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From the Pulpit, Gloria TV & N.O. Parish

From the Pulpit


FYI - Fr. Sretenovic gave TIA a glowing recommendation from the pulpit today [October 20, 2013] as the best website to find out what the TRUTH is with the ongoing apostasy in the Church.

He was commenting on Pope Francis’s scandalous remarks and said that TIA’s assessment of situations is very much on target. I agree!

Keep up the good work!


Staggering Statistics

Hi there,

I’m not exactly sure how I came upon you’re site but I must say I have found it very interesting reading!

Not being Catholic myself I don’t understand some of the stuff you mention; however the statistics are staggering re: the aids pandemic! Wow!

I have forwarded your web addy to my husband for further reading also!

I just wanted to thank you for your interest in sharing such matters with those of us who care and are interested in warning others of things to come!

Be encouraged!

     G.S., Northern Ireland


Useful Articles for Schools

Dear TIA,

This is just a brief email from England to say how much I admire your website and how edifying I find it: it often provides actual spiritual reading. I never miss a day.

The articles from Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira are most edifying. As a retired head master, I have to say how useful they would be if they could be published for schools.

I especially enjoyed the recent one “Natural & Organic Life vs. Artificial & Mechanical Existence” which showed the admirable picture of our English Victorian painter William Powell Frith – "Many Happy Returns of the Day." Your readers might like to know the light - hearted comments of Frith himself on this picture. He wrote:

“The scene is laid in a dining room, where a family is assembled to do honour to a small person who may have attained the mature age of six, and is at the moment an object of attention to the whole party; for the ceremony of health drinking is taking place. The heroine sits in a high chair, which has been decorated for the occasion with a wreath of flowers, and is somewhat bewildered by her uproarious brothers and sisters, whose wishes for many happy returns of the day are screamed by a dozen shrill voices. The parent pair preside, of course, assisted by friends whilst the grandfather and grandmother look sympathetically on.”

One could add that Frith includes a self-portrait as the head of the family, and he used his wife, daughter and sons as models.

I was fortunate enough to see an exhibition of Frith’s work in 2006 at the Guildhall Art Gallery, in the City of London. And, credit where credit is due, the fine book of the exhibition was published by the Yale University Press.

Paintings by Frith are easily found on websites: the original of this one is in a gallery in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

God bless you and your work,

     Yours sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

     Eric Hester, England

No ‘Kids’ in Gloria TV

Dr. Horvat,

Well, the goats are bearing fruit for the Children. The Priest of Gloria.tv, Fr. Nay, says "We will in the future use the term Children." Plus I have been successful in getting other folks to use the correct term Children and not Kids!

I sent Gloria TV this message and your article:

Peace be to Whom it may concern,

May I respectfully request that in your Gloria.tv news that when the subject of Children comes up that you call them Children and not Kids being that they are not goats. Please refer to this article I have sent with this email.



Fr. Reto replies:

Dear Marian,

Thank you for writing to us and thank you for your observation. We will in future use the term children.

Please pray a Hail Mary for me.

     Always in Christ,

     Fr. Reto Nay - www.gloria.tv


Problems in a Novus Ordo Parish

Dear TIA,

I just wanted to share with you what has happened in my childhood Novus Ordo parish over the past few years. Several years ago, the resident and long-time priest decided to retire. A new, young priest was installed. Members of my family that attend the church felt he was a "really nice guy with depth and good sermons."

 Apparently, the catty women of the parish decided he was a problem because he wore shorts and did something like taught a few children how to throw spit wads one day. Those women apparently did plenty of murmuring amongst themselves and eventually contacted the bishop about the behavior(s) they found problematic. To make a long story short, after being there less than a handful of years, he committed suicide.

The church had to wait a while before a new priest was installed about two years ago. This parish sits in a town of about 2,000 people in a central area of a rural State, but only about two hours from the bishop’s residence. The priest that was installed was from some State out east, where the population is notably much higher. He was previously a carpenter/contractor type of person, and it was eventually learned that he had obsessive/compulsive disorder. He recently shared with my mother that he also suffered from depression as well, for which he was taking medication. My mother has a long history of work in the medical field and asked what he was prescribed for his condition.

He told her what he was taking and she shared her concern about the nature of the drugs he was consuming, as they were highly addictive, among other negative characteristics. She told him there were better medications he could take that would not be associated with so many negative side effects. He responded with, "I have my own doctor."

I was informed last week that he is now in some sort of chemical dependency/psych ward type of facility for treatment. I shared this with my priest and he responded that he had never known a parish where a priest committed suicide and then had another such situation with the subsequent priest. His first thought was that perhaps an exorcism should be performed there.

I take this as more fallout from the diabolical disorientation of the novus ordo church. Something is terribly wrong there, and I don’t think it will get much better any time soon.

     Our Lady of La Salette, restore our Church soon.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 31, 2013

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