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Divine Mercy, Nudist Archbishops & Oddi

Divine Mercy in Dispute

Dear Staff,

I read this article [on the Divine Mercy devotion] and I must say that I am very disappointed that it was posted on your website:

Evidently, there was not enough theological research done and this is quite evident. The Octave of Easter, as the Sunday after Easter, was referred to many years ago, being the last day of the Easter feast, has within it very special graces.

It is unfortunate that this article lacks any theological aptitude concerning a Feast of Mercy. Jesus fully well knew what He was talking about when He requested that a Feast of Mercy be established in His Church on the Sunday after Easter. Receiving graces on this feast is surely dependant on repenting, for it first of all calls for the Sacrament of Confession, then Holy Communion in a perfect state of grace.

Why wouldn't the "Grande Finale" of Easter, the Octave Day of Easter have a very special gift? Easter is the world's greatest feast, isn't it? We are supposed to be celebrating for a full 8 days, right through until the Octave Day of Easter, the Sunday after Easter.

"Low" Sunday, that nickname, was definitely a mistake by theologians who knew nothing about the theological or liturgical meaning of an octave. The Holy Office is still puzzled how this nickname came about. Before that, that Sunday was known as the Octave, or Octave Day, of Easter.

Saint Faustina predicted that the Feast of Mercy would become a new splendor for the Church, although it had been dormant in it from long ago (the celebration of the Octave).

Please read these documents for Bishops and Priests.

The entire devotion is dependent on turning to the Lord and asking for His Mercy.

The image in the article is not a true image. Please see
here These are all true Divine Mercy Images. Please notice the halos. Jesus points to His heart.

Do you have the contact information for Msgr. Perez? I would like to speak with him personally.

Sincerely yours in Christ Jesus,

Robert R. Allard, Director
Apostles of Divine Mercy
801 S.E. Forgal Street
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
United States 34983

Phone: (772) 343-9475

From the Editor to Msgr. Patrick Perez:

Msgr. Perez,

At TIA we received this message regarding your article on Divine Mercy. If you would like to make a response to it on our website, it will be welcome.

In Jesu et Maria,


Msgr. Perez responds:

Dear Atila,

As far as I can tell, there is nothing to respond to. He doesn't even address the principal problem with Divine Mercy, which is that the Holy See declared twice that there was no evidence for their being a supernatural event to base it on. This fellow just goes on and on about how nice it is!

Msgr. Perez


Nudist Archbishops


Re: Elevation of the Bishop William Borders to Archbishop of Baltimore
from Bishop of Orlando

I have firsthand information from a reliable source of the American Sunbathing Association, that shortly before Bishop Borders elevation to Archbishop of Baltimore, he was seen with the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi, at the Kissimmee nudist camp; circa 1973. Archbishop Luigi was elevated to Cardinal shortly thereafter.



Vatican II & Synod

Dear TIA,

It would be very useful for one of your writers to compare the dynamics of Vatican II with those of the recent Rome Synod to demonstrate how liberals in the Vatican, 50 years after Vatican II, continue to "spin" the deliberations of the bishops to achieve their own goals in making radical changes in faith and morals.

A comparison to how the federal courts in the US overthrow the decisions of the States and people with regard to homosexual marriage could be made.



Oddi’s Weak Reaction

Dear TIA,

Your testimony by Cardinal Oddi on the Buddhists at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Assisi who put the statue of Buddha over the tabernacle was astounding. He writes:

“I was present at Assisi in the condition of ‘patron of the house,’ since I am the Pontifical Legate to the Basilica of St. Francis. I did not participate at any time in the prayers. But I watched closely how the event developed. The Church of Santa Maria Maggiore was given to the Buddhists. … It caused a certain effect on me, I must say, that array of some 40 Buddhist monks in the Basilica of Our Lady. The Crucifix was taken off the Tabernacle and replaced by a bust of Buddha, incensed repeatedly by a group of Buddhist monks dressed in capes. …

“An old Benedictine present among the curious started to shout that it was a scandal and told them to stop. The order enforcement service intervened and the Benedictine, who certainly had more right than the Buddhists to be in the church, was sent away by force.” (Il Tenero Mastino di Dio, Rome: Progetti Museali Editore, 1985, pp. 154-155)

Yes, my mouth was wide open in astonishment as I asked myself, Why didn’t the Cardinal, who admits he was present when this blasphemous event took place, protest? He reports about the old Benedictine priest who was present and shouted it was a scandal and then was taken out by the police. Why didn’t he stand behind the priest – or in front of him – also protesting? Did he just watch silently? What a sad state of affairs. What a lack of courage! What a scandal!

“It caused a certain effect on me” at witnessing this, he says. Well, Cardinal, that seems a very weak response to me. It’s not enough to be “effected” – a Prince of the Church should be militant and fight against what he sees and knows to be wrong. It is a very shameful scene he so casually reports, and my opinion of Cardinal Oddi has sunk another notch. This kind of silence in face of errors and blasphemies is what brought the Church to the state it is in.

Also, his silence in face of such error is another proof that the event took place with the approval of the Pope. Rather than take a stand against the Pope, he remained silent, wistfully watching this blasphemous act.

     Thank you, TIA, for your courageous reporting and stands.



Blason de Charlemagne
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Posted October 21, 2014

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