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Interactive Pictures, Black Mass & Noah

Then and Now


Below are some pictures from the past compared with other pictures of the exact same places 70 years later. It is amazing the difference! It is also amazing the technical precision of the recent pictures.

Be sure to read directions and don't forget to scroll down for more pictures.




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Enjoy them. The link is here.

Keep up the good work.

     In Jesus through Mary,


Black Mass in Oklahoma City


A Consecrated host stolen by Black Mass Satanists, has been returned yesterday, after a lawsuit charging theft was filed by the Diocese of Oklahoma City. This is a huge victory against persecution of the Catholic Church.

Satanists should be banned for destroying society in general, as they enact everything opposite of what the Church teaches, namely, the Ten Commandments. Do not steal is their command to steal, for example.

The Black Mass will be held mid September, anyways, purportedly using black bread consecrated in 1666! Processions and Masses are planned in reparation. National Catholic Register has the story. [Note: The 'black mass' performance at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on September 21 was canceled after Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley succeeded in getting a judge to issue a restraining order, on the grounds that the Host had been stolen. The attorney for the Satanic group returned the Host to a Catholic priest. The Archbishop then dropped his lawsuit.]

Is there any truth to the consecrated black bread of 1666, by the way? Major news sources are reporting what transubstantiation is, (the changing of bread to the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ) by the way, which I think is a good thing.


Original Vatican II Schema

Dear Tradition in Action,

I wanted to write to you and ask if you knew if the original Vatican II schema on Our Lady was available anywhere, specifically in English?

In Jesus and Mary

     I am very respectfully yours,


TIA responds:

Dear F.L.,

The Marian schema you refer must be registered in its integrity in the Acta of Vatican II, which is an ensemble of all the schemata of the pre-council as well as the schemata that became the 16 final documents of Vatican II.

The collection of the Acta, which is quite large, is normally found in very good ecclesiastical libraries. Most of these documents are in Latin.

We are sorry to not be of more assistance to you in this case.


     TIA correspondence desk


Vatican Awards Jewish Economist


Below is the news report published on Heritage Jewish News. It reports on how the Vatican now is praising and promoting Jews.

I believe it might be of interest for you and your readers.

I follow your website every day.


Local Jewish philanthropist Alan Ginsburg, was completely surprised when instead of arriving at what he thought was a financial meeting with the Catholic Diocese, he was awarded the papal Benemerenti medal, the highest honor that a layperson of any faith can receive from the Catholic pope.

The medal was sent from the Vatican to Bishop John Noonan of the Diocese of Orlando, who presented the medal to Ginsburg on Aug. 26 at a surprise luncheon held at the Catholic Campus Ministry Center at UCF.

Pope Francis granted this honor in recognition of Ginsburg's sacrifices - both personal and financial - to establish a Jewish Hillel and a Catholic Campus Ministry Center, side by side, that nurture the spiritual lives of UCF students.

Since the medal was first instituted in 1926, fewer than 200 people and only a handful of non-Catholics have received this award. See next week's Heritage for the full story.

Original here.

Bi. Teresa or Bl. Teresa


My name is S.F.. I have a question for you. What does the abbreviation Bi. stand for in Bi. Teresa of Calcutta? Does it mean Blessed?

Thank you!


TIA responds:

Hello S.F.,

It is most probable that the Bi. is a typo that should read Bl., an abbreviation for Blessed.

You can read about some problems with the beatification of Mother Teresa on our website here, here and here.


     TIA correspondence desk


Review that Gets Noah Right: It Ain't about the Bible!

Mary Ann Kreitzer

You need to read this review of Noah Sympathy for the Devil by Dr. Brian Mattson . In fact, you need to read it twice, maybe even three times to understand the evil roots of Darren Aronofsky's film. It ain't about the Bible...

...It's about gnosticism. Here's just a bit from New Advent's description of gnosticism:

"[Gnosticism is] utter pessimism, bemoaning the existence of the whole universe as a corruption and a calamity, with a feverish craving to be freed from the body of this death and a mad hope that, if we only knew, we could by some mystic words undo the cursed spell of this existence — this is the foundation of all Gnostic thought.... Gnosticism is pseudo-intellectual, and trusts exclusively to magical knowledge."

And this is what Dr. Mattson says about gnosticism in his review:

"But here’s a little “Gnosticism 101” for you: the Creator of the material world is an ignorant, arrogant, jealous, exclusive, violent, low-level, bastard son of a low level deity. He’s responsible for creating the “unspiritual” world of flesh and matter, and he himself is so ignorant of the spiritual world he fancies himself the “only God” and demands absolute obedience. They generally call him “Yahweh.” Or other names, too (Ialdabaoth, for example).

"This Creator tries to keep Adam and Eve [who are non material spiritual beings] from the true knowledge of the divine and, when they disobey, flies into a rage and boots them from the garden.

"In other words, in case you’re losing the plot here: The serpent was right all along. This “god,” “The Creator,” whom they are worshiping is withholding something from them that the serpent will provide: divinity itself.

"The world of gnostic mysticism is bewildering with a myriad of varieties. But, generally speaking, they hold in common that the serpent is “Sophia,” “Mother,” or “Wisdom.” The serpent represents the true divine, and the claims of “The Creator” are false."

Read the review and see all the links to satanic texts and how they are illustrated in the film. It is compelling and horrifying that this is being passed off as something Christians should support!

Here's how Dr. Mattson sums it all up:

"Darren Aronofsky has produced a retelling of the Noah story without reference to the Bible at all. This was not, as he claimed, just a storied tradition of run-of-the-mill Jewish “Midrash.” This was a thoroughly pagan retelling of the Noah story direct from Kabbalist and Gnostic sources. To my mind, there is simply no doubt about this.

"So let me tell you what the real scandal in all of this is....

"The scandal is this: of all the Christian leaders who went to great lengths to endorse this movie (for whatever reasons: “it’s a conversation starter,” “at least Hollywood is doing something on the Bible,” etc.), and all of the Christian leaders who panned it for “not following the Bible”…

"Not one of them could identify a blatantly Gnostic subversion of the biblical story when it was right in front of their faces.

"I believe Aronofsky did it as an experiment to make fools of us: “You are so ignorant that I can put Noah (granted, it's Russell Crowe!) up on the big screen and portray him literally as the ‘seed of the Serpent’ and you all will watch my studio’s screening and endorse it.”

"He’s having quite the laugh. And shame on everyone who bought it.

"And what a Gnostic experiment! In Gnosticism, only the "elite" are "in the know" and have the secret knowledge. Everybody else are dupes and ignorant fools. The "event" of this movie is intended to illustrate the Gnostic premise. We are dupes and fools. Would Christendom awake, please?

"In response, I have one simple suggestion:

"Henceforth, not a single seminary degree is granted unless the student demonstrates that he has read, digested, and understood Irenaeus of Lyon’s Against Heresies. Because it's the 2nd century all over again.

"Postscript - Some readers may think I'm being hard on people for not noticing the Gnosticism at the heart of this film. I am not expecting rank-and-file viewers to notice these things. I would expect exactly what we've seen: head-scratching confusion. I've got a whole different standard for Christian leaders: college and seminary professors, pastors, and Ph.Ds. If a serpent skin wrapped around the arm of a godly Bible character doesn't set off any alarms... I don't know what to say."

It's a good thing to study and understand about gnosticism. I've spent the last twenty years fighting the battle for the faith. And as I read Dr. Mattson's article I kept nodding my head recognizing the gnostic nuns described by Donna Steichen in Ungodly Rage. Don't be taken in by heretics with their secret knowledge who hate us, but hate God first.


Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted September 11, 2014

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