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‘Down with Capitalism’ & Leaving the N.O.

Maradiaga: ‘We Must Destroy Capitalism’


This is a historic declaration by Card. Oscar Maradiaga, the president of the Council of Cardinals that advises the Pontiff.

At an event in Dallas, Texas, on October 25, 2013, he made explosive statements that reminded me of the height of the Protestant Pseudo Reformation, when sects characterized by a complete egalitarianism between pastors and community were founded. If any of those heresiarchs were alive today, he would endorse and praise Maradiaga’s statements.

Also the anti-capitalist words of the Cardinal - see the last bullet below - could come from the mouth of any of the prime leaders of Communism: Lenin, Marx, Trotsky or Stalin.

I highlighted the key excerpts of his speech taken from the news report that can be read here.

     André Garcia, Brazil

  • Maradiaga, the Archbishop of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, said the Church must break down the walls between the ordained hierarchy and the laity, with all Catholics becoming “the suffering servants.”

  • “There is not a dual classification of Christians,” he said. “The Church as a society of unequals disappears. … We are here to serve, and that requires lowering ourselves to become servants.” …

  • “This is a move away from the European church to becoming a universal church with multiple cultural roots,” he said. “The ‘Italianation’ of the Church has always been tied to power.”…

  • That puts the Church at odds with a world where “financial capital wields over a billion human beings a power of life and death — deciding who has the right to live on this planet and who is doomed to die,” Maradiaga said.

    “To change the system it would be necessary to destroy the power of the new feudal lords,” he said, and to replace that with “mercy and solidarity and a return to the church of the poor.”

The River of Paradise

Dear TIA,

I am sending another slide-show for you and your readers to enjoy.

It is about a river in the South American country of Colombia that grows algae on its riverbed. These algae takes on different colors and seem to be alive as they move under the flow of the water, which is transparent.

The ensemble is marvelous, a sort of vision of what a river could be in Paradise. This is why it is sometimes referred as The river that escaped from Paradise.

To watch click here.

     May Our Lady bless TIA and its readers.

     P.H., Brazil


Cataclysm in the Philippines


I found the photo below pictured amidst the rubble of one of the many churches destroyed by an earthquake in Bohol, the Philippines, on October 16, 2013. It reminded me of that other statue of Our Lady that remained intact when Hurricane Sandy hit New York about a year ago.

However, I am not sure whether this statue was in the destroyed church and was miraculously saved, or someone put it there afterwards to protect the place, Could you enlighten me as to what happened?

For more pictures on the cataclysm that hit Bohol, click here.

     Thank you,


A statue of Our Lady and the Child Jesus standing amidst ruines


TIA responds:


Thank you for sending us these photos of the destruction caused by the recent earthquake in Bohol.

We do not have conditions to answer your question. We pass it on to our readers to see if any of them know for sure whether the statue of Our Lady was saved from the destruction or was put there after the earthquake took place.


     TIA correspondence desk


Why I Left the Novus Ordo Mass

Dear TIA,

As a member of Our Lady Help of Christians Latin Mass Chapel in Garden Grove California, I want to thank you for posting our pastor Msgr. Patrick Perez’s talk at Fr. Gruner’s Fatima Conference Quid est Veritas? (What Is Truth?)”

In it he made a major statement that all Catholics, (especially combat weary but faithful traditional Catholics) need to hear. Monsignor said: “Given the way things are going in the Church, these things need to be said. It is now to the point or PAST THE POINT where we can consider co-existing with the modernist Church! These are things that must be said for the salvation of souls. If nothing is said, people do not know what is going on. The other side is not misleading... They are not wishy washy... They are heretics!”

During the question & answer period following the talk, a well-mannered middle-aged man, impeccably dressed in a suit, raised his hand to explain his dilemma. He said that when he attends our chapel, everything is “so orderly, so respectful.” But when he returns to his Novus Ordo parish, it’s total chaos and grieves his heart! His conscience was struggling with the “obedience” issue (i.e., if you’re not obedient, you’re not Catholic!) Monsignor told him that he was going through a normal process that many of us had to go through before we finally hollered ENOUGH!!

