to read and meditate on this magnificent book and inspired prayer.

So, I believe that we are not at the last times. We will still have a period in History in which God will be glorified as He deserves.

The apocalyptical seriousness of the present day situation

Notwithstanding, we are in a time that certainly is the end of an era. I have the conviction that History, winding like a spiral, forms great cycles that in a certain way repeat themselves. Thus, at the end of each of these cycles there is a pre-figure of the end time. This is why many interpreters of the Apocalypse spoke of Arius as being the Antichrist; later others referred to Mahomet as the Antichrist; still later Luther was considered the Antichrist. Referring to his times and Modernism, St. Pius X also asked if the time of the Antichrist had not arrived (cfr. Encyclical E supremi apostolatus, n. 5).

Analogously, we who are witnessing Progressivism installed in the highest posts of the Catholic Church, destroying her and implanting in her place a Church of Man, can ask if the Conciliar Popes who are promoting this revolution are not also other pre-figures of the Antichrist.

In many ways we live in an epoch in which almost everything glorifies the Devil. It is an antithesis of the plan of God for Creation.

The situation, therefore, is extremely grave. For a well formed mind, it is wise to ask if this epoch is not the end time. It is a question that reflects seriousness and universality of spirit. But given the reasons set out above, I do not believe that it is the end time yet. A new epoch must come to glorify God by the best way He chose, that is, through Our Lady. This should be the Reign of Mary. Only the decay of that glorious time will bring the end time.

False solutions, true solution

For a new epoch to come, it is necessary that the Devil and his cohorts be defeated, and that good people be purified. These are the reasons for the chastisements predicted at Fatima. What was predicted is a chastisement of cosmic proportions that will cause the disappearance of many nations – the miracle of the sun seems to be a symbol of it. After that punishment, with the few who will survive, the Reign of Mary will start to be built.

The Devil knows better than we imagine that his time is short. So, he has prepared false solutions either in response to fear of the chastisement or to the expectation of the Reign of Mary.

In many countries, UFO partisans pretend that good extra-terrestrial aliens (small and green: the ET type) will come to take the “chosen ones” to other planets. This “travel” would prevent them from being destroyed by the evil extra-terrestrials (tall and hairy: the abominable snowman type) that will come, they say, to chastise earth’s inhabitants for their guilt in destroying ecology and the planetary balance.

The same theory was translated into religious terms and presented in the United States by Protestants under the name of the Rapture. Some “chosen ones” would be taken to heaven and the others, those “left behind,” would be punished.

I consider both theories as false solutions prepared by the Devil to manipulate people’s fear, fool them, and avert them from following the counsels of Our Lady at Fatima.

Just as there are false solutions for the chastisement, they also exist for the expectation of the Reign of Mary. It is my opinion that the New Age in the United States, also called the Age of Aquarius in other countries, is a false solution that the Devil presents to fool people who have a hope for a new springtime of mankind.

The Pentecostal Movement, which was Protestant in origin, today is a widespread Catholic phenomenon as well. It seems another false solution for those who sense some radical change in the economy of grace for mankind. Indeed, St. Louis Grignion de Montfort predicted an overflowing action of the Holy Ghost as the base for the establishment of the Reign of Mary. It is my opinion that the Charismatic or Pentecostal movement came “to steal the banner” and lead people astray.

So, if one is either concerned about the seriousness of the present day situation or moved by the hope of a new epoch to come, he is invited to accept the false solutions prepared by the Devil that are awaiting him.

The true solution is to be vigilant, reject these false theories, and prepare ourselves patiently for the chastisement and the Reign of Mary. Vigilance, prayer, penance and hope - a great hope for the coming epoch that will vindicate all of Creation and make it worthy to exist for the glory of God, Our Lord.

These are some considerations, dear Mrs. E.A.M., I can offer to you and your acquaintances in the brief space of a letter.

I hope that they may bear some good fruit.


     A.S. Guimarães

Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 16, 2006

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