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Zionism, Skella & NFP

You Must Talk against Zionism

Dear TIA,

You are amply covering the present pontificate of Francis via the printed word e.g."Moral Profile of the Typical Progressivist Prelate," or via images.

Regrettably, not a word has been said about his kowtowing to Judaic masters (here) and Zionism (here). It is most likely that he is a crypto-Zionist, crypto, because in his case it would be startling (at least to some) if he were openly so. Isn't the Zionism of today the mere descendant of the Synagogue of Satan which Our Lord and God exposed?

Francis erected a Shrine (an idol) to the "Holocaust" within the very precincts of the Cathedral in Buenos Aires. Why would any true Catholic prelate do such a thing? How can this be on par with Catholic imagery and statuary placed in our sacred places? The Cathedral in Buenos Aires, arguably more than any cathedral elsewhere, is not infrequently used by the heirs of those who shouted for the release of Barrabas and for the crucifixion of The Savior.

To me, a mere layman, it seems that we are experiencing the Universal Reign of the Synagogue of Satan and it's complete rout of the Catholic Papacy.

     Truly yours,



Dear TIA,

Below is a picture I took of the skeleton "doll" named Skella in the bedroom of a 16-year-old relative. I had read your articles on Satanism (here and here), but this “doll” really shocked me.

This relative also collects items with skulls and wears skull clothing… and I believe she has had Skella since the age of 10.

      Your friend in Christ,


a skeleton in a dress


La Catholique


Je vous remercie pour la musique La Catholique. [I thank you for posting the song La Catholique]

Continuez avec votre bon travail. [Keep up the good work]


Arka Pana


Below is Arka Pana Church, the Arc of Our Lord Church in Nova Huta, Krakow, Poland.

It was consecrated by Cardinal Karol Wojtyła in 1977 as a tribute to Modernism.


Arka Pana Church, Poland


Letter from Beyond


I feel compelled to write this letter regarding the Letter from Beyond. On page 26, it says (regarding Hell), “But where this place is situated no one knows.”

The Church teaches us different.

The most common opinion among theologians: Hell is situated in the interior of the earth. Purgatory and Hell are in the one same subterranean space in the deep abyss. St. Thomas, Bellarmine, Suarez and other theologians, Council of Trent, 1545-1564; Promulgated by St. Pius V 1566-1572.

     Yours in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


Natural Family Planning


I just recently had a discussion with the facebook originator of The Population Reasearch institute. I’d like to share some of the discussion here. Then having read your post on TIA [on marital abstinence], I would like to offer you this link: Contraception Under Cover of Asceticism

There seems to be a misconception regarding NFP and spacing of children. The spacing you talked about would, necessarily, have been a discussion that couple would make with the priests and he would have to okay it [and it seems he would under the circumstances???]

Some excerpts of my conversation follow.

     Jim Petersen

July 2014

Jim Petersen - NFP is still birth control. When the decision to have children is our choice, God is "politely" thrown out of the picture. It is a contraceptive frame of mind.

Population Research Institute - Respectfully, we disagree. Since God gave us reason, it should always be our choice to have sex and welcome children into the world. If it is coercively done (either by appetite or rape), then it is not a free and loving gift of self. The knowledge of how a woman's body works is every woman's (and the man's- since they are in marriage one flesh) right to know. The way in which a couple uses knowledge is entirely up to their conscience. They can be selfish or they can be generous.

Jim Petersen - It has always been traditional Catholic teaching that NFP could only be used in grave circumstances and only with the consent of a priest and normally for a short duration. NFP by nature is a contraceptive decision. It is a formal attempt to limit the size of a family.

Population Research Institute - "With regard to the biological processes, responsible parenthood means an awareness of, and respect for, their proper functions. In the procreative faculty the human mind discerns biological laws that apply to the human person. (9)

With regard to man's innate drives and emotions, responsible parenthood means that man's reason and will must exert control over them."

Jim Petersen - With regard to man's innate drives and emotions, responsible parenthood means that man's reason and will must exert control over them.".....Those are your words. So,..... if an "unplanned" pregnancy occurs using this method who then is at fault? That's the feeling that will necessarily exist between the couple and possible lead to bad feelings and divorce.

Also, I have a large family {9 children} and we had many a hard time, but by the grace of God we made it through. We now have 36 grandchildren and still growing. A priest once told us we were in sin for having children we could not afford. Also, if a family is wealthy and has lots of children and then all of a sudden loses all that money, in the eyes of the NFP mentality all of a sudden that family is looked down upon because they can't afford those children.

NFP causes a warped and uncharitable attitude towards large families. In my younger days [I'm 64] I never heard of any Catholic denouncing having a large family for any reason. Large families used to be the pride of the Catholic Church.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted August 14, 2014

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