At that point, I raised my hand and shared my similar experience for his benefit, which I also want to share with your readers.

Born in 1953, I was very blessed to be raised completely in the fullness of the Latin Mass, including attending 8 years of Catholic School mostly taught by nuns. I loved going to daily Mass with its bells, smells and mystical liturgy!

As a 16 year old teenager, I remember vividly the stark, rapid changes that totally ruined the atmosphere of sacrality, & changed the way we worshipped: ripping out the altar rails, moving the Tabernacle to the side, lay people wandering all around telling the priests what to do, COMMUNION IN THE HAND (Last week only a priest could touch the Host- this week the “dinner” bell’s ringing “COME AND GET IT!”) Four of our six priests left in ONE YEAR! The nuns got out of those “stuffy medieval habits” and into jumpers with blouses and stockings! They got rid of the organ & the choir in the back & moved the show up front, substituting guitars for the Hootenanny Masses! (that is how we called them!)

My staunch Irish Catholic father was greatly saddened, but he went along with it all because he trusted those religious authorities to make the moral decisions for him without question. I remember thinking how stupid it all seemed. The loss of the sacred combined with my will-full teenage ego resulted in my being gone from the Church for 35 years, during which, the entire time, I NEVER set foot in a Catholic Church except for my sister’s wedding. I was completely ignorant of the revolution that had gone on which virtually eliminated the true Mass.

Fast forward Catholic Rip Van Winkle the Revert to September 2005 when I had my first confession in 35 years. Since the Latin Mass was all but extinct, I ended up doing four years at “St. X” parish near my home.

What a jolt! I quickly learned that it wasn’t the House of God anymore - now it was “Our Place!” What a den of noise: people talking, cell-phones going off, children eating snacks, sandwiches & playing videos during Mass. Nobody genuflected anymore - they just nodded their heads. (Mind you... because the Tabernacle, although obscured, was still in the middle of the church, this was considered one of the “better” parishes in the area!) I tried two more churches, but they were as horrible as that one.

Thinking that my goodness would help to fix the mess, I became a Eucharistic Minister (Communion Cop was more like it!) and a Lector. The more I “participated,” the more abuses I saw going on & the more grief I felt. As a lector, I discovered that all the Scripture readings in “Ordinary Time” have been deliberately “sanitized” of all references to sin, death, judgment. (Just get the Douay Rheims Bible & compare it to their proogressivist Scripture readings every week... You’ll see! I was appalled to find out how much was left out!)

I saw the Precious Blood being dumped down the drain by ignorant older women who were raised with the old Mass & should have known better than anybody not to do that! They snapped at me when I tried to correct them. There were women bringing up the gifts wearing Daisy Duke skin tight shorts; women lectors in immodest low cut tops that made them look undressed from the podium. (Were they working the lounge after Mass?) In fact it was 99% all women, except for an occasional man! He took his orders from the ladies running the sacristy. No one EVER said anything because it was more important to be “nice.” Like their songs say, we are “the people of God!” (Whoooo hoooo! Ain’t He lucky?)

I was so angry & would cry sometimes after Mass! Literally... Who would have thought up all this?? I saw hosts dropped on the floor & stepped on with no effort of retrieval. Aside from some obviously unwashed hands, I caught people putting hosts into their pockets, flipping them on their tongues for amusement, & crumbling them in their hands. I even raced after a little girl who was walking her host out the side door to a creepy spirited man waiting outside!! The people in the front row saw it all and never did anything about it!

There also were Eucharistic Ministers taking the sacrament home for the sick who said that they stopped off for breakfast beforehand at IHOP! For the last two years, I continually begged the deacon and the pastor to address these abuses from the pulpit. Finally when I pressed him earnestly, the pastor gave me the “Mahony Balony” speech. He said the “people have the right to receive Communion in the hand, that it was approved by the bishops, that I had no right to judge them, this is how the early church did it, blah blah!”

