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Suor Cristina, Invitations & Alms

May I Go to ‘Indult’ and Motu Proprio Masses?


This is my first time on your site, although I have some of your materials, including Our Lady of Good Success books.

I have a question for all the traditionalists who are happily ensconced in Latin Mass parishes. What are we supposed to do when there are NONE in our area? It's ridiculous to think that someone like me, an older person on Social Security, can drive 100 miles to the nearest Latin parish. Your thoughts?

I'm in one of the most liberal dioceses in the nation. Some parishes offer the Latin Rite, but they are still in NO churches, meaning altar tables & Blessed Sacrament off to the side or sometimes you can't even find it.


TIA responds:

Hello S.A.,

We welcome you as a new reader of our website. Any doubts you have or need for help, do not hesitate to write us.

Regarding your question, it seems to us that you may go to one of the Latin Rite Masses you have in our area. Go for the Mass and Sacraments – Confession and Communion – but do not engage in parish life. Avoid socializing with attendees of Novus Ordo Masses.

This is our simple and direct advice.

For more on this topic, please read similar questions & answers here, here & here.


     TIA correspondence desk


In Defense of Suor Cristina

Dear TIA,

How cruel some Catholic commentators are to Suor Cristina, the new "singing nun"! How do we know that her singing act isn't some sort of Lenten penance imposed upon her by her superiors? And perhaps she is afflicted with the disease of St. Vitus Dance.

And wouldn't you rather see a nun use her singing talents as an evangelical outreach to the two creepy-looking guys hosting that TV show, and to the likely equally creepy audience...than to parading her lesbianism, or practicing Wicca, or protesting on behalf of the Democratic Party, or other things we have come to expect from nuns these days?

In short, who are we to judge?


Suor Cristina

Suor Cristina honors the Devil during her performance in Italy


Titles in Invitations

Dear TIA,

Your article about how to address Ph.D. holders was very informative. I would like to know if the Dr. title is in good taste to use for wedding invitations or other forms of invitations like: Dr. and Mrs. Sunny Day request the honor of your presence at the wedding of... or John, son of Dr. and Mrs. Sunny Day.

Your answer will be much appreciated.


Mrs. Mead & Dr. Horvat respond:

Dear M. L.,

We believe it is appropriate and in good taste to use titles in wedding invitations: e.g. Dr. and Mrs. William White request the honor of your presence...


     Judith Mead & Marian Horvat


British MP Going to Hell


Maria Miller is a member of Britain's parliament who has promoted a "same-sex marriage law" there which will soon take effect. This fine description of her and her road to hell could be applied to many of our own American politicians. However, most important is the author's take on how and why the British public is ultimately to blame for empowering such political whores. The very same could be written of our fellow Americans.


Alms for the Poor Souls


I am new to your site and find it very interesting. It gives me a ray of hope in my journey during the crisis in the Church. I have a couple of questions that I pray you can answer for me.

We attend an old Eastern rite Liturgy (not orthodox) in Virginia (we are Latin Rite Catholics) that, interestingly enough, reminds me of our Old Latin Mass but in their rite. It has stained glass windows and the Stations of the Cross on the wall, which is virtually non-existent in most places today.

Is it permissible to give alms for the poor and also to give stipends for Masses to be said for the Souls in Purgatory? I have been praying for Mary to intercede for me to guide me so that I may properly make almsgiving to those places that still hold the Faith whole and inviolate.

Your help in this is greatly appreciated. I look forward to your reply.

     God bless,


TIA responds:

Hello J.P.,

Thank you for your question. For us to help you in specifics, you would need to give a better description of the Catholic Eastern Rite you are attending. Some of these rites no longer maintain their traditions and are adapting to the Novus Ordo as much as they can. Others are resisting this general tendency and still preserve their traditional Masses. So, please, we ask that you offer a little more detail about the one you attend.

In principle and generally speaking you may give alms for Masses for the Souls in Purgatory. But, it would be prudent if, before doing so, you would check whether or not the priests of your church believe in Purgatory.

We give you one example that leads us to recommend this prudence. Some of our readers are in a situation similar to yours. They go to an Eastern rite to avoid the Novus Ordo. It is an Armenian Church here in the U.S. that still maintains the Armenian traditional Mass. The pastor of the church, however, does not believe in mortal sin as set out in the Catholic catechism. He says that the only sin is to not have pity for or solidarity with one’s neighbor; nothing else is a sin.

If someone were to ask this priest to say a Mass for the Souls of Purgatory, most probably he would tell you that Purgatory is a state of soul on this earth, and the ones who are more afflicted and in need are the poor. So, most likely he would try to influence you to give the money you put aside for Masses to the poor. So, before assuming that the priests in the rite you attend believe in Purgatory, check to be sure first.

Unfortunately, we are facing a general apostasy that makes its metastasis everywhere in the Church.

Here you have a first guideline to help you.


     TIA correspondence desk


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted April 10, 2014

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