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Being Judgmental & a Sinking Myth

‘Who Am I to Judge’


Following is a recent excerpt from the blog of Ann Barnhardt dealing with the “Who am I to judge” mentality in the hierarchy of the Church of Vatican II.


From the Tract of the Second Sunday in Lent: Blessed are they that keep judgment and do justice at all times. (Ps 105: 3)

In case there is any question the verb “to keep” means “to maintain” – the Latin in the verse is “custodiunt,” the root from which we get the word “custodian.”

Who am I to judge? Well, who do I have to be? When Our Lord says, “Judge not lest ye be judged,” He is NOT saying that we must not judge behavior. Let’s take Michael Sam’s declaration that he is an enthusiastic and proud practitioner of the grave and abominable sin of sodomy as an example.

Every decent person is charged by God through both the Natural Law and the explicit Law of God to judge the sinful behavior of the sodomite, and condemn it in no uncertain terms. Anything less is an injustice to the sodomite and to the society in general. BUT, only Our Blessed Lord will judge Michael Sam’s soul, because only our Lord knows “the whole story” of Michael Sam.


1962 Missal


After reading Fr. Perez article on the “Missal Crisis of 1962” I am at a loss for words and upset. So, if I shouldn't read Pope Benedict's 2007 ”Motu Proprio” approved 1962 Roman Missal, what should I read instead?

So much controversy. Please help!


TIA responds:

Hello P.L.,

You may read Theological and Moral Implications of the New Ordo Missae by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira. It sets everything straight about how Protestant the Novus Ordo is. A link to it is here.

After reading it, we will be available for further correspondence.


     TIA correspondence desk


A Null and Void Vatican ll


The Great Moral Flaw” in Vatican ll was a very insightful article. The points made reinforce, to me at least, the late Rev. Fr. Joannes Dormann's four book series, John Paul ll's Theological Journey to the Prayer Meeting in Assisi.

He proves that the composers of the Cabalistic Documents of Vatican ll abandoned Scholastic language, a move the modernists needed, and enabled the problems to arise called “the spirit of the council.” Scholastic language is precise, too exact for a modernist, so the bad fruits are actually in the roots of the documents themselves.

It is difficult to know how anyone can try to read the documents of Vatican ll in the light of tradition. Doing so one falls into an endless battle of words plus an exercise in futility. John Paul ll, however, skillfully revealed to neo-modernists a heretical understanding of the Incarnation, universal salvation, which usually is concealed from the ordinary, common and simple man.

These flaws and many others have caused some to conclude that Vatican ll is an invalid council which deserves to and will be declared null and void.

     Our Lady destroyer of all heresies, pray for us,


Soldiers & Heroism

Dear TIA,

I also read the book by Fr. William B. Morris about The Life of St. Patrick, which Mr. Johnson is using. I am passing on to you a quote from Fr. Morris about the military life and the Faith that I think TIA readers will appreciate.

We who wallow in a century of progressivist clergy, which detests militancy and sees it as the antithesis of Catholicism should remember quotes like this from a clearer time - 1898.

     In Jesus and Mary,


“St. Patrick found on his coming to Erin a regularly defined system of law and policy, and a fixed classification of the people according to various grades and ranks, under the sway of a single monarch, presiding over certain subordinate kings.

“Those objectors are indeed frivolous who, in the face of such evidence as this, fling the dust of Irish battles in our eyes and argue that because the nation was warlike, it must of necessity have been uncouth and savage. The history of the world is against them.

“King David was at once warrior and poet; and Socrates and Xenophon fought side by side at Delium. Whenever arms are a profession, then military discipline becomes one of the most powerful factors in civilization. Moreover, no men love their country so passionately as they who are ready to bleed for it, and love of country is love of the sanctuary of home and its treasures.

“The soldier, with all his faults, is the representative, in the natural order, of that sacrifice of self which only needs a spark from the high altar of heaven to become the heroism of the saint. True courage is always chivalry in one shape or another, and ever does homage to weakness as to a sovereign.” (page 164)


Venezuela: What If the Hugo Chaves Myth Sinks?

1. What is at stake in Venezuela is first of all this: either liberty or slavery for the entire Venezuelan people. But also - from a Latin American perspective - the survival of the “chavista” myth is at jeopardy. This has been one of the most nefarious myths promoted by Latin American leftists in the last decades.

2. In the recent meeting of CELAC - the Latin American and Caribbean Community of States - in Havana, all those present, including some qualified as center-right, “beatified” Hugo Chaves for his supposed “tireless work for humanity and promotion of Latin American and Caribbean unity, and his fight against social exclusion and poverty by promoting the integral development of the region.”

3. In truth, what Chaves was and represented is diametrically opposed to CELAC's statement. He was a tireless anti-humanist, one who destroyed unity in Venezuela, Latin America and the Caribbean, a man who fought for social exclusion and the bloody smashing of his opponents in Venezuela. In truth he favored poverty in his country and poisoned the integral development of Venezuela and the region. The proof is evident: the conspicuous reality of today’s Venezuela.

4. The “chavista” myth - used and trumped by the Latin American left for years - is losing steam and can sink, having harmful political and ideological consequences for the revolutionaries in the Americas.

5. In a recent speech, President Maduro confessed what is at stake for the left: “Today, the stability of South America, the Caribbean and a large part of Central America relies directly on Venezuela. If it is destabilized, the whole continent will be destabilized," he said in a speech in Caracas.

6. The “chavista” myth is losing steam. If this myth sinks, a good part of the Latin American “axle of evil” could go down with it. Maduro knows this and fears it. The Castro dictators also know it, as do presidents Dilma (Brazil), Cristina (Argentina), Correa (Ecuador) and Morales (Bolivia).

If you agree, please, spread this commentary.

Destaque Internacional (International Highlights) destaque2016@gmail.com


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted March 27, 2014

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