After my moral objections, Father replied: “Just be obedient and continue to set the example... and correct it the next time you see it.” I replied in frustration: “THE NEXT TIME I SEE IT?? You mean you’re NOT GOING TO SAY ANYTHING? Nobody is going to use my obedience to commit sacrilege!” I walked out on a Friday and canceled my parish enrollment within 24 hours, wondering where I could go then.

A week later on December 8, 2009, I attended my first Mass at Our Lady Help of Christians, where I wept tears of relief during the whole Mass! Our Blessed Mother had brought me home to a sacrilege / scandal free sanctuary! I could worship deeply, profoundly, at the Mass of the Saints for almost 2,000 years (& without looking at your rear end in shorts!)

The first thing I did was confess those four years of handling the Blessed Sacrament against the laws of the Church - because what was wrong 50 years ago is still wrong now! ALSO- I have promised Our Lord not to attend the Novus Ordo Mass for ANY reason, INCLUDING WEDDINGS, FUNERALS, etc, since I think attendance at this counterfeit liturgy for those reasons is a serious compromise for many traditionalist Catholics.

My experience concurs with Msgr. Perez’ conclusion about coexisting with this evil. IGNORANCE / OBEDIENCE IS NO EXCUSE! Our precious Jesus prayed on the Cross: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!” This Scripture tells us that a sin is a sin whether a person knows it or not. Their culpability may be lessened BUT it is STILL a SIN! Otherwise Jesus would not have asked the Father to forgive them!

Either saying or attending the New Mass IS a mortal sin of sacrilege, or it is not. If it is a mortal sin, then it is a mortal sin ALWAYS, like perjury & murder. There are no situations where it is not sinful! One of its nasty fruits is that it absolutely increases the godlessness in people by callousing their hearts to the Sacred Mysteries!

Here are Father Wathen’s words from his book The Great Sacrilege:

“Any form of condonement (by attendance, by silence, by any participation that will be construed as approval) amounts to cooperation with it. It is NOT obedience to the authorities of the Church to go along with sacrilege - it is cooperating with Satan! No matter who they are or how many of them there are, these law-breakers are Christ’s enemies! Therefore, if anyone cooperates with these efforts on the excuse of obedience, or anything else, he sins grievously!”

“There are still some ‘conservative’ Catholics who imagine that they are doing some kind of virtuous obedience attending their parish churches & taking part in this sacrilege. They say: ‘We don’t like what’s going on... We don’t touch the Host ourselves, blah, blah but what choice do we have? After all... if you don’t obey, you’re not a Catholic.’ Their obedience is just an excuse. The truth about such people is that they are willfully obtuse or disgustingly cowardly. They do not want the shame & tedium that go with withdrawing from the conciliar Church in order to return to Catholic orthodoxy. If they are present FOR ANY REASON, they participate in both the Great Sacrilege & the parting slap of Christ in the face - Communion in the Hand! The pity is that they are capable of abiding this outrage, which is so abominable that they should have long ago rushed from the church, exclaiming with Judas: ‘I have betrayed innocent blood!’ (Mt 27:4) Regardless they should NOT BE WHERE THE ABUSE CONTINUES, & THEY WILL BE PUNISHED along with the lies & lame apologies of the traitor priests, who like Judas, hand their master over to malefactors!

“These people will claim the excuse of obedience in vain at their Judgment. On that occasion, Christ’s reprimand may well sound like this: “I HAVE HEARD ENOUGH EXCUSES TO LAST ME AN ETERNITY BUT YOURS IS THE LAMEST OF ALL! As I beheld you holding the cloaks of those who were stoning Me (Acts 7:57) I wondered how far you proposed to extend your obedience plea! One would think you would have reached your limit with this renewed scourging of my Sacred Body ‘Communion In the hand,’ which has as its intention the extreme degradation of My Person. I wondered what they would have to do before EVEN YOU in your cowardice & temporizing would reach the point of alarm & horror! How much would they have to debase me before you would have grown sick at the sight?! But in your case, that point was never reached! DEPART FROM ME YOU CURSED ONE!”

Like Forrest Gump says: “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is!” So do I - that’s why I left!

     May our Blessed Mother Mary begin to crush the head of Satan in the Church!

     Kerri Dillon


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted November 7, 2013

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