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Miscellanea on the Crisis in the Church

Dear TIA,

I wanted to comment and thank you for translating the prophecies on the coming chastisement. I appreciate being able to see them summarized in one topical listing and I thank you for listing these in detail.

The comment by Sr. Aiello, who of all those quoted is the most recent, with her death being in 1961, warns that “The chastisement of fire is near and will purify the earth of the iniquity of the wicked.”

I believe one of the prophetic warnings given by the Lord to a saint or saints, but not included in the listing you translated, was the statement that “the end would be near when one would see the Catholic Church and the world being merged as one.” This can be seen in the emerging support since Vatican II of papal statements calling for or supporting a new world order, false ecumenism, changes in the Latin Mass to the New Order to suit men dressed as clerics and ordained in a hierarchy who would betray Christ as Judas in the “end” days.

Marie Julie Jahenny was one told of the changes in the Mass and the three days of darkness and the other events. She was given remedies to assist the faithful, including instructions to light a blessed wax candle for the duration of the 72 hours of darkness. She also warned that there would be two days of a horrendous black rain that would fall and make it unbearable to breathe and that no Catholic should leave their house or open the door or window, even a crack, or it would be instant death.

Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate

The move against the Latin Mass last week came on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the first attack was on July 11, feast of St. Benedict. I don't follow this religious order but learned about how last week the Order was silenced, its Constitutions destroyed, and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate seminary in Rome closed.

The Rector and Vice-Rector were reassigned and many other priests/superiors were sent to distant countries, and the seminarians were sent to different seminaries in Rome. This ended their ability to offer the Latin Mass or ordain any priests for one year, and every member of the order is obliged to sign an oath pledging loyalty to the reigning decree of Modernism and the changes in the Mass, instead of to Christ and the Catholic Faith and Doctrine and the Holy Sacrifice of the Latin Mass.

These are signs of the removal of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass warned about in Daniel, the removal of the Sacrifice that Christ Himself instituted, the Latin Mass codified by Trent and signed by the Pope warning that any changing of it would be anathema and bring the wrath of God.

The mentioned dates of when the persecutions of the Catholic doctrine and Catholic Mass were made are also symbolic. If this pope were of Christ, why would he be attacking Christ and the Mother of God and their saints on such feast days? The first attack was made on the Immaculate Conception, December 8.

One of the patron saints of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is St. Maximillian Kolbe, a defender of the Immaculate Conception and the Mother of God against Communism, Masonry especially, and all Modernism. Another is St. Francis, who is the patron saint of the current Successor to St. Peter.

The first attack against the Order, with the suppression of the Latin Mass and constitutions was on July 11, feast of St. Benedict. St. Benedict was told his Order would last until the end of the world and would fight against the Antichrist and defend the Faith in the end times.

There are, then, signs that the war is just starting to advance - grave warnings of further persecution of Catholics, not only as seen in the U.S. and around the world by world governments and the U.N., but especially and in a new way never seen before by a malice inside the Church and papacy and hierarchy against Catholic doctrine and the defense of the Faith. Catholics are being more persecuted as Christ was, from within. Just as Judas betrayed Him, so the hierarchy is betraying Christ and the flock entrusted by Him to its members for their salvation in His Catholic Church. This persecution is rapidly increasing against Catholics, more by being attacked from within, by the hierarchy itself.

Ecumenism of blood

The latest attack and worsening of these signs are the public statements made by Pope Francis claiming that all who die for the Name of Christ in any “denomination” are united by blood, and are the same “form” of martyrs.

Francis gave the example of a Catholic priest killed for teaching children about Christ and a Lutheran minister who was afterward killed for the same reason. The priest who was dealing with the beatification cause of the priest told his bishop that he is fighting for the causes of the Catholic priest AND the Lutheran.

Francis approved and said this is what ecumenism of blood is, and that we must recognize and correct the definition of martyr for the Faith, which now, according to him, is to include any denomination. It is all the same. http://crossmap.christianpost.com/news/pope-francis-new-speech-in-martyrdom-all-denominations-are-united-in-an-ecumenism-of-blood-7602

This is, I believe, very destructive to the Faith and betrays the Lord, as well as the sanctity and memory of the many, many thousands who have died for the Catholic Faith, the Catholic Mass and the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ as Catholics. This position also threatens and attacks the Faith of those still suffering persecution in the underground Church around the world.

Do you know or can you state sources or writings of Church Doctors and saints you may have on hand, any documentation from past historical periods that provides a defense against this or similar heresy or apostasy like the present one gaining ground and resulting from Vatican II? The Church faithfully defended against these errors since the Council of Trent until Vatican II, with the Council of Trent codifying the Mass and doctrine of the Catholic Church against the Revolt of the Protestants. It was not a reformation but a revolt against God and the Catholic Church.

I am a Catholic married to a “Catholic” for whose salvation I pray daily. From his liberal Catholic college background, he believes that Jan Hus is a martyr for questioning the papacy and should be extolled.

I was shocked at his statement about Hus and his lack of understanding of the Faith. I told him it was against the teachings of the Catholic Church and that he was not a Catholic for holding such a false belief.

He is one who will embrace this statement Francis made about an ecumenism of blood, including as saints those outside the Faith who persecute Catholics and then attempt to die for the Holy Name of Jesus and claim faith in Christ.

And now how many children and young adults will be poorly educated or lose the Faith because of such statements? Why should they live the Catholic Faith for salvation or give their lives for the Church when they can be martyrs in any so-called religion or religious belief? How many Catholics will now have their Faith challenged by such statements by Francis, who occupies the Throne of St. Peter and makes statements as if they were ex cathedra?

Thank you for your assistance and any sources recommended to counter the recent statement by Pope Francis for a lay woman or for any priest or layman to defend the Faith.



TIA responds:

Dear M.L.,

Thank you for your comments on the prophecies we posted recently.

Regarding the punishment against the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, we believe the Vatican is making a great splash with it in order to teach a lesson: Anyone who wants to say the Tridentine Mass must also say the New Mass and accept Vatican II. For more on this topic, read here.

Regarding the affirmation by Pope Francis that anyone who dies for Christ is a martyr, independent of the religion he professes, this goes directly against the opposite solemn affirmation of Pope Eugene IV, who says no one attains salvation unless he belongs to the Catholic Church. Read the text here.

This attempt to establish a common martyrology is not new. After the publication of the Apostolic Letter Tertio millennio adveniente (1994) and the Encyclical Ut unum sint (1995) up to the celebrations of the millennium in 2000, John Paul II also tried to establish a common martyrology for Catholics, Protestants and Schismatics. He and high Vatican Prelates made various comments on the papal intention to beatify John Hus, Savonarola, Giordano Bruno, Luther, Focio and Michael Cerularius.

Each one of those heretics had particular errors that opposed specific doctrines of the Church. John Hus, whom you named, was judged and excommunicated first by the Archbishop of Prague; then he appealed to the Council of Constance, which judged him, condemned him and sentenced him to be burned at the stake. Basically, he repeated the errors of John Wycliffe, another pre-Protestant heretic from England. On the errors of Wycliffe transmitted to Anglicanism, read here.

For an encompassing view on the errors of a common martyrology, read Quo Vadis Petre? by Atila Guimarães, (Los Angeles, TIA, 1999) pp. 10-26.

We hope these suggestions may be of some help to you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted December 26, 2013